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Wandering cats - Get cats out of your yard

Submitted by John S

Cats that wander are a curse to the neighbourhood and cat owners who allow their cats free to roam saying that it is the cats right are mistaken , inconsiderate and irresponsible. Most local authorities legislate that cats,like dogs, should be contained and it is an offence to allow them to roam. The Gold Coast Council fine wandering cat owners $150 when they claim their cat at the pound. Usually it is recommended that cats be kept in a run which allows them room to roam and keeps them out of the bush and neighbours yards.

Cats have no loyalty and approach any body hoping for food and attention. The ones that run away have usually had constant rejection and probably a few rocks thrown in their direction.

Cats are born hunters and kill wildlife for fun and not for food. The native wildlife population is being decimated by cats and the feral cat population is growing alarmingly.

Cats do have rights, I believe, but total freedom is not one.

Cats are a real problem as can be noted by the cries for help sent into this site. Fortunately there is the occasional practical solution submitted so let us ignore the ridiculous and impractical ones. <****snip****> is illegal unless you are in a rural area.

Cats invading your space can trapped and taken to the pound . One that I delivered dropped 6 kittens right after being dropped off. Traps can be bought on EBAY; hired from your council or borrowed from the Feral Cat Eradication Society [deposit only]. Only a small quantity of bait is necessary in the trap. Put the trap in a plastic bag when transporting as the cat could pee in your car.


I will continue to trap and deliver but refrain from baits as we encourage wildlife to use our trees and garden.

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cat poo
Comments by: Anonymous from BIRMINGHAM UK Mar 15, 2011
cat owners can train their cats but like dog owners they prefer someone else to clean up the poo
There should be fines like there are for dogs. I clean cat poo from my garden every day and why should I when it is not my cat!.

Dogs are just as bad -
Comments by: Sharron from South Australia Nov 05, 2010
Not all dog owners are responsible - there is a dog locally that continually defecates on the path in front of our house and usually right in front of the gate - any suggestions how I could get rid of it (the dog I mean) Also dogs continually bark - no responsible pet ownership there. and How many times have you heard of dogs attacking kids etc - where is the resposibility there. I have seen dogs run down sheep and lambs - I have known dogs have attacked and decimate penguin colonies etc etc etc - so its not only cats that can inflict damage oh and what about humans perhaps we can get rid of them too - I have seen beautiful trees and shrubs and scrub land bulldozed and all life destroyed in those areas so that man could buiold housing estates and factories etc etc. Don't be so quick to judge the cat

Get rid
Comments by: Debo from usa Oct 19, 2010
My pets are dogs, they are mychildren however they don't poop in the neighbors yard either my dogs must be on a leash by law but their cats roam freely, if they care about them let them in your house and not locked outside or myself or my dogs will kill them nothing worse than the smell of catpoop in my flowerbeds when I don't even own a cat

Roamng Cats should be Illegal in the UK
Comments by: anon from UK Aug 21, 2010
Thank you for your tip - a pity you had to snip out the best ones. People in the UK who throw their cats out to roam the neighbourhood create a menace and a nuisance to their neighbours as they defecate in children's play areas. If the cats were allowed to be declawed, making them acceptable housepets who were unable to destroy their owners' property, it would be a blessing. How many times have a caught a cat - or two - in my vegetable garden doing it's business or in my greenhouse urinating on my plants! I shall trap and remove - far, far away, so they can't be returned!

The fifth amendment
Comments by: Stygian from Norway Aug 22, 2010
By using your right ''5 amendment'' even cops can't do your harm when you kill a cat and it's easy because you can hide it well.

What a load of rubbish
Comments by: Sir from United Kingdom Aug 10, 2010
You obviously know very little about cats, if you did anything along those lines to either of my cats, I'd put you in hospital, if you poisoned them I would kill you.

You may want to think about that..

My cats mean everything to me, and you are scum. Legally they have the right to roam, so tuff deficate.

Comments by: Lora from Ohio Apr 18, 2010

Disgusting, cruel and inhumane! How dare this website for even publishing this. I'll put up with feral cats before I'd ever stoop so low as to poison them.

TipKing says: I have snipped out the bad bits, thank you for bringing this up

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