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DIY Tips Baby proofing cabinets with VELCRO

Submitted by big mama

If you have kitchen cabinets like mine that are not suitable for the commercial child-proofing locks--or you don't want to drill holes in the wood--try using self-adhesive INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH VELCRO.

I use Velcro for my dish, plastics, and food-storage cabinets that are accessible to my children (DO NOT USE VELCRO TO LOCK CABINETS WHERE DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES ARE STORED). I cut strips of Velcro and stuck them to the door frames and doors of my cabinets so that the Velcro interlocked when I closed the cabinet door.

I put three or four three-inch strips per door or drawer, top, bottom, side. My two-year-old twin toddlers can't budge them. Even my hefty four-year-old son cannot open them. I, myself, have to use a little muscle to open the cabinets, but I find opening the Velcro less frustrating than fumbling with a plastic baby door lock.

My cabinet doors are not defaced with holes and such, and this is an economical solution. Find INDUSTRIAL STRENTH VELCRO in hardware stores or in the hardware departments at stores like Meijers or Target.

You can also get EXTREME LOCK VELCRO if you want a really tough lock, but for me that's going a bit too far.

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