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 A cool way to store putty
 Here is a tip for storing putty

 A tidy work area is a safe one
 Keeping your workspace tidy will save you time and be safer

 Baby proofing cabinets with VELCRO
 For cabinets like mine that are not suitable for the commercial ...

 Blocked or clogged Toilet
 Clogged toilets are fixed in a snap using this tip:

 Blocking plumbing
 Use this tip when working on blocking plumbing lines:

 Broken chairs
 Fix the bottoms of your broken chairs with ease using this tip:

 Buy your tools wisely
 Here is a tip when it come to buying your tools

 Carry a large door or rectangular object
 You can single handedly carry a large rectangular object like a door ...

 Checking a level for level
 Here is a good way to check that your level is level

 Chisel storage
 Here is a clever way to store your chisels

 Clogged up metal files
 Tip to stop a metal file clogging up

 Cure for rusty tools
 Here is a good idea for looking after your tools

 Dissolve rust from bolts and other metals
 Here is a great way to remove rust using simple household items:

 DIY. 22 DIY tips for the handyman in all of us
 Here is a collection of 22 must know tips for the handyman in all of ...

 Do you need larger rubber bands
 Here is a good idea for making your own large rubber bands

 Drilling boards
 Use this tip when you want to see how far you can drill into a board:

 Drilling concrete or masonry
 Use this tip if you need to drill in concrete or masonry block:

 Drilling holes in ceramic
 Drilling holes in ceramic is easy using this tip:

 Easy foam rubber cutting
 Here is an easy way to cut foam rubber

 Easy rubber cutting
 Here is an easy way to cut rubber

 Emergency cure for dripping tap faucet or ceiling
 Here is a quick cure if a drip is keeping you awake

 Extra reach while nailing
 If you have a nail to hammer in and the position is just out of ...

 Use this tip when working on faucets and handles:

 Cut back on the number of filters you use in your furnace or air ...

 Fixing fiberglass
 Fix a crack or hole in your fiberglass tub fast so you can still ...

 Fixing sinks
 Use this tip when fixing or taking a sink apart:

 Flat pack furniture
 Help for that flat pack hell..

 Garbage fires
 Prevent fires from spreading in your kitchen using this tip:

 Get some free advice
 Here is a sure way to get free advice

 Giving bricks a facelift
 Give your bricks a facelift using this easy tip:

 Glass Cutting. Tips for cutting Glass
 Learning how to cut glass can be a great way to save money

 Hide a hole in linoleum flooring
 Fix holes in your linoleum using this great tip:

 How to Choose a Contractor
 Whan all else fails call in a contactor

 Installing Fiberglass insulation
 Have less itching after installing fiberglass insulation with this ...

 Keep your silicone sealant - Caulk fresh for longer
 Here is a tip to make your silicone sealant last for longer

 Keep your tools shiny
 Keep your tools shiny and great looking using this tip:

 When working alone with a ladder try this tip:

 Leakng faucets
 Use this tip if your sink faucets or handles are leaking:

 Leaky pipe
 When you have a leaky pipe, use this tip while waiting for the repair ...

 Loosen stiff drawers
 Fix those wood drawers that don't open easily with this tip:

 Low water pressure in the shower
 If you have low water pressure in the shower use this tip:

 Maintain your drains
 Keep your drains from clogging up using this easy tip:

 Make an emergency funnel
 Make your own funnel when you are in a hurry:

 Make it easier to drive a screw
 Here is a tip to make it easier to drive a screw

 Mess when drilling holes in brick walls
 Here is a great tip for when you are drilling in walls

 Mixing plaster
 When working or mixing plaster use this tip:

 Nailing into plaster
 Put nails in plaster without cracks using this tip:

 Nailing long boards
 Use this tip for nailing long boards without them splitting:

 Need an Emergency mallet?
 Here is an idea if you are in need of a hammer or mallet

 Noisy water pipes
 Fix that pounding noise when you turn the water off using this tip:

 Oiling hinges
 Oil hinges with out leaving a mess using this tip:

 Old wicker or cane furniture
 Rejuvinate old wicker furniture and cane furniture

 When installing new pipes or fixing leaking pipes use this tip:

 Plywood splitting
 Keep your plywood from splitting when cutting it using this easy tip:

 Quiet Down the Noisy House
 Tips to reduce noise in your home

 Remove a broken light bulb
 Here is a clever way to remove a broken light bulb

 Remove carpet tape and carpet adhesive from floors
 Here are a few ideas for clening up the mess left by carpet tape and ...

 Remove old veneer
 Remove old veneer using this tip:

 Repair a poorly fitting furniture joint
 Here is a very clever way to repair a furniture joint

 Repairing, filling reinforcing items
 Here is a tip for repairing filling or strong bond gluing of items

 Rope ends fraying?
 Here is a good way to stop rope ends from fraying

 Sanding, smoothing with abrasive paper
 Here is some advice about the use of sand paper

 Sawing made easy
 Here is a clever tip for sawing wood

 Scratches in glass
 Fix scratches in your windows using the great tip:

 Scratches in light colored furniture
 Cover scratches in your wood tables or chairs quick using this tip:

 Screen holes
 If you have found a hole in your screen use these tips:

 Small leaks
 Temporary small plumbing leaks can be fixed using this tip:

 Splitting wood
 Keep wood from splitting using this easy tip:

 Squeaky bed springs
 Fix those squeaky bed springs using this tip:

 Squeaky doors
 Put a stop to a squeaky door using this tip:

 Stop screws splitting wood
 Here is a simple idea to stop screws from splitting wood

 Store your razor blades safely
 Store your razor blades safely:

 Swelling Doors
 Do your doors get a bit swelled in the heat of the summer? Use this ...

 Take great care when using a brad gun
 Here is some advice on the use of brad guns

 Thaw frozen water pipes
 Thaw frozen water pipes safely using this tip:

 There is space in your Attic
 Here is some advice that is over your head

 Tight screws
 Loose tight screws using these tips:

 Tip Top Radiators
 If you have radiators in your home, put aluminum foil between the ...

 Tips for hanging pictures
 Hang your pictures using this great tip:

 Toilet leak?
 Think you have a leak in your toilet? Use this tip first:

 Tough screw to undo?
 Here is a good way to loosen a seized screw

 Trouble with your Ball cock
 Here is some advice if your ball cock is giving you trouble

 Using Baking Soda as a Fire Extinguisher
 Fire? Grab the baking soda....

 Using Glue
 Loads of advice to help you use glue with ease

 Use this tip to fix a bubble in your veneer on cabinetry or dressers:

 What should I have in my toolbox ?
 Here is a list of items you should have in your toolbox

 Window insulation
 Use this tip to help cut costs in heating during the winter due to ...

 Wooden slats on beds
 Keep your bed from moving using this simple tip:

 Working with scaffolding
 When working on the outside of your house or garage, use this tip for ...

 Wrench too big?
 Here is a tip if your wrench or spanner is too big

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