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Decorating Tables without the Cost

For every holiday, special occasion, birthday or just because you want to, you can decorate the dinner table in a special manner that is going to let your whole family know it is a special day. In this article, I want to give you a few ideas about how to decorate for those special days, and holidays, so that you have a spectacular time while you are entertaining but without having to spend a lot of money to do it. 

Fall festive decorating!
During the fall months, there are many opportunities to decorate the table with just a few things from your yard and landscape that will make your dinner table pretty. Taking a few tomatoes from your garden, the half green, and the red, putting them in a basket with a pretty liner, you have a nice centerpiece. You can do the same situation with a few pumpkins or gourds from your gardens, and even pick up a few from your local farm market without too much cost. 

Using a vase or a basket, you can use all types of twigs, leaves and mixtures of flowers that are blooming from the outdoors to create a center piece that brings nature to your home and decorates with the colors you love the most. 

Spring Vases 
In the spring months when the bulbs are blooming, go out in the garden and cut a few fresh flowers for your table. These are great centerpieces that will add a little scent to your home, and coloring to your table. 

Winter Tactics
Using a tall vase, and some red, white or even black paper cut out snowflakes of various sizes. Used thin dowels attach the snowflakes to the dowels with a little fishing line and hot glue so that the string makes the snowflakes appear to be hanging down. The more snow flakes you have hanging all down around the vase the bigger your centerpiece is going to appear to be. Use color paper, colored sand or even colored marbles in the vase to hide the dowel ends in the vase and add a special sparkling color. 

Table Settings 
When you are setting a table for a dinner party make name takes that are going to be the talk of the town. Nametags that are small frames with the persons name written in pretty writing that can be taken home and used by those people are certain to be loved by everyone. The frames can be any type that you like, and if you head out to the local thrift store you are likely to find small one by two or two by three inch frame that you can pick up for just a few dollars for all of them!

Meaningful Wishes 
Setting a table that is meant as a special occasion can include the use of sayings on the napkins holders, or biblical sayings that are going to set the mood for a special holiday. Holiday greetings can be personalized and put on the napkins for each person to read at the table in the same manner as greeting cards might. This can be done for family get together times or for holiday times alike. 

Spring season could include bright and vibrant colors on the table, such as colored eggs, a pressed flower picture or even a few bows put together to make an arrangement for the center of the table. 

In the summer months, flowers, bulbs, containers filled with grass growing, or even a potted plant can fill the table nicely. 

In the fall months a basket of pinecones, or a few branches of evergreen arranged in the center of the table can add scent and colors to your table. 

The winter months are filled with ice sculptures that you make yourself, fluffy cotton that you arrange to make snow piles and snowmen with or you can use all types of evergreen and dried leaves to make arrangements in baskets or on platters that cost dimes to make. 

Don�t forget your only limitations are going to be your imagination, and how much time you have to spend on a creation. Things that sit on your shelves and in your cupboards are all the types of things you can use as centerpieces. You can add glitter, bows, confetti and wrapping paper to any type of centerpiece to make it seem more complete.

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