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Shopping in Second Hand Stores

Thrift shopping and second hand stores are not only a way to save money in your household budget, but you can find great things that you might otherwise not realized that you can have, for just pennies on the dollar. Around the world, recycling is becoming more of a habit and a necessity as you don�t want to fill up those landfills and you want to help those who need certain items more than you do. 

Where are you going to find second hand stores?
By checking in your local yellow pages, in your local newspapers, and by asking friends you can find second hand stores and thrift stores where the best deals are going to be found. In many areas of the world the names could be different but they are usually run by churches, local non profit organizations or by those who are in the business of selling on consignment for others. 

Keywords to look for when you are searching for a second hand store or a low cost thrift store are: consignment, thrift, low, savings, second hand, and similar type words. 

One thing to keep in mind when you are shopping at any second hand or thrift store is to take your time and look at what you are buying. Most of us go into stores like these, and see the low prices, and want to purchase more and most often purchasing more items than what we really need in the end. Purchase what you need, take the time to check out what you are buying so you get quality items, and enjoy your savings without going overboard!

When is the best times to shop in the second hand stores? 
After spring cleaning, after the holidays, and in the middle of the week, those are the best times to shop at second hand stores. You can find some great bargains on household and clothing items in the early summer and through the summer months as people are cleaning out their houses. After holidays, people are also donating things and clothing they don�t need or want, so this is another prime time to shop. 

In the middle of the week when other shoppers are at work, busy with their children and when they are between paychecks you can find great shopping without the crowds. On the weekends, Friday and Saturday are when most people get paid, and the second hand stores are most crowded. 

How to shop in second hand stores
In second hand and in thrift stores you are looking at items that may have been worn or used just one time or hundreds of times. It is important that you take the time to look at what you are buying to make sure there are no stains, rips or other problems with what you are buying or you may not want it when you get it home. Often you can still find clothing and items with tags on them, meaning they have never been used at all!

Check the seams and the hems. If you find rips or holes and you are not the type of person who can fix or sew the item then don�t purchase it. Those who are able to fix these simple things will purchase the clothing without a second thought, but if you can�t sew, it may beyond what you are going to be able to wear. 

Check the buttons and zippers. Sometimes clothing will make it to the rack that is missing a button or that has a zipper that needs fixed. Again if you are handy at this, go for it, but if you don�t know how to sew a button you might want to pass on this item. 

Take your time and check for stains. While sometimes it could be simple dust from hanging around for so long, sometimes the dirt may be a stain that will prevent you from wearing that item once you really get it home. 

Make a list of a few things that you need before you leave the house. There are so many choices in the thrift stores and in second hand stores that you will find twenty yellow shirts, and forty red ones, so you need to think about what you have in your home that will match what you find. Have an idea of what you want before you go so you don�t try to buy too much and spend more than you really have to!

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