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Spending Money in College

You are off to college and finding that money is something that is not easy to come by when you have a hectic schedule with a day full of classes. The few hours you have between classes and studying can be used for working and getting a few dollars to help you through the week. While it may be difficult, a part time job is actually going to make you work harder at studying when you have the time because you are on a limited schedule. To help make your budget go a bit further I want to give you a few tips and ideas about where you can budget your money best for those life necessities while you are working your way through college. 

One thing that can make or break your budget in college and during the rest of your life is that the more cash you have in your wallet or in your purse, the more money you feel as if you have to spend. Most of us feel that if we have twenty dollars in our hand we can spend it, but the reality of it is, that twenty dollars might be all you have all week long so you have to spend it where you need it only. 

Living without money can be difficult so you always want to make sure you have a few dollars to get supper, to get what you need, and to get through the week. Some students are going to get weekly or monthly checks from their parents, while other students are not. If you have your tuition and meals paid for, there is really very little other things that you should need, but money is still a matter of getting those things you want, a different movie, a night out, new clothes and such. 

While you are in college there is more than food and housing that you will have to worry about. You should think about books, notebooks, pens, pencils, medical prescriptions you might need, gas for the car, bills for where you are living such as phone or internet, and things like drinks when you are studying in your room, breakfast when you are on the run, and money for activities on the weekends when classes aren�t going on. 

While some college students have parents or a fund to rely on so they don�t have to work, there are many of us who need to get a job or money to get the things we need. This is going to require you finding a job and working a few hours a week.

Where can you find jobs that will allow you some of the extra spending money you need?
Colleges through out the world offer some type of work study program, which is when you work in an office, in the cafeteria or even in the library and you make a few extra dollars. This is money you can spend on what you need, and often these types of jobs go to those who are most needy first and then extra jobs are spread around to those who want them first. 

Fast food chains, retail outlets and all types of shopping centers are always looking for weekend and evening help. If the only time you have free is the weekends and the evenings you should let the employer know from the start and they will work with your schedule to get you in as many hours as possible. Finding a place to work that is close to where you are living will prevent your having to get a car and bring on more expenses just to have a job. 

You may find that professors and teachers often need assistance in grading papers, arranging schedules, and so on, which you can inquire with your professors to see if there is a job opening for you there. While these are jobs that are a little more difficult to find, you are also expanding your education as you continue to work and study in that field. 

If you have your own computer you can easily get a job online and in something that you will find interesting. Check out all types of web sites that offer information about work from home opportunities. One thing is for sure, if it is legitimate you will never give your personal information or have to invest a large sum of money. If you feel it is too good to be true it most likely is. Take on jobs such as researching online for others, retyping papers for others, editing, writing, or even working on graphic designing or making web sites. If you have something you can sell online you are likely to make money without having to walk out of your dorm room too often to do it. 

When it is the holiday season or your birthday and people want to know what to give you tell them you just want money. This is going to help boost your budget so you have more money to work with. 

So on to the budget part of your college years. Say you only have that twenty dollars and you know that you aren�t getting another check for four days. Can you make it last or will you spend it all in one day? Learn to think ahead and purchase only what you need. Purchasing drinks, snack foods and newspapers instead of picking up your dry cleaning can put you in the wrong position when you need the dry cleaning the most. Think ahead about what you will need and limit your luxury expenses to keep your budget in line while in college, and actually this is good practicing for the rest of your life!

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