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Dripping tap, faucet or ceiling here is a quick cure

An emergency tip for an annoying noisy drip in a hotel room or just to get through the night at home. Wet a string, or thread. Tape it on the ceiling very near the drip and the drip will follow the water soundlessly, down the string into a glass or container. It works on a faucet with a strip of rag too.

Submitted by Sondra

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drip Comments By: smaloso on 2006-11-29
what kind of tip is that? fix the roof or the faucet instead of waste you time whith a stupid piece of string
Married? Comments By: Rob on 2007-02-25
I take it that this negative review submitter is either single or divorced?
Not many married men would start this type of repair during the night or in a hotel.


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