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Radiators. Tips to keep your radiators in tip top fashion

If you have radiators in your home, put aluminum foil between the radiator and the wall. This will reflect the heat back into the room instead of allowing the heat to be put into the wall.

Does your radiator feel cold at the top and hot further down? This is caused by air being trapped in the radiator. With a radiator key (available at most hardware stores) you can let this air escape by loosening the special bleed screw on the side of the radiator at the top. It is best to do this when the radiator is cool, you will hear a rush of air followed by a squirt of water, so have a rag or small cup ready. As soon as you see water tighten up the screw again. You will find that your radiator is hot to the top again.

Leaks You can put a temporary stop to a leaking radiator or the hose to it by applying a piece of softened chewing gum to the crack. But get the problem area properly repaired as soon as you can.

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