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Clear your complexion with mint water

Submitted by zeb hyder

For a clear fair complexion drink one cup of mint water everyday .It purifies ur blood n makes ur complexion fair n clear n makes ur skin smooth n healthy.

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What is mint water? Comments By: Dre on 2004-07-14
What is mint water?

TipKing Says: Mint water is made from oil of mint and distilled water. The exact measurements I am not sure. It is also available commercially, ask at your local drug store.

Not sure Comments By: Sara on 2004-10-10
I haven't exactly tried drinking mint water, but im pretty sure it will have no effect on peoples acne. Acne doesn't accure from foods people eat, im pretty sure it won't be able to reverse it. Then again, I haven't tried drinking mint water, so it could work.
100% it's not going to work! Comments By: Honey on 2005-01-23
mmint water didn't help my complexion i told my friends about it and a couple of weeks later they said it dosen't work!
It doesnt work Comments By: t on 2005-05-26
I tried drinking mint water to clear my skin but it did not work. Yall need to stop lying to everybody.I rayed yall a 1 because the computer would not let me put a 0.
Give it a try again! Comments By: Princess K on 2005-06-08
I think Mint water means blending Mint leaves with water and not Mint oil + water!
minty fresh Comments By: kobe on 2009-10-16
Yeah they mean to put a few ripped leaves into a glass of water just like you would a lemon piece and drink it,not mint oil,that's added to chocolate and stuff lol,it's not going to give you an effect unless you drink water with real mint in it.

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