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Drains. Maintain your drains to prevent blockages

Prevention is better than cure. Constant care of your home is always going to be needed, that is why you are the handy man! (or woman!) To keep your drains flowing freely for years, boil a pan of water and pour it down your drains. Doing this once a week is going to help prevent any clogs from forming in your drains.

Maintaining on a regular basis could save you money later down the line.

To maintain a clean and clear drain in the tub or in the sinks in your bathroom, put a piece of nylon over the drain (that you can easily change weekly or monthly) so that no hair or pieces of soap can get down your drain at all!

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  • Once a week fill each sink or tub up with hot water and then push the stopper in or pull the plug in the tub. I have done this for years and it keeps your drains flowing well

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roots in your drain Comments By: Brett Dulka on 2008-07-07
to prevent tree roots from cloging drains, flush 1 cup of rock salt once a month. the salt will kill any stray tree roots and keep them from gathering debris.
no good for some septic systems Comments By: m on 2008-11-09
excess water introduced into many septic systems may cause problems with overloading. I would not recomend these tips to anyone with a septic system.

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