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Cinnamon soothes a sore throat

Submitted by Shelley

My chiropractor advised lots of cinnamon sprinkled on honey in a teaspoon for a sore throat.

Honey helps you swallow the cinnamon. The cinnamon is what actually soothes the sore throat and helps it go away faster.

Cinnamon fights a lot of health issues.

Visitors comments

pretty good Comments By: anon on 2010-02-07
it helped a little byt still hurts a little i recomend this but would also try another think after
Feels Good! Comments By: Jordan on 2010-06-05
I tried some and my throat feels much better, though it's still a little sore.
it works! Comments By: Taylor on 2010-09-19
Oh my gosh, it actually worked =) thanks so much for this tip, I'm going on a camping trip soon so I really needed to get over my sore throat and this helped instantly!
Love the cinnamon! Comments By: collette on 2010-10-19
I only had lemon honey so tried a bit of that. It's not a bad trick!

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