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Attic space can be great for storage

Short on cupboard space? Install a wooden rod or a metal rail between rafters, for hanging out-of-season clothing. Drill through the rod and secure it with bolts. Or use pipe straps or pipe clamps to hold it against the rafters.

Think hard - what's stored in your attic? If you can't remember, it's time to take stock of its contents. Stick up a list of the contents near the attic door or entrance, and update the information whenever you add or remove items.

If your attic is unfinished, create a floor by nailing down two or more panels of hardboard to the ceiling joists. To support walking and storage, the panels should be at least three quarters of an inch thick and span three joists. If you want to turn your attic into an extra room, you cannot just put boards down. The beams in place will only be there to support the ceiling below. In order to have a proper floor you will have to consult your local building regulations as to the thickness of new beams to be installed.

No electrical wiring in the attic? Battery-powered lights, found in most hardware shops, provide an easy means of illumination.

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