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Timeshare Travel Tips

St. Augustine once said, "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." Traveling can be both thrilling and unforgettable, which is why timeshare travel has become increasingly popular in the last several decades. By planning ahead for annual vacations (owners prepay for vacation accommodations for their lifetime at a fixed rate), timeshare ownership allows individuals and families to make traveling an integral part of their lifestyle. And with over 5,000 resorts and almost just as many destinations, timeshare travel also gives owners the chance to see the world.

While timeshare resorts are known for the luxuries and conveniences they provide, travel itself can be somewhat trying, especially when you are en route to a destination with which you are unfamiliar. Here are several timeshare travel tips that – although you may have heard them before – bear repeating:

1. Bring snacks. Unfortunately, a big part of traveling is waiting – waiting in line to go through customs; waiting for a delayed train or flight; waiting for a taxi. Sometimes you may find yourself in an airport when the restaurants are closed or without the time to stop for a full meal, or maybe you just do not want to pay the marked-up prices of food vendors. Having a healthy, non-perishable snack on-hand can help you stay patient, help keep your energy up and, if you are traveling with young children, help keep you both sane.

2. Bring bottled water. Staying hydrated can help you stay alert. If you are flying, however, keep in mind that customs will confiscate open or large containers of liquid. Try bringing a reusable canteen, and fill it up once you've made it through customs.

3. Pack lightly (and smartly). Bring two pairs of shoes – period. This is especially difficult for women, but shoes take up a lot of space and can make your luggage much heaver and larger. If your airline allows you to carry on a bag for free, not checking your luggage can save you time and aggravation once you have landed. For your two pairs, try packing a good pair of walking shoes that are stylish enough to wear with a slightly dressier outfit – especially if you'll be visiting cathedrals or other venues where modest attire is required. Then for the evenings, bring a pair of neutral heels that can coordinate with many outfits.

4. Wear layers. Layering your clothing is another way to save space in your luggage. And if you are traveling from cold to warm climates (or vice versa) it will make you much more comfortable when you arrive.

Once you are done traveling and have arrived at your timeshare resort, be sure to check with the front desk or concierge to make sure you know all the services and activities offered at the resort!

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