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Window insulation. Save energy by covering your windows

No matter how new your windows are, you can be losing heat through your windows during those long cold winters. Hanging heavy drapes in the winter, using two or more layers of curtains with your drapes will insulate your windows keeping the heat inside where it belongs!

A more drastic window insulation can be achieved by covering the inside of your window with clear polythene. If your window frame will allow it you need to fix the polythene to the window frame leaving approximately 2 cm gap between the glass and the polythene. Double-sided sticky tape is ideal for this job. This is not the most attractive of solutions but it does work.

In the past I have seen kits that do this. The kit contained special polythene that would shrink when heated with a hair dryer. Once fixed in place you would heat the plastic sheet with your hair dryer and it would smooth out and almost have the appearance of glass. Alas I have not seen these kits for years.

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polythene window sheets Comments By: wood on 2007-11-21
Fantastic tip,not so fantastic that the kit for this is not readily available.I know exactly what you mean tho and i to remember them.Any DIY alternative?? Answers on a postcard please....before i freeze to death.!
Where to buy window film insulation Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-17
I found this web site that sells film insulation for windows, with instructions: http://www.window-insulation-film.co.uk/
Still available Comments By: Tink on 2008-10-06
These kits are still available and I used one over the weekend to try to keep my place warmer. It also helps with condensation.
Where to buy it Comments By: anon on 2008-10-14
I'm in the process of doing my windows - I got the film from Homebase - about �5 for 6m2. The windows I've done so far look fine. Haven't had it long enough to check out the insulating qualities, but it must stop drafts, and has stopped my condensation problem.
Great for condensaion Comments By: Anne Graham on 2008-10-20
I bought film in B & Q last year and it worked really well to combat condensation can only think it will help retain heat too. B & Q don't stock it now so wil try Homebase
polythene window sheets--insulation Comments By: will on 2008-10-31
B and Q, are stocking it now----please tell B+Q i may yet become rich !!!!!!!!!.
Seal tight - ventilate right Comments By: Ian Flindall on 2008-12-02
Yes temporary film is an effective way of stopping draughts and heat loss from poorly performing windows. It will also stop warm moist air from contacting the cold glass and causing condensation. But remember; that moisture in the air is produced by you and must be removed from the dwelling by adequate ventilation or it will simply condense somewhere else - like under carpets on concrete floors or inside cupboards on cold walls.
Supplier for window insulation film UK and Europe Comments By: alan on 2009-01-16
You can get it on a roll (15M or 20M) at
This is more efficient because you can cut it to the proper width for each window. The kits have separate folded sheets which rarely match the window size so you end up with a lot of waste.

Modern Alternative Comments By: Sue - UVShield-UK.com on 2009-06-09
Window films can save energy in two ways - in the summer they can reflect solar heat away, keeping your internal environment cooler, and in winter they can reduce heat loss through glazing - the important added benefit is that they filter out 98% of the sun's UV rays!

Window films have come a long way since the messy-looking, taped-on plastic types and the cling-film types that had to be shrunk with hair driers. Modern window films are fitted directly to the glass (an easy DIY job - no hair driers involved!) and do not impair your view.

They are also available in tinted finishes to stop glare, in opaque finishes to give privacy, etc. Have a look at our website to see the full range and details on the benefits.

Sue � UV Shield-UK

WINDOW INSULATION Comments By: Sara Connor on 2009-10-06
I purchased two packs from www.window-insulation.co.uk and they arrived the next day.
I fitted them all in under a hour and you even get a DVD showing how to.

window insulation film Comments By: MikeH on 2010-09-26
Cheapest I'v founs is from any Wilkinson stores 12m2 pack about a tenner.


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