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Freckles. Tip to make freckles go away

If you are prone to freckles and would rather not have them well read on for a simple yet effective solution.

Rub a little undiluted lemon juice over unwanted freckles every night and in a few weeks they should start to fade.

See also a very helpful checklist sent into the site by Drayden related to this tip Lemon juice does fade freckles if used properly

Visitors comments

Risks? Comments By: Lauren on 2004-07-26
I like the idea...I'm only wondering things like, will this cause me to break out? Should I wash my face right after doing this? or will that effect how the lemon juice works to reduce the appearance of freckles?
No breakouts!! Comments By: Nicole on 2004-09-03
Hi. I've been using lemon juice for my freckles, and it really works. I've only been using it for a little while, but so far I haven't had any breakouts, and already I've noticed that my skin looks much better even where there are no freckles.

It has also helped my under eye bags. If you have pale skin, lemon juice will give it a really illumonious look. I love it. It might sound like a stupid thing to do, to rub lemon juice all over your skin, but don't diss it til you try it...

Sound 2 good 2 be true Comments By: samera on 2004-10-04
Thanks 4 giving thats tip, i have so many freckles, and tried everything but do the freckles disapear when you keep using it.

I have heard lemon juice also make your skin fair and i have tried it really amazing.

Tan Comments By: Tina on 2004-10-09
Sounds like a good plan but I got some freckles from going to a tanning bed, and i was just wondering if using the lemon juice will gid rid of the tan around the freckles... that would just be conterproductive...well thanks
I don't know Comments By: Sara on 2004-10-10
Im going to try this tonight on my freckles. I don't know about the other post though, you shouldn't rub undiluted lemon juice on your face. Lemon juice is very acidy and will damage your skin in the long run. Dilute lemon juice in rose water. It won't be as harsh on your skin. For the first post, im pretty certain you don't wash it out when you dab it on your freckles.
Will it work for guys or chinese people Comments By: Leon on 2004-10-30
hey im a guy and im chinese and i was wondering if it only works for female or does it work for both genders?

TipKing says: Try it and see!

me Comments By: ivei on 2005-01-16
yes it does work on both genders hehe. when you say that lemon juice will illuminate your freckles what does that mean? and what kind of lemons juice do you use? Lemon juice in a bottle you can find in a store or an accually lemon or is there something else? TipKing says: I would think either!
OUCH! Comments By: racjel on 2005-03-03
I tried this as a teenager and it stung. I have fair and sensitive skin and I used it on my nose/cheeks and my face turned red/itchy. Didn't use it long enough to fade any freckles.
Lime Juice Comments By: Jay on 2005-03-17
Does Lime Juice work aswell??

TipKing Says: As with all of the Tips on the Tiking site a little trial and error may be needed. Lime juice may work!

how long do i have to rub my lemon juice?on my face! Comments By: VINCE on 2005-07-07
i just tried it this night, i do not know if this things will going to work , I HOPE SO, dame I'VE BEEN holding this freaking freckels on my face and my GF says...dame you have to use a lemon top fade it out thats why i tried it..hope i would get some more tips FOR THE SAFE AND RIGHT USE OF THIS LEMON JUICE ON OUR SKIN. thanks and GOODLUCK TO ALL...haVE A nice FACE...(*'*)
Will it work? Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-01
I Have a freckle-looking spot on my genitals, will lemon juice also fade this.

TipKing says: If in any doubt about this sort of thing consult your doctor!

not sure Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-18
im about to use lemon juice on my face because i have lots of freckles! But i already have pale skin and ive heard that lemon juice makes the face whiter! Does it really? and how long do u have use it for?

Tipking says: It is just a matter of trying it, some of the comments already added to this tip are quite helpful.

what are breakouts Comments By: ugly on 2006-02-12
what are breakouts
????????????????????/please someone tell me

TipKing says: I think in these terms it is meant as a sudden appearance of a lot of freckles

Im trying it now Comments By: Hollie Dobbyn on 2006-02-13
im trying it now because i have alot of freckles but i was wondering how long to you need to do it until the freckles go away
How Long Comments By: Mark on 2006-03-02
How long should I keep doing this, when will i see the effects, will it get rid of my freckles altogether?

TipKing says: If you do not see results after 2 or 3 treatments then it may not be working

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