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Blocked Toilet. Tips to deal with blocked clogged toilets

If your toilet is very slow in going down, or it won't flush at all anymore you may have a bad clog. You can start fixing this clog by using your trusty plunger. Plunging down the water forces the clog to move a bit and if it isn't really that bad you will see the water all go down.

Sometimes you may need more help, a snake is going to do the job. A snake is just a fancy name for a long metal piece, that will snake its way down your drain and loosen any clogs!

There are many fancy plungers on the market at the moment. Even the most expensive of these plungers is a fraction of what it would cost to call out a plumber so it is well worth you having a go. You will find your local plumbing store stocks all of these.

Visitors comments

Poor Information Comments By: anon on 2004-09-21
The article did not elaborate on using a product to use or put into the stool to help clear the clog. A product that would eat away the build up of the clog.
Clogged Toilet Comments By: jawilliams on 2004-11-01
The information given was useless. There was no explanation on how to unclog a toilet.
TipKing says: Read the tip it states that a plunger or snake (available at hardware stores) will solve most clogs.

tip on eating away clog... Comments By: rob on 2004-12-30
is necessary here..need advice on what household remedies other than a plunger would help..
TipKing says: I hope that a visitor can help here

Toilet blockage Comments By: Grenville on 2005-01-06
After spending a good quarter of an hour sticking my arm down the drain outside and wetting all my sleeve into the bargain, my wife followed your tip with the next best thing: a toilet brush rammed down the toilet and solved the problem in seconds. A plunger would obviously have been even better. Must get one soon!
not much use Comments By: anon on 2005-06-14
yes I also tried to toilet brush tip. It did work, but there must have been some residue so it's blocked up again. Will have to try the trusty plunger I suppose
SLOW DRAINING TOILET Comments By: Loretta on 2005-08-11
Our toilet is perpetually slow draining and sometimes requires a 2nd flush ~ we've tried the snake, the plunger. Are there any additional tricks in your basket? Thanks
Slow to drain Comments By: brent on 2005-11-16
If the toilet is slow to drain it could be a blockage if old pipes its more likely to be tree roots that have found their way into the clay pipes in this case it often means the pipes need to be dug up and cleared as they will keep blocking as they will grow back.New plastic piping is harder for tree roots to access.
Boiling water Comments By: Gina on 2006-03-25
Boiling huge pots of water and pouring them directly into the commode can help dissolve clogs as well. It will more than likely take more than a pot or two,but is worth the effort.
loo blockage Comments By: diyer on 2006-05-08
Had a recent blockage and tried all the tips, plungers etc. Nothing worked until we opened up the nearest manhole and found it was full of water and other objects. Bought some drain rods, quite cheap and cleared the blockage beyond the manhole, not between the manhole and the loo! Not a pleasant task but not as bad as you might think. Used a good pair of plastic gauntlets and cleaned up well after. Fortunately no sign of tree roots or pipe damage or would have needed a specialist.
Bah!! Comments By: Rakesh on 2006-06-08
Quite worthless

Bog Clog Comments By: ajay on 2006-06-27
Best tiolet unclog I ever did was - in utter desparation - use a Mop. One woosh and the blockage completely cleared, and has never since been a problem
Unblocking a toilet Comments By: Ian on 2006-11-17
Using hot water may help but be very careful that the water is not too hot, if it is and poured into a porcelain bowel it may crack.
nice one Comments By: Russell Lee on 2007-12-02
Whats to argue, it worked. Nice one! for us novicea (me) simple information is the best!
Not elaborating enough Comments By: British man on 2008-05-11
This does not go into any detail whatsoever. However, I have am excellent tip for all you clogged toilet mates. I would strongly recommend all you chaps use the "dishwasher and hot water" tip. THIS IS ONLY IF YOUR LOO IS NOT OVERFLOWING. First, put in a good jolly amount of dishwasher soap. Then, pour about a rubbish bin of hot or boiling water into your loo. Then, wait 15 minutes and flush. You may have to repeat. Thank you!
Not elaborating enough Comments By: British man on 2008-05-11
This does not go into any detail whatsoever. However, I have am excellent tip for all you clogged toilet mates. I would strongly recommend all you chaps use the "dishwasher and hot water" tip. THIS IS ONLY IF YOUR LOO IS NOT OVERFLOWING. First, put in a good jolly amount of dishwasher soap. Then, pour about a rubbish bin of hot or boiling water into your loo. Then, wait 15 minutes and flush. You may have to repeat. Thank you!
This will work Comments By: juju on 2008-07-13
pour dishwashing iiquid into your clogged toilet. Let it sit for 15 min then plunge at least 2 times then flush.
Blocked Toilets Comments By: Plumber Pete on 2008-08-31
The pipe from the toilet is 4 inch,dont put anything bigger then that down the toilet and you will have no problem
well done ajay Comments By: john wirral on 2008-12-22
the good old mop worked plus washing up powder,and hot water,nearly paid 15.78 for plunger/gas appliance,glad i did not now
blocked toilet Comments By: nov on 2008-12-31
the mop worked for me thank you for the advice
When all else fails, try Coke! Comments By: Julie B on 2009-01-29
We recently had a severely blocked toilet and nothing worked to unblock it. I was reluctant to call the plumber out at vast cost. My cousin suggested I pour down 2 litres of Coke, real Coke not Coke Zero or Diet Coke. I was sceptical but worth a try and it worked! After 30 minutes the toilet was completely cleared.
Ammonia Comments By: jaytea on 2009-03-24
If the plunger doesn't work on first try, then pour a couple cups of ammonia in the t bowl, let it set for a while, then boil several teapots of water, pour them into t bowl one after another, if that doesn't work, then try the plunger again, then boil some more water if necessary, but this should do it.
I used a similar principle to the mop Comments By: Paul on 2009-04-09
Hi, thanks to those who suggesred a mop etc. I don't have a mop nut found an empty plastic round container that mini bites etc are sold in. Stuck my arm in a rubbish bag as the water would come above any gloves and used the container like a plunger. Alternatively I would have used an unwanted garment to create the pressure needed.
Diet Coke does work!!! Comments By: Vanessa on 2009-05-28
We tried the hot water to unblock the loo (as we have in the past) but to no avail this time. We had Diet Coke cans in the house so poured 4 of them in & an hour later.....WOOOOOSH!!!! Away with the blockage! Fixed & very happy :-)
cheers for the mop tip.... Comments By: happy toilet unblocked on 2009-06-02
2 plunges down toilet with mop and there was a horrible noise and the water vaished

Brillant Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-07
Thanks for the tip on dishwasher liquid and coke. Didn't have liquid but used disolved tablets in hot water instead. Left for 1/2 hour as suggested and then with a loud woosh it cleared. Just for added measure used the coke as well. Must have the cleanest pipes in the village. No plumber for me.
No Coke Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-19
Hey, I tried 4 cans of regular Coke, waited four hours and no luck. Will try hot dishwashing soap next...
the Mop Comments By: Happy housewife on 2009-06-29
Fab tip worked and absolute treat, Yeah ++++
mop job Comments By: Happy Househusband on 2009-07-14
tried mop - fantastic - worked in 30 secs. & have already spent �100 saved on new shirts for me!
The Mop Rules Comments By: Mrs Mop on 2009-07-17
Thank goodness I found this site! Had a blocked toilet, been struggling all day to unblock it and the bowl of water was at the rim (very unpleasant). Then read on here about using a mop, and hey presto the blockage was gone within 2 minutes! Genius!
Mop does work Comments By: anon on 2009-08-06
Spent hours trying to unblock loo then tried mop. Water was up to rim, put in mop, twisted it so it went as far down as it could then lifted it up and down a few times,it made a noise then all water ran down pan fast. This took 1 minute to unblock, thanks for the tip.
blocked toilet Comments By: joanne on 2009-09-04
my toilet had been blocked for 3days looked on this site and got the advice to use a mop worked excellent thank you was amazed at the results
plunger Comments By: mr jiffy on 2009-09-27
exclnt tip. After 20 mins figtin da mes i took da tip n gues wot it workd. Thnk u
Mop won't fit Comments By: Anon on 2009-10-24
Well...damn! The mop tip sounds pretty successful, but am I the only one who has a toilet the mop won't fit in? The pipe goes up then down...not straight down. I've tried everything else to save money...dishwashing liquid, hot water, ammonia, coke, etc. You name it. I quess I gotta come out the pocket.
Mop won't fit Comments By: Anon on 2009-10-24
Well...damn! The mop tip sounds pretty successful, but am I the only one who has a toilet the mop won't fit in? The pipe goes up then down...not straight down. I've tried everything else to save money...dishwashing liquid, hot water, ammonia, coke, etc. You name it. I guess I gotta come out the pocket.
MOP IS GOD Comments By: Dmo on 2009-12-11
I've tried everything from plunging toan auger at all access points. I have a toilet bowl that because of the shape, a plunger won't work because it doesn't seal properly. The mop took care of my clog in a jiffy. Thanks for the tip guys! Excellent site!
Oh poo! Comments By: jen on 2009-12-14
I have used a coathanger in the past successfully, but not this time, the blockage lasted all night, so this morning after getting courage and inspiration from this site I poured in a second lot of dishwashing liquid and tried again with a stronger coathanger, kept moving it, and in 5 mins it had cleared. Great tips here, I was about to reluctantly try the mop method, but they all sound worth trying!
The dishwasher tip Comments By: Sam on 2009-12-18
I suspended the buoy in the WC tank so that I was in control of the flow of water...I then mixed up some 3 Finish tabs with a touch of bleach and hot water several times (just enough to fill the bowl). After several goes of the water filtering down the loo, I released the buoy and flushed properly and it worked OK. Not sure how permanent this fix will be but it was enough to allow the flow of water as normal for the time. Would recommend.
The mop does work Comments By: anon on 2009-12-20
I tried the mop and at first and nothing happened. I decided to rinse it in the sink and watched in horror as the water level in the loo rose higher and higher. Once I unplugged the sink there a big woosh and the water cleared away. For good measure put down the dishwasher tablets with a kettle of boiling water and it seems to have done the trick! Brilliant tip - thank you
Just a bucket of cold water Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-21
For the brave of heart
If the water in the bowl is low - fill a bucket with cold water. Lift it above the bowl to approximately chest height and tip it down the bowl in one swift motion. The pressure of the water coming down from height is guaranteed to move the most stubborn blockage. Well almost all.

This is it! Comments By: Relieved, twice on 2009-12-29
Our low profile toilet was blocked after an hour long ordeal. I tried the plunger. No luck. My husband tried the snake and auger but gave up after struggling for an hour. We were about to call in the plumber but he did not return our call. I decided to look to the internet and found your site. I have a large bottle of Pepsi but no Coke, so I tried the dishwashing detergent. I dissolved about a cup of powder in some cold water and poured it into the bowl. Then I heated up a large pan of boiling water and poured it into the bowl, covering it up with the lid. I let it sit for an hour and then used the toilet brush to do some piston action. I flushed,and wah-la! It was just as good or even better than the relief I felt which got us into this mess in the first place. A first-rate hint.
Phew at last! Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-01
Having read everyone's comments I decided to try everything. I poured down a bottle of coke and thirty mins later plunged. Then went down 2 pots of boiling water with dishwasher detergent. Then plunged. Suddenly had brainwave to plunge loo while blocking off all other plugholes and overflows in bathroom so water/air had nowhere else to escape and hey presto it worked!
Coke worked!! Comments By: peter mills on 2010-01-20
We haad a blocked toilet for 2 days then I read the tips given and tried them, the mop, dishwasher liquid and lastly the bottle of Coke and the later combined with the mop worked so thanks to all the contributers on this site it saved me phoning dyna rod.
WOW THANK-YOU! Comments By: Curvy on 2010-01-22
Like other people on here all I can say is...Thank goodness I found this site! Had a badly blocked toilet, been working a couple of days to unblock it (luckily had 2nd toilet...Well I tried the coat hanger, hot water, washing up liquid with baking soda finally...I thought Id try using a mop, before calling in a plumber, I did & WOW it was unblocked with-in minutes! FANTASTIC...THANX X
the mop rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Sandra mottingham on 2010-02-02
Tried everything read on here about the mop and !!!yes it worked!! dynorod quoted me �178.00 ouchhhhhhh
ACID Comments By: Bob on 2010-02-07
thanks for all the advice, I was about to start taking things apart - I put the bathroom in 2 years ago, been fine since then, but this morning, with a total hangover, I got a terrible surprise. So, I equipped myself with a bottle of acid (One Shot), a �3 plunger, 4 liters of cheap coke, 2 kettles of boiling water, one bottle of household bleach for after. �10 for all the ingredients. Although I was retching throughout it was quite satisfying :-) the acid said 125 ml only,,, I did go slightly overboard. It was like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut, great, on with the day! Thanks again, good luck with blockages.
The Mop Works Comments By: Rotty Gal on 2010-02-11
Went and bought a �2 mop in Asda this morning - gave the loo a few good plunges - a loud gurgle and problem solved. Thank you Thank you Thank you
Mop Magic Comments By: June McCann on 2010-02-16
Tried the Mop
In less than 1 minute Toilet unblocked,
Cant believe how easy, only did it ten minutes ago, so fingers crossed.
Thankyou for your tip

Coke and Mentos Comments By: Photodom on 2010-02-24
Everyone knows what happens when you drop Menots sweets into a bottle of Coke (Cola). So, what would happen if I tried this with my blocked toilet? Obviously the open end of the bottle would be down the toilet so I'm not sure of the Coke would simply run out, but there should be a hell of a lot of pressure being forced down the wc. We had a new suite installed with a 'modern' toilet which is obviously incapable of dealing with the newer makes of toilet paper as this is the second time in 3 months that it has blocked. I hade been using a cut off section of an old Karcher pressure hose which is very flexible and is able to get all the way around the U bend and into the waste pipe (I can hear it.) It has helped a good bit, but there is still some blockage there which I am having trouble finally clearing.

So , has anyone tried the Menotos and Coke?

TipKing says: I'm not trying it but it could be fun

It works!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-05
I've been trying to unblock mine for 3 days now and decided to check on the internet. Didn't have a mop, so used the rail from my wardrobe. Tied a load of cloths over one end and then a couple of of bin liners over the cloths. i don't think I had to 'plunge' any more than 3 timee. Thanks!
mop worked! Comments By: Nusaybah on 2010-03-06
Thanks so much for the mop tip... struggled for hours pouring water down, then saw the mop idea, tried it and it worked straight away!
The mop's the king! Comments By: Kezza on 2010-03-09
After my toilet being blocked for 3 days and trying two bottles of One Shot which my local plumbers merchant said would literally burn through anything, I tried the mop! Lo and behold in lesss than 30 seconds my toilet was clear! Thankyou you're a genius!
2 dishwasher tablets Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-14
My daughter put a massive chunk of icing sugar down the toilet and flushed it, consiquently blocking it, my other daughter followed up with the usual toilet duties, so couldn't use mop or hands.
I put 2 dishwasher tablets in the toilet followed by several buckets of HOT tap water... Job done!!
Excellent tip thanks. :-)

Praise Be To The Mop! Comments By: Mark. on 2010-03-21
Boiling water had done the trick in the past, but not this time...
(With two toddlers in the house, alas, this is not the first toilet blockage we've had)
Just as I was losing hope, I read your mop post. Awesome. A �2.15 Basics mop from the supermarket did the trick first time.

blockec loo Comments By: frustrated Mum on 2010-03-19
My 9 year old boy managed to block the loo it has taken 3 long days to unblock it using various methods spoke with a builder in wickes after buying more unblocking producrs, asked his advise a of course it was the mop worked 1st pluge cheers mate
BOILING WATER Comments By: anon on 2010-03-20
I tried everything incl plunger and chemicals. What worked best was pouring ten kettles of boiling water down the WC.
THE MOP WORKS Comments By: Lyn on 2010-04-09
Thankful for this tip. The mop technique worked - and very very grateful. Blessings.
HAVE PATIENCE! Comments By: Nikki on 2010-04-29
Always been able to unblock the toilet in the past. However there was a blockage that I could not see. My six year old wanted a number two. We could not unblock it with our plunger so I said to him lets look on the internet for a solution because plumbers are too expensive. So funny about the snake idea. That did not help so I tried my plunger again and again and again. Out swirled a baby wipe, then another. My tip is make sure u have some rubber gloves, keep using the plunger consistently and never ever put baby wipes down the loo!!
+1 for the mop! Comments By: Mr Moppy on 2010-05-18
Poured in 250 of sulphuric acid, waited 10 minutes, gave it the mop - problem solved. Thanks!
rescue mop Comments By: Mary Purefoy on 2010-05-24
Getting very stressed, worrying about plumber's costs, (a friend got stung for nearly �600 witn Dyno-rod, with ablocked drain....), tried the dishwasher tabs, nada, then spent three pounds on a super cheapo mop, stuck it right down, plunged a couple of times, and hey presto!, the water level returned to normal, and flushed to check, and voila! we can once again sit on our own toilet, thank you.
dishwasher brilliance Comments By: desperate on 2010-05-31
Serious blockage. Tried the coke to no avail, then the coathanger but funny shaped pipework at bottom of bowl didn't help - then dissolved two dishwasher tablets in boiling water and after 15 minutes flushed the toilet and hey presto! Toilet cleared. Excellent tip. Thanks!
Blocked Toilet & Mop Comments By: Greg on 2010-06-05
The mop tip worked wonders great idea thankyou.
Thumbs up to the plunger! Comments By: Murph on 2010-06-19
Read the readers comments and tried a plunger. Luckily a neighbour had one so armed with this and a pair of rubber gloves I started. After a couple of plunges it got stuck! Great I thought, not only do I have a slow running toilet I've now got a plunger stuck down it! However the plunger didn't stay stuck for long and I could see it was doing something as the water soon filled with debris. I picked this out and put it in a bucket. This I thought was necessary as it would of just been mashed by the plunger and made an unpleasant job even worse. After a bit more plunging I flushed and hey presto - the toilet was fine :o). All this took a couple of minutes. Thanks to you all for suggesting a plunger as I would of never thought it would work on a toilet.
wicked trick Comments By: chandi g on 2010-06-19
well i spent hours and hours trying to unblock the toilet .tryed the hot water .tryed the diet coke.all just a waste of time .then read all the comments about the mop ,,so i tryed and in 1 second boyakasha water went straight down the toilet ..
save your mob Comments By: lavvy heed on 2010-07-29
put a black bag over your mop then when your done just bin the bag instead of the mop
Mop is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Kev on 2010-08-02
Was panicking, mum was on holiday for two weeks, and I'm left looking after house, needless to say 4 days in and the toilet water rises to the brim, read all these comments and before I made the trek up to asda to buy coke and dishwasher tablets thought I'd try the mop, worked after 2-3 plunges, don't thnk it's ever been cleaner
Blockage in pipes Comments By: Ber. on 2010-08-09
Tried dishwasher tabs and mop.Partial success. Opened manhole cover to find water level high, therefore blockage is between first and second manhole. What can I do to break it down? Will any chemical help? Have spent a fortune on Dyno-rod only to have it block within a week!Having nightmares.Help!!!
a little advice please Comments By: courtney on 2010-08-16
What kind of mop should I use and exactly how do you do it?
Mop, yess!! Comments By: CPorretta on 2010-08-15
OMG! After hours of plunging and snaking with no success, saw this tip. Mop, dish soap, done!!! In less than 5 minutes. Apparently a grease clog where the kitchen drain meets up with bath drains. Brilliant! Thank you thank you.
Toilet Mop Works!!! Comments By: JP on 2010-08-23
I never had a mop that would fit so i plunged with a toilet brush...
2 minutes and all good!!!

praise the mop Comments By: inches on 2010-08-29
the mop technique unblocked our terrible overflowing blocked toilet. soap, plunger, wire, hand nothing worked - until a 1.60 mop from a large market value superstore solved the issue in under 4 seconds!
The mop is Top!!!! Comments By: Terry Barnard on 2010-08-29
After spending all day trying many various methods to clear blocked toilet, I read on here about using the mop as a plunger, the bowl was full, (full all day) a few sharp plunges, the blockage had gone! Thank you very much..
DON'T YOU JUST LOVE MOPS!!!! Comments By: woody on 2010-08-30
Many, Many thanks to all who recommended the mop treatment - it worked after 3 or 4 days of chemical treatments that did nothing. A couple of plunges with a mop and the "water" just disappeared. What a relief!!!!!!!!
PLEASE HELP! Hard toilet cake flushed, blocking drain. Comments By: Jeff on 2010-09-05
So, I accidentally flushed down one of those hard, drop-in-tank toilet bowl cleaners. It is lodged in the pipes and now the bowl won't drain except while plunging vigorously. Is there any chemical or other method that can be poured down the toilet to dissolve the hard disc? It is designed to dissolve gradually over 4 months in the tank, but how can I speed up that process? If not dissolve it, any other suggestions?

I'm desperate and GREATLY appreciate any help! Thanks.

P.S. Let's withhold commentary about what an idiot I am (which I would freely admit) and focus on problem solving. =)

sorted! Comments By: anon on 2010-09-12
thanks.....the mop sorted the blocked toilet in under a minute and a wire coat-hanger down the drain sorted the blocked sink!.....glad I asked
The Mop!!! Comments By: Pat on 2010-09-19
Brilliant!! Spent �3.99 ona mop at Homebase. One plunge and twist - job done!!!
Mop! Mop! Mop! Mop! Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-19
Mop worked lake a charm. After 2 days of trying everything 2min with the mop did the trick. Thanks a lot for your help.
mop worked Comments By: sue on 2010-09-26
have been trying for four days to unblock toilet 2 seconds after useing mop unblocked pound shop mop
mop worked wonderfull Comments By: blockage warrior on 2010-10-03
Thanks for the mop tip.I was desperate.Used the fashion plunger what stupid as it sucked in dirty water and cost around �7.tried chemicals �2.99.nothing worked.I put a black bin bag around the mop to protect the head .than another carrier bag.I had around 10-12 pushes before water started to clear .I will have to trow the mop head as it was not enough protected . I will use coke and dishwasher tip as maintenance. Thanks a lot.
Nightmare!!!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-11
I came home from work on Friday and my wife had left the toilet bowl in a serious state. The water levels were sky high along with some unpleasantries. I attempted to clear with brush while holding my nose but to know avail. Last night in pure desperation, I put my entire arm into the bowl to clear the mess but again no luck. I fished a 3foot hose pipe through but the overflowing got worse. In complete despair I came on this web site and descovered the MOP idea. Dismissed it at 1st but with no other options available we tried it. After 3 to 4 plunges it cleared. The relief was unbelievable!!!! After much denial we still haven't got to the bottom of how it happened, although I have my suspicions seen are there's only 2 of us!!!!!!! The MOP the saviour!!!!! phew.
SUPER MOP TO THE RESCUE!!! Comments By: Flashypants on 2010-10-21
My toilet has been blocked with loo roll for a few days, and I was really worried as I can't afford a plumber. I tried poking with a bamboo cane and then a coat hanger, but no joy. Did a little Google search, looked at the advice here re. the mop, got up off my bum and did one push with the mop and the blockage just went away - AMAZING!!! I had to throw the mophead away but a replacement is only a fiver..that's one cheap little plumbers mate!!
Pepsi also works a treat Comments By: Kerry on 2010-10-27
Had a blocked toilet due to using quite thick toilet roll. I tipped 4 litres of Pepsi down then wrapped my mop in a black sack and plunged. Brilliant xxx
Ram it down! Comments By: Big Al on 2010-11-13
My toilet was badly blocked. I donned rubber gloves and baled out the bog - not a nice task. I then poured two bottles of bleach down and waited. Nothing happened. Checked out this site and saw the mop idea. I did not have a mop but improvised. I put in all of the plugs in the sinks to stop pressure escaping and got an old tea towel. Back on with the rubber glove and gave it a good old ramming with the tea towel. Within seconds I was back to normal and could go and do my stuff. The mop theory was much better than my partner's suggestion of eating lots of eggs so I did not need the toilet!! Great advice. Cheers.
Mops the word Comments By: Charles Baroudi on 2010-11-15
again the Mop worked for me
try this first.... Comments By: It happened to me! on 2010-11-17
My toilet just started to block up, The water was going down pretty slowly and was about to overflow once I flushed it. I didn't really know what do to, so the first thing which worked wonders and is an obvious one....Just stick your toilet brush down the toilet. I tired it once, but don't be afraid to really go for it! If that doesn't work then yes try boiling water/fizzy drinks/snake!
Mop really works Comments By: vicky on 2010-12-01
Tried everything was actually looking for a plumbers number when i came across this website.... Pushed the mop in a couple of times and voila.... blockage cleared and water drained....
Vileda SUPER Mop Comments By: Another Satisfied Customer on 2010-12-06
The toilet was blocked so bad that water was up to the rim and there was no signs of this bad boy moving in a hurry. The Wife had tried alsorts of methods and eventually pestered me for some advice. I checked out this site and gave her some tips. She opted for the Mop Method (With black bin bag tied around the head of the mop), and much to her surprise, after 2 plunges, the Stubborn S**t was gone. Thnks Vileda & TipKing!!!
mop really worked Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-07
after 1 week living with a blocked loo after spending loads of money on everything and nothing tried the mop and in seconds no more blocked loo will now tell all about it.thanks
Unblock toilet with mop...brilliant Comments By: Carol on 2010-12-11
been trying to unblock it all day, suspect there is a problem with the drainage, however the mop and black bag worked a treat....what a relief!
The Mop is the answer Comments By: Lizzy on 2010-12-12
The mop is simple and works-brilliantly
The mop works Comments By: A South African Family on 2010-12-24
Thanks for your advise. My husband tried everything to unblock the toilet and he was sceptical when I told him to try the mop. Well as a last resort he agreed to try it. It worked first time!
Mop Solution Comments By: Marcus on 2010-12-26
worked first time - thanks!
BLOCKED TOILET Comments By: Patricia S on 2010-12-27
After trying throwing bucket after bucket of water down the toilet I found this site and tried the mob did the job in about 5 mins am well pleased was about to call a plumber saved me pounds thanks
MOP!...and the dirt is gone Comments By: pleased from plymouth on 2011-01-04
6-8 big strokes with a �2.20 el cheapo mop from supermarket was the end of a very persistant blockage-excellent, now my "reading room" is restored!!
Use the plunger Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-28
Buy a cheap plunger and a pair of rubber gloves. A couple of firm plunges downwards should clear any blockage that is at the toilet end. If this doesn't work the blockage may be further down the drain in which case try using a length of plastic piping inserterted up the drain pipe from the manhole end. I would always start using the plunger first.
Blocked Toilet Comments By: Mick on 2011-01-08
Had a mild blockage. Used dishwasher idea and 4 buckets of hot water. Worked for me. Like the mop idea and will try it if we ever get a nasty blockage. Seems to me that the new designer toilets are simply not man enough for the job these days. We have an older large non Eco friendly toilet downstairs and I refuse to change it, unless its for an industrial (read large) size toilet.
washing up liquid Comments By: Flushing Bob on 2011-01-06
Use washing a full bottle of good quality WASHING UP LIQUID, pour in into toilet, wait 10mins and flush with Hot water (not boiling) a few times. if this does not work repeat with the use of a mop to help movement.

praise the dishwasher liquid Comments By: Judy on 2011-01-08
Several days of plunging and pouring hot water in the loo, then read about the dishwasher liquid, I used half a bottle waited 15 mins poured in hot water and used the plunger yet again. The gurgling sound of the bowl emptying was great!
Comments By: Lou39 on 2011-01-13
Urgh!!! blocked toilet for TWO days took two mins with a mop hey presto. Will now use second tip, Coke, then dishwasher powder just to make sure it is totally clean and clear, a very big thank you.
mop plus cold water from chest high Comments By: damian on 2011-01-31
we used a mop and then poured cold water like about a bucket full 10 litres down from chest hight which worked a treat
hot water! Comments By: PoH on 2011-02-03
thanks to all your comments, i tried the hot water (lots of cups...) and it's gone! Treid chemicals before which don't do anything. thanks!
vanish that block!!!! Comments By: cat on 2011-02-04
i used nail varnish remover. a whole bottle...the loo made a glug glug sound and voila the loo was perfecto!!

mum of 2 toddlers

Still trying Comments By: Caroline on 2011-02-04
Toilet blocked for a day now, just used the mop in a bag method even with plug in the sink to stop back flow, but no joy. Toilet pipes go in sideways direction to connect to next doors and making a funny gurgling noise. Got dishwasher tablets in there now dissolving so will wash them down with hot water in half an hour. Fingers crossed. Luckily got second toilet upstairs.;

Didn't quite go to plan Comments By: Keep Trying on 2011-02-05
Dishwasher tablets didn't work tried the mop heard a clunk and it drained brilliant!!! Then look round the back and all I had done was knock the toilet off the perch and dislodged the downpipe. Gonna try with the snake now. So a word of warning if you hear a clunk it could be the pipes seperating.
toilet brush + plastic bag Comments By: vm on 2011-02-18
If you haven't got a mop put a plastic bag over a toilet brush and plunge away. The couple of times I've had a blocked loo i've used the toilet brush on it's own but today it wouldn't work so I put a plastic bag around the head which seemed to create a better seal and sorted the blockeage out. Particularly good if a conventional plunger doesn't fit your loo!
blast it! Comments By: wendy on 2011-02-19
i have heard of baking soda and vinegar together to blast open drains for sinks might work in toilett.
Mop FTW! Comments By: NotPhin on 2011-02-20
I blocked our toilet with a GIANT poo (I kid you not - I swear it had its own field of gravity) and of course it was only fair I unblocked it. But not before calling my mum and dad, who suggested standing on a chair and pouring a bucket of hot water in from a height, to try and move the "blockage".

Well, I can tell you now: BAD IDEA. The hot water made the poo all mushy, but far far worse was the steamy hot poo odour that wafted out from the toilet bowl. *retch*

So I opted for one of the things I read here - wrap a mop in plastic bags and use it like a plunger. Luckily we had an old mop head, coz it did get wet and I'm glad I could throw it out. But it worked - used it in a plunging motion and it cleared the Giant Poo and saved the day. Hoorah!

Hot water & Cascade Comments By: JOB on 2011-03-20
God bless you people! My toilet was clogged for two days. The plumber was scheduled to come tomorrow, and you saved me! I heated and put in about nine quarts of hot water and concentrated dish detergent. Later I used the plunger briefly, and my Amityville horror was over!
Hot water & Cascade Comments By: JOB on 2011-03-20
God bless you people! My toilet was clogged for two days. The plumber was scheduled to come tomorrow, and you saved me! I heated and put in about nine quarts of hot water and concentrated dish detergent. Later I used the plunger briefly, and my Amityville horror was over! Now what do I do with the bottle of Coke I just bought?
Mop worked Comments By: anon on 2011-03-23
Toilet had been blocked for a few hours. Tried putting bleach down and putting hand down, using rubber gloves, but it wasnt working. Tried the mop method (as advised on this website) putting a plastic bag over the top to create a plunger effect and it worked first time!! Thank you.
Mop Comments By: anon on 2011-03-25
Tried water as suggested by my mam, came on here tried mop & cleared it in 5 seconds. Thanks very much guys.
dishwasher tablets, hot water and a mop!!!! Comments By: anon on 2011-03-27
my toilet had been blocked for 2 weeks, water wasn't going down it was above the rim and waste was floating on top. finally I had enough. I brought a plunger and .... nothing. I came across this website... didn't believe the mop method would work. Used 2 dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, bleach and boiling water. Lets just say the smell was unbearable... however I went to get the mop and some plastic bags to cover it with. I could see the water had gone down slightly, 2-3 goes with the mop, using the head has a plunge. I heard a great noise and it was then my nightmare had ended!!! thanks so much!
Mop + dishwasher tablet Comments By: Plunger on 2011-03-28
The mop worked! The key is *big strokes* up and down so that you get some suction going. Followed that with warm water (not hot if you have a porcelain loo) and everything is fine.
To unblock a toilet Comments By: Tessa on 2011-04-03
Hi ,My toilet was blocked.Anything I tried did not work untilI took a mop covered the end with a long plastic bag and then plunge the mop several times,with force,down the toilet(secure the plastic bag first,and wear gloves),.... lo and behold it did the trick.phew... was I relieved.The mop cost �4....Result.
blocked toilet bowl (very bad) Comments By: bernard gormley on 2011-04-10
i tried the plunger lots of times but no use.i looked this site and got the tip about the mop and disher power and it worked 100 per cent very good tip. thanks from bernard in new york
Thanks! Comments By: subtleyjm on 2011-04-19
So glad I found your site - was actually looking for a plumber number in despair. Didn't have a plunger, but thankfully the comments saved me - I tried Coke/washing up liquid/hot water to no avail, but the mop definitely did the trick! Followed the advice of others to use lots of plastic bags to save the mop. Thanks for saving me �100 and the mirth of my husband!
panic over! thank you Comments By: hayley on 2011-04-20
just got home n went to use loo... and coz we dont always flush it got clogged up. water level raised n i panicked so shoved washin powder down there n kept flushin but honestly i did the toilet brush method as i aint got a plunger n after a few tries i got a whoosh!! thank you
mop + bin liner saved me Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-24
My toilet had been draining progressively slower the last couple of flushes. On Easter Sunday; with seemingly every shop closed; it blocked.
After about 10 minutes of net research I found the mop idea, but most importantly on this site was the idea to use it in a bin liner, which helped create a seal and is easy to dispose of..
It took less than 20 seconds to clear my bowl, and cost me pennies. Thank you!!!

Mop as a plunger Comments By: L Carter on 2011-04-25
Sounded dumb as hell but a mop with the bag over it worked. (I had plunged for 40 minutes before using the mop). Cheers from Kansas City!!!
At my wits end!!!! HELP!!! Comments By: Scooby on 2011-04-26
Ok. Have tried Jeyes drain unblocker as recommended. No joy. Fourteen gallons of hot water poured at height. Plunged til i'm blue in the face but [sorry to be so graphic here] my loo flushes. The water doesn't rise, it doesn't seem to have as much force as it once did on the flush and once the water has settled to it's corect level, this faeces coloured "stuff" starts to creap in at the bottom on the loo. I've had my hands down there, bleach, so called loo unblocker, there are no solids lurking and we've managed to get 6 six feet of pipe down it too so question: where is this stuff coming from? Currently have cola and dishwasher tables in it!!!
Your better than all the rest! Comments By: amdy on 2011-05-04
Your ideas, specifically the coke and the plastic bag and old garment ideas got me thinking. After trying coathangers, tubes and hot water and lots of soap products and it being overnight I took the large plastic bag idea and adapted it with a 2 liter bottle of pepsi. Putting it inside the bin bag sized plastic bag I used the bottle top end as the head and the bottom as the handle and plunged the toilet. A perfect fit and really quick fix and remedy to what cost, I dont want to imagine, being in a small colony, for a plunger. Keep the great ideas coming!
Bless you! Comments By: Marcomillions on 2011-05-17
Two plungers, hours of plunging. Nada--and I'm good at plunging. This was one mother of a clog. I found this site by sheer luck. Not having a mop, I tried the dishwashing soap and coke cures first, but they didn't work. So I bought a mop and, abracadabra, toilet unblocked. Bless you. I'd never have worked this out myself.
MIRACLE MOP WORKS LIKE MAGIC!! Comments By: Little Miss Mop on 2011-06-20
I don't know how, I don't know why; but by God it works!!!
I originally had trouble believing that a mop would unblock our toilet so we first tried everything else. Snake, hosepipe, washing powder, bleach, hot water; all were utter rubbish, in fact, they made the problem worse.
So eventually I decided we might as well give it a try. We closed and opened the plugs in time to the plunging and after 5 minutes of vigorous mop action... IT WORKED!!!!! Thank you whoever came up with this method; it saved me �100++ and a whole lot of hassle!

Mop and bag Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-22
Tied a plastic bag around the head of the blunger and flushed after trying hot water and chemicals, then when the water rose to the top I simply pushes the plastic bag and mop down and plunged once and it all just sunk through!

Nice tip!

the mop mugged it Comments By: ann on 2011-07-20
In desparation read tips for unblocking loo. Cosmetics above got knocked down when flushing and couldn`t solve it until i used the much reccomended mop. Praying for success , a few plunges of the mop hard and a problem solved . Onlb flushed it twice since as it`s just done the trick but pretty confident thets thst sorted . All cosmetics n toiletries have now been moved far from the toilet bowl but big cleaning agent btls n loo roll should be ok near -nothing small , nothing else. Thanks for tips ,can hardly believe my luck as was all one needed today . I had been afraid to try the mopwhen i read of it at first in case it wouldnt work as i knew it was a serious situ n had tried other methods Many thanks.
Mop. Just the stick! Comments By: Martin on 2011-07-26
Bit of a nightmare, dark time.... put in the coat hanger, nothing = then read on here about the mop solution.

I stuck in the mop, just the stick, not the top part - one two or three pushes in there, and it was fixed.

Thanking all of you.

UNBLOCKING EVIL TOILETS!!!!!! Comments By: Mrs J Inwood on 2011-07-27
Hello out there to all you poor stuffering souls who have a blocked toilet. I have "THE TOILET FROM HELL" which you only have to put the slightest too much toilet paper down and IT'S BLOCKED AGAIN!!

I have now had this problem more times than I can remember and here are my most successful creations/methods on dealing with this stressful problem - if your toilet is not blocked to the rim and you have room pour in a whole bottle of bleach followed by as much boiling hot water as you can fit (do not pour in boiled water straight into your toilet bowl as this can crack porcelain - if your toilet bowl is empty then mix some warm water in with the boiling water) then also add either shampoo, washing up liquid or bath lotion to make the solution more slippy and hopefully help the blockage to slide away (into the horizon hooray). Leave this to soak for a couple of hours or more (ideally overnight if possible) and then comes the fun part! - I have poked lots of different things down into the toilet to try to either budge the blockage out of its place if its in the U bend pipe or create a little bit of suction :-

Coathangers that can be manipulated into the right shape, old wallpaper twisted/folded with masking or parcel tape wrapped around it to make a long 'snake' and pushed down with a long enough stick/cane as far as you can get it and then pull out quickly, an old t-shirt wrapped around the end of a coathanger with a plastic bag put on top and taped on to hold and then used like a plunger if you havn't got one.

Hope any of this helps but the most important part I think is to put warm/hot softening solution in and leave it to soak before attempting to plunge/poke.

P.S. Whilst your wating for 'soaking in time' you can have a good old curse/swear to your toilet and that should make you feel a little better if nothing else!

Success Comments By: anon on 2011-08-04
For days I had plunged my clogged up toilet with no success. I was so frustrated after the bowl of filth flowed all over my bathroom floor, that I was ready to dismantal the beast, but decided to check out the internet for help instead.

Well, Not sure how much to use, I empty about 1/4 box of diswasher detergent in my clogged toilet. After 5 minutes and some additional plunging, a noise emerged from the throat of my toilet, and presto, the clog let loose and the bowl was empty.

Letting the bowl fill up again, I proceeded to flush several times, and what music to my ears, a wonderful swishing sound and all is well.

Sure beats paying a plummer to unclog my toilet...


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