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Camping For The First Time. Tips for children

Camping with your children can bring you back to the ease of nature. The nature has a way of escalating your attentiveness to your surroundings and can refresh your appreciation for many things that so often go unnoticed. 

Many things are learned and experienced for the first time during each day in the life of a child. Camping is no different, it is so important to take the time to enjoy the journey of these new experiences with your child. In nature there are so many amazing things to discover. 

Camping can be a wonderful adventure. Just think of the excitement that the birds and animals will bring, the plants and tress, the rocks, the streams and ponds, the insects and the wild flowers, the new experiences are endless. Enjoy a successful camping trip with a little planning ahead.

Building their interest and getting them involved interest kids.

  • Plan the camping trip together. Decide on places to go and pick activities to do. Plan your meals and prepare and pack equipment and supplies.
  • Try backyard camping out first. This could be a learning experience until the real thing. Teach the kids how to set up the tent. Try some outdoor cooking. Experience a night outdoors in sleeping bags. Plan a few activities such as search for the constellations of the sky. Listen to the many night sounds such as crickets. Best of all the nighttime snack.
  • Try to experience outdoor activities with your children. Get them familiar with the outdoors in order to eliminate their fears. Teach them respect for nature. Teach outdoor skills and ethics. Camping chores are actually fun for kids. They love collecting firewood, filling water containers, camp cooking and setting up the tent.
  • Take the necessary gear and supplies. Extra clothing and shoes are needed for the children; they will get extremely dirt and wet. Warm layers of clothing. Sunscreen and insect repellent. First aid kit for those little accidents. Rain gear to keep dry and warm.
  • Create wonderful memories. Bring a camera with plenty of film, flashlights and batteries. Give each child its own camera. Keep a journal.
  • Plan alternative activities for bad weather.
  • Respect campground quiet hours.
  • Make your travel fun. Donít travel great distance-stop frequently. Make short trips like two or three nights. Take plenty of snacks.

Camping can be an inexpensive vacation for your family. With the ideal camping location this could be one of the most memorable vacation that your family ever had. Who said that you need fancy hotels and restaurants? Pick an area with a small stream or pond; this will enable you to take your children fishing. 

Take the family on a nature hike and teach them how to identify trees by their leaves. Show them how to recognize poison ivy. At night rest under the starry night and pick out the different constellations of the stars. Identify the North Star and tell the significance of this star. Well lying in your sleeping bag listen to the nature sounds and tell what they are, such as the cricket, or the owl in the distance. The sounds could be endless such as crackling branches or the wind blowing the leaves around. 

Always put your campfire out before leaving your camp area. Leave no trace!! Always leave a place in better condition than what you find it in. In other words pick up some trash even if itís not yours. This will be better on nature. 

Do not destroy any part of nature. Only use branches that had already been broken off. Never carve your initials in a tree trunk. When camping with your pet make sure you take time to clean up after him. Never let your pet run around to disturb other campers 

When camping with an infant as apposed to toddlers or older children, you will need to pack all the necessities for caring for your infant. Such as diapers, wipes and formula. Careful when heating formula over the fire it could get hot very quickly.

Have fun camping and make plenty of lasting memories with your children!

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Childhood Memories of Camping Comments By: Lori on 2005-04-20
This article brought back memories of campnig with my family as a child. We had a large family and it was an inexpensive way to have family fun.

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