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Blocked Toilet. Tips to deal with blocked clogged toilets

If your toilet is very slow in going down, or it won't flush at all anymore you may have a bad clog. You can start fixing this clog by using your trusty plunger. Plunging down the water forces the clog to move a bit and if it isn't really that bad you will see the water all go down.

Sometimes you may need more help, a snake is going to do the job. A snake is just a fancy name for a long metal piece, that will snake its way down your drain and loosen any clogs!

There are many fancy plungers on the market at the moment. Even the most expensive of these plungers is a fraction of what it would cost to call out a plumber so it is well worth you having a go. You will find your local plumbing store stocks all of these.

Visitors comments

Poor Information Comments By: anon on 2004-09-21
The article did not elaborate on using a product to use or put into the stool to help clear the clog. A product that would eat away the build up of the clog.
Clogged Toilet Comments By: jawilliams on 2004-11-01
The information given was useless. There was no explanation on how to unclog a toilet.
TipKing says: Read the tip it states that a plunger or snake (available at hardware stores) will solve most clogs.

tip on eating away clog... Comments By: rob on 2004-12-30
is necessary here..need advice on what household remedies other than a plunger would help..
TipKing says: I hope that a visitor can help here

Toilet blockage Comments By: Grenville on 2005-01-06
After spending a good quarter of an hour sticking my arm down the drain outside and wetting all my sleeve into the bargain, my wife followed your tip with the next best thing: a toilet brush rammed down the toilet and solved the problem in seconds. A plunger would obviously have been even better. Must get one soon!
not much use Comments By: anon on 2005-06-14
yes I also tried to toilet brush tip. It did work, but there must have been some residue so it's blocked up again. Will have to try the trusty plunger I suppose
SLOW DRAINING TOILET Comments By: Loretta on 2005-08-11
Our toilet is perpetually slow draining and sometimes requires a 2nd flush ~ we've tried the snake, the plunger. Are there any additional tricks in your basket? Thanks
Slow to drain Comments By: brent on 2005-11-16
If the toilet is slow to drain it could be a blockage if old pipes its more likely to be tree roots that have found their way into the clay pipes in this case it often means the pipes need to be dug up and cleared as they will keep blocking as they will grow back.New plastic piping is harder for tree roots to access.
Boiling water Comments By: Gina on 2006-03-25
Boiling huge pots of water and pouring them directly into the commode can help dissolve clogs as well. It will more than likely take more than a pot or two,but is worth the effort.
loo blockage Comments By: diyer on 2006-05-08
Had a recent blockage and tried all the tips, plungers etc. Nothing worked until we opened up the nearest manhole and found it was full of water and other objects. Bought some drain rods, quite cheap and cleared the blockage beyond the manhole, not between the manhole and the loo! Not a pleasant task but not as bad as you might think. Used a good pair of plastic gauntlets and cleaned up well after. Fortunately no sign of tree roots or pipe damage or would have needed a specialist.
Bah!! Comments By: Rakesh on 2006-06-08
Quite worthless


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