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Face Mineral water and lemon lemon toner

Submitted by ulku

Sprinkle your face with mineral water. There is no better toner. it gives your skin moisture and tightens pores. For an extra kick add a few drops of lemon juice too.

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a tip for you Comments By: lorinka on 2004-07-19
Mineral water cannot tone and tighten your skin because mineral water dosen't have Glycerin, Sodium PCA, Methylparaben, Oleth-20, ect. Those are some of the ingredients in original toners. And also mineral water isn't an astrigent. buh bye
Not worth it... Comments By: H on 2004-08-03
There is no difference in mineral water and water from the tap in what it is going to do to your face. Composition wise, the slight varience in mineral water and tap water not have any extra benifit to your complextion. And the actual act of splashing with cold water is only a very short term result.
Not very good. Comments By: Sara on 2004-10-10
Water wouldn't do much as a toner, maybe if it was cold but that only has a short term effect. Im not sure if mineral water is any diffrent from tap water, maybe the minerals from the water may nourish your skin. The lemon juice might be good as a toner. A better toner is cucumbers.

Blend cucumbers then drain out the juices, put in the refrigerator over night and use the next day. Should work well as a toner for tightening the skin and shrinking pores. You can also use a egg mask for tightening and shrinking pores, works really well.

No Way!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: kaykay on 2005-01-23
Thei is no way it can help you,it is not an astrigent.it also dosen't have any self cleansing treatment!!!!!!!duh!
well... Comments By: Kel on 2008-06-29
i don't know if it would tone skin, but i used to work in a bar and we used soda water to clean with because it broke down gunk and grease in a way that water didn't so....there might be something to it.

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