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Facial cleansers Natural botox cleansing face mask

Submitted by ness

Egg white is great for those times you're face looks tired and droopy, simply apply egg white to face, and try not to move your face at all until egg white is completely dry, if the egg white is thin enough that you can't see it you can apply make up on top, if not or if preffered, you can simply wash off the egg white with cool water. The yolk is also great for cleansing, apply the same way as egg white and wash off when dry, is good for curing a small break out.

Visitors comments

I have to say almost the best Comments By: Natalia on 2004-07-31
GREAT a bit of a mess but it still was great.
party on Comments By: cat on 2004-08-02
It was a great way to get rid of my small break out on my nose. In a few days it was gone and I could be at my pool party without being worried about it.
No need for any more expensive face masks Comments By: jennie on 2004-08-11
Tried it and loved it.
Natural & excellent Comments By: oily skin on 2005-01-20
Egg whites are a bit messy, but the leave your skin so smooth, soft and oil free..I feel like touching my face every moment!
I loved it!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2005-03-27
left my face feeling incredibly soft and gave off a warm glo
Does it work for men? Comments By: Amir on 2005-07-19
Is it ok for men to apply egg white/yolk to their face and is it as effective?

TipKing says: Only in the same way that it works for women. I have not tried it though!

For men... Comments By: Ernesto on 2006-06-27
It worx just as well... in my opinion.
I'd tried this and made it ritual before...and now seeing this reminds me.

I need to start doing it again!

good Comments By: Tessa on 2008-01-19
i compared this to my neutrogena visibly firm serum and i must say wow! works just as good, but is WAY cheaper.. careful with egg yolks, though, the vit A bleaches skin a lot.

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