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Flat pack furniture. Help for dealing with flat pack furniture

Flat pack furniture is here to stay, it is a cost effective way to furnish our homes. I must admit that the instructions and fittings have improved over the years and once the item is made they do the job well.

Well I have just a couple of tips for flat back furniture that may relieve a couple of headaches.

They always seem to come with an allen key. You know that hexagonal tool for tightening the bolts. Well when you have finished the job tape the key to the back of the item so it will always be at hand when you need it. You could also do the same with the instruction book.

On the back of some items you have to tack a piece of hardboard on. Well you can get just as good result if not stronger by fixing the back on with duck tape. This works great with wardrobe backs as they always seem to be popping out when you nail them.

If you can afford it and you are often making flat packed furniture then investing in an electric screw driver will make the job so much easier.

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