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Freckles. Tip to make freckles go away

If you are prone to freckles and would rather not have them well read on for a simple yet effective solution.

Rub a little undiluted lemon juice over unwanted freckles every night and in a few weeks they should start to fade.

See also a very helpful checklist sent into the site by Drayden related to this tip Lemon juice does fade freckles if used properly

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Risks? Comments By: Lauren on 2004-07-26
I like the idea...I'm only wondering things like, will this cause me to break out? Should I wash my face right after doing this? or will that effect how the lemon juice works to reduce the appearance of freckles?
No breakouts!! Comments By: Nicole on 2004-09-03
Hi. I've been using lemon juice for my freckles, and it really works. I've only been using it for a little while, but so far I haven't had any breakouts, and already I've noticed that my skin looks much better even where there are no freckles.

It has also helped my under eye bags. If you have pale skin, lemon juice will give it a really illumonious look. I love it. It might sound like a stupid thing to do, to rub lemon juice all over your skin, but don't diss it til you try it...

Sound 2 good 2 be true Comments By: samera on 2004-10-04
Thanks 4 giving thats tip, i have so many freckles, and tried everything but do the freckles disapear when you keep using it.

I have heard lemon juice also make your skin fair and i have tried it really amazing.

Tan Comments By: Tina on 2004-10-09
Sounds like a good plan but I got some freckles from going to a tanning bed, and i was just wondering if using the lemon juice will gid rid of the tan around the freckles... that would just be conterproductive...well thanks
I don't know Comments By: Sara on 2004-10-10
Im going to try this tonight on my freckles. I don't know about the other post though, you shouldn't rub undiluted lemon juice on your face. Lemon juice is very acidy and will damage your skin in the long run. Dilute lemon juice in rose water. It won't be as harsh on your skin. For the first post, im pretty certain you don't wash it out when you dab it on your freckles.
Will it work for guys or chinese people Comments By: Leon on 2004-10-30
hey im a guy and im chinese and i was wondering if it only works for female or does it work for both genders?

TipKing says: Try it and see!

me Comments By: ivei on 2005-01-16
yes it does work on both genders hehe. when you say that lemon juice will illuminate your freckles what does that mean? and what kind of lemons juice do you use? Lemon juice in a bottle you can find in a store or an accually lemon or is there something else? TipKing says: I would think either!
OUCH! Comments By: racjel on 2005-03-03
I tried this as a teenager and it stung. I have fair and sensitive skin and I used it on my nose/cheeks and my face turned red/itchy. Didn't use it long enough to fade any freckles.
Lime Juice Comments By: Jay on 2005-03-17
Does Lime Juice work aswell??

TipKing Says: As with all of the Tips on the Tiking site a little trial and error may be needed. Lime juice may work!

how long do i have to rub my lemon juice?on my face! Comments By: VINCE on 2005-07-07
i just tried it this night, i do not know if this things will going to work , I HOPE SO, dame I'VE BEEN holding this freaking freckels on my face and my GF says...dame you have to use a lemon top fade it out thats why i tried it..hope i would get some more tips FOR THE SAFE AND RIGHT USE OF THIS LEMON JUICE ON OUR SKIN. thanks and GOODLUCK TO ALL...haVE A nice FACE...(*'*)
Will it work? Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-01
I Have a freckle-looking spot on my genitals, will lemon juice also fade this.

TipKing says: If in any doubt about this sort of thing consult your doctor!

not sure Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-18
im about to use lemon juice on my face because i have lots of freckles! But i already have pale skin and ive heard that lemon juice makes the face whiter! Does it really? and how long do u have use it for?

Tipking says: It is just a matter of trying it, some of the comments already added to this tip are quite helpful.

what are breakouts Comments By: ugly on 2006-02-12
what are breakouts
????????????????????/please someone tell me

TipKing says: I think in these terms it is meant as a sudden appearance of a lot of freckles

Im trying it now Comments By: Hollie Dobbyn on 2006-02-13
im trying it now because i have alot of freckles but i was wondering how long to you need to do it until the freckles go away
How Long Comments By: Mark on 2006-03-02
How long should I keep doing this, when will i see the effects, will it get rid of my freckles altogether?

TipKing says: If you do not see results after 2 or 3 treatments then it may not be working

does it really work? Comments By: Melly on 2006-06-27
I jsut started using the lemon juice on my face and it seems to be working well but will all my freakels really be gone i dotn have alot but the one i do have a dont like. I really hope this works thanx for the tip!
Lemon juice on freckles, but what about the sun! Comments By: Jamie on 2006-07-15
I'm a young man in my 20's who suffers with freckles on my face and arms.
There two major issues i need answering, 1. Will lemon juice permanently get rid of them, if so what about the effects of the sun, it will bring them back again!
2. Does lemon juice work on all areas of the body, because i also have some on my arms.

TipKing says: There seem to be some very promising messages about the success of this tip. You might want to just try it out and see the results yourself

What type of juices work best??? Comments By: Jamie on 2006-07-15
I was wondering what juice is proven to work best, lemon juice from an actually lemon or dilute lemon juice from a store???

TipKing says: I think the tip is calling for fresh juice from a lemon

Treatment queries. Comments By: Jamie on 2006-07-17
I have started the treatment with the lemon juice, but i was wondering tipking how long it will take until i see a difference in the appearence of my skin.

Kind regards


TipKing says: I can only go by what people have said in the comments on the page. I have not tried this tip. Sorry not to be any more help.

Ohh Scared Comments By: Lovebabex on 2006-11-01
Riite lol...i have loads of freckles on my arms but hardly any on my face which im glad of lol shall i put it on my arms or does this not work and do i just buy a lemon and rub it over my arms..? can anyone help please =D X
GIVE IT A GOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: matra on 2007-01-21
it really does work, try lemon if u really want to get ur freckels to go away... i hav been using it andi hav been getting good results
PLEASE HRLPP Comments By: allie on 2007-01-30
i have freckles across my nose and cheeks, is fresh juice from a lemon or lemon juice safe for my face? i don't breakout easily and have pretty clear skin. i was also wondering, does this permanently get rid of freckles? i have this one dark freckle i'd really like to get rid of, is that gonna take longer to fade away because it is darker then the others?
please help

iv never tried this Comments By: tery on 2007-05-14
does this really make your freckles less noticable? and if i does, does it make your face more whiter?
am i old enough Comments By: tera on 2007-06-26
i am 13 years old.do u think i am old enough to use the lemon for my skin or do u think i should wait?im scared to try it because it might make my face turn red and itchy.


TipKing says. You could try a little lemon juice on a small patch of your skin as a test. If you are in any doubt do not try it. This is just a tip and may not work for you. I have personally not tried it.

Ugh to dark freckles by nose and a bunch of nose Comments By: Amy on 2007-07-10
I have two dark freckles by my nose and a bunch on my noce I totally hate it and I'm 14 and going into high school so I want perfect skin like beautiful radiant skin and I can't have that when you have freckles!Please help me completly get rid of these freckles there hidiouse!
i prayy it works Comments By: dani babayyy on 2007-07-10
see i just started using lemon juice today and so far ive done it two times. it stings a little bit but after like 2 minutes it feels perectly fine. and i hope it gets rid of my frecklessss <3 GOOD LUCKK TOO EVERYONEE :]
will it work on children? Comments By: Nafeesa A on 2007-07-10
Ive got a little brother, he's 5 years old,and has a lot of freckles all over his face. would this technique work on him?if yes when would he have 2 use the lemon juice? Please reply a.s.p thanks

TipKing says: Unless he has an allergy to lemon you should be safe to try. Then again what is wrong with freckles at age 5?

thanks for replying Comments By: Nafeesa A on 2007-07-11
The reason i asked was because my brother's freckles are 'out of control', more keep on appearing :there not in a certain area. The freckles are over his forehead, cheeks, nose, chin etc, bascially all over his face and seem kind of worrying.
Any way thanks for the tip will try it hope it works.x

im worried Comments By: joanne on 2007-07-18
im an asian girl and im only 13 and i have a fair amount of freckles which i reallyyyy wanna remove!!!!
can i just squeeze the juice out of a lemon???will it work???and ive got freckles since a young age im wondering if it'll work since im asian and asians hav a different type of skin..

TipKing says: If you are in any doubt as to whether or not to try this or any tips then I suggest you leave well alone.

I am going for it Comments By: Amanda on 2007-07-19
Does it work i hope it works
what should i do Comments By: mon on 2007-07-19
will lemon juice permantentl get rid of freckles and will it make your skin whiter because i am already pale as it is. also how much should i use. and how many times per day/week should i use it
go lemons! Comments By: loolah on 2007-07-28
haha ok so im trying lemon juice + vinigar+honey 2wice a day it doesnt smell the best ... but it definetly helped faid my freckles i put it on last night for about 15 minutes and then when i woke up (12) i can tell there FAIDING!! =D so try some lemon juice and honey and vinigar doesnt matter how much just make sure u put in more lemon juice than honey or vinigar leave it on for 15 minutes then put some moisterizer on and in a couple of days they will be wayy lighter!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck!


flemon Comments By: katewin on 2007-07-31
not working at all..maybe another tip?
gonna give it a go :D Comments By: Please work lemons lol. on 2007-08-10
Really hope this works. Ive just put some on for the first time, it stung abit, but only for a few minutes. My skin does feel like it has a tight film on it, but oh well. If this doesnt work, i guess i will try skin bleaching cream :-(
Will it work? Comments By: Tara on 2007-08-19
Will it work on dark freckles. because I have 3 ugly ones I want to get rid of!any other tips? Does it get rid of your freckles permanantly I hope so!!!
Patiance Comments By: Fabian on 2007-08-20
I Have Bare Freckles And They Annoy Me. BUT I Havent Actually Done Anything To Prevent Them And They're Going Quite Quickly Considering Its Summer. So Either Wait, Or Seek Medical Help. Or Use Lemons :)
will the results last? Comments By: Anon on 2007-08-25
i havent tryed it yet and i was wondering who long will the results last will i have to keep using the lemon juice for ever? will they come back if i stop? and i am allready very whit it wont make me whiter will it?
???? Comments By: lucy on 2007-09-07
does it hurt because i have not done it yet and quite a few people have said it hurts ?
applying lemon juice or lemon Comments By: mark b on 2007-09-08
how should i apply the lemon by rubing all over my skin or put the lemon juice on a cloth and doing it that way how.
what kind of lemon juice Comments By: mark b on 2007-09-12
what kind of lemon juice should you use because i have been applying lemon juice from a lemon for about a week and half and the freckles still have not faded.
Me too :) Comments By: Cristina on 2007-09-14
I have actually burned the skin off my nose because of repeated sunburns and was wondering if the lemon juice would lighten the pink on my nose or will it irritate it? I am a redhead and need serious help..I hate my freckles just as much as everybody here ..PLZ help
freckles Comments By: david on 2007-09-25
i feel that i aint a ladies man because of my frecles and quite shy dont no y just am i feel my freckles let me down how do i get rid of them and fast
frekles Comments By: frekles on 2007-09-28
this doesn't work

Straight or Bottle Comments By: Wes on 2007-10-11
i have heaps of freckles...all over my hands, arms, face and shoulders...the lemon juice that you suggest we use, is it squeezed straight out of a lemon or does it come out of a bottle that you would buy at a store?

TipKing says: Try either

Im pale with frekkles :( Comments By: Amy on 2007-10-20
Right well im 13 nd ive had frekkles since i was about 2 .. ive got to a stage were im sick of having them and ive got friends with really clear skin! Does lemon juice make skin paler becoz id rather not get paler !?
errm is it bad for your skin? Comments By: josh on 2007-10-27
i was about to try it but my friend says it can damage your skin for life!?!? Is this true or only true if you use loads? .. i realy need help, there just getting worse and im normally in on sunny days,,, would balancing the acid help??
Frekles Comments By: Tara on 2007-11-03
i've Got Some Questions:
1= After I Apply The Lemon And Wait Do I Wash It Off?
2=How Long Will It Take To Fade The Frekles

thanks For Your Help

frekles Comments By: sandy on 2008-01-12
Ihave frekles on my chicks and my nose and i dont know what to do i dont know if the lemon will work can you please help me
??? Comments By: x on 2008-01-13
can U use the lemon juice U put on pancakes?? lol

do U have to leave it on over night..?


HELP! Comments By: tasha on 2008-01-16
i tried lemon juice and it didnt work i think maybe im doing it wrong are you supposed to leave it on or wash it on and do you use a natural lemon or lemon juice from a bottle? i want them to leave before i start my new school
how long does it take Comments By: emma on 2008-02-04
i have LOADS of freckles and i hate them so im tryin using lemon juice but how long does it take???????
hmm?? Comments By: kc on 2008-02-10
im wondering do i have to wash my face or skin after words??
does it make skin lighter? Comments By: bob on 2008-02-15
I have very tan skin so will it make my skin lighter?
does Lemonade work? Comments By: Georgia on 2008-02-17
Do you think lemoade works i dont have any lemons or any lemon juice

TipKing says: NO, NO Lemonade will not work. It needs to be lemon juice

How long Comments By: Cat on 2008-02-20
i have loads of freakles and i started using lemons on my face the other day and i was wondering how long it will take before they start to fade, pls help TipKing


lemon juice? Comments By: Rose on 2008-02-29
are u actually sure that taking lemon juice and puring it over ur face will help it???...doesnt it ich???...

i have frenkles n they are nightmare especuially when its a sunny day...thye really come out....embarrassing!!!!!!

But my mom said that frenkles mostly begins at adolscence age, and will faDe AWay autoamtically at ur early 19....

n it is true...1) she used to have it..n i Even saw a picture of her..and n nw her face is spotless...

2)..my fRenkles began when i was 13 i used 2 have loads of them..n never really bothered me..but i reached 15 and 16..it was difficult 2 live with..so now..after all those years...patiently i have waited...they are alsomt gone..used to have many at the t-Zone...and forehead..n chin..but now...the forehead is clear and the chin is alomst gone and my t-zone..well...dnt have much only 1-3..of them HONEST...if u dont take aNY NOTICE TO FrENKLES AND SPOTS...THEY WILL GO AWAY EASLILY...WITHOUT WASTING MONET ON COSMETIC......THANK U

THIS DOESNT WORK TRUST ME! Comments By: Bre on 2008-03-01
i am 12 years old and i hav tried this for bout one year. guess what the results were? NOTHING! i hav TONS of freckles and i hav accually learned to like them cuz sum ppl think they r cute! god made u who u r dont change it!
Diana Stalder Comments By: milly on 2008-03-06
I have to be honest I have hated my freckles since I could remember and all my life I Have tried everything to get rid of them, about a year ago I came across a product called Diana Stalder papaya kojic soap and whitening cream on ebay , I got it because it was so cheap i WAsnt convinced it would work but how wrong I was It been a year in september and my skin is so soft and clear I am a diffrent woman know these are the results you will see whitens any part of your skin with natural ingredients
has exfoliating effect to gently eliminate skin overpigmentation like melasma, dark acne spots, freckles or age spots
evens out and brightens skin tone thus improving texture for younger looking skin.
unlike other skin bleaching kits, brightening effect is natural-looking - like a child's supple skin with a fair, rosy tint, and not artificial-looking
one thing i would say is you must wear a factor cream on your face ir you will burn and your freckles with return
also If you have very sensitive skin you should use the black soap good luck :>)

Trying Comments By: Alyssa on 2008-03-16
I'm going to try it tonight. i only have about eight on my nose and many people say it's working so I might as well.
need help please Comments By: sonnie on 2008-03-17
I have an 11 yr old with a few freckles on her cheek and nose area...has anyone tried the lemon juice lately and does it really work? I just wanted to see because she's just started using proactive for her breakouts and I don't want to counter act with the lemon juice. Any tip is much appreciated! Also did you leave it on overnight or just for a few hours?
directyl or a cloth? Comments By: candy on 2008-03-18
when you are about to apply the lemon/lime juice. do you just pour it on directly or do you put it on a cloth then to you skin?
Lemon Juice Her I Come Comments By: kim on 2008-03-18
I have tons of freckles on my face. I hate them, Everyone always makes fun of me. Here is my question, Do ihave to use the lemon juice directly from a lemon or can i use it from one of those lemon juice bottles?
LISTEN UP! Comments By: Anon on 2008-03-23
Okaii you guys, I have freakles. I hate them soo much on me!..I did lots of research..and if you want your freckles to lighten up, lemon jiuce does work, however, it will attract the sun even more, and if you go in the sun you can get more freakles thaqn you already have. I'm going to laser surgery. Laser surger doesnt just work in one day. If you have freakles all over your face, you have to lasering once every month for 6 months. The cost..I have searched everywhere to find the price and no sites say! But I accually went to the guy who is doing the laser.it cost 250 dollars for everytime you go. And after you laser you have to wear sunscreen or they will come back.


Really? Comments By: greengueen on 2008-04-11
Im not sure that is true.It seems very odd for them to go away by using limon juice.I hope its true
holey Comments By: kate on 2008-04-17
kay you guys make it seem so horrible to have freckles...they arent that bad and wtf obviously lemon juuice isnt guna work thats the dumbest thing ever just live with them or something .. god
i have freckles too so you guys COULD NOT
hurt my feelings!

It works! Comments By: cory on 2008-04-23
Lemon Juice really works!!!! Here is exactly what I did. I cut half of a lemon and squeeze it onto a face pad or paper towel and wipe into my skin. I put extra on areas where there is a blemish. After around 10 minutes I mix cinnamon and soymilk(Normal milk will probably work) and apply it over the face as a mask. This will burn like hell but I am sure something is going on. I literally did this one night and by the time I woke up I had a very tiny mole looking blemish that shrinked to nothing. I think it is always better to use the lemon juice from lemons and not the bottle which contains no vitamin c at all.I honeslty believe in my hearts of heart it will work for anyone who is patient and it should not cause breakouts if anything the opposite. Hope I helped.
birthmark Comments By: adam colder on 2008-04-23
i have a birthmark on my leg with loads of brown dark freckles on it. will lemon juice work for this??????
can i use lime juice ? Comments By: eric on 2008-04-21
its little bit dificult to find lemmons here..limes of cours yes. will it work?
can i use lime juice ? Comments By: eric on 2008-04-21
its little bit dificult to find lemmons here..limes of cours yes. will it work?
LEMON JUICE..! Comments By: anon on 2008-04-27
iv tried it and didn't see any difference.. but im going to trie it again.. it makes my skin sting and want to itch it.. but i'll give it another go i suppose..
lime juice can work to right...?? Comments By: Noah on 2008-05-01
i have freckles and i didnt get it at birth i got it when i grew a bit older...and i just dont have it on my face..then i found out that if u use lemon juice it can remove freckles i was just wondering if lime juice can work as well...becuz im trying it now..but i fell stupid not knowing if it works or not can any1 plz tell me if its really gonaa get rid of my freckles..
Freckles Comments By: Aiden on 2008-05-04
so basically all i have to do, is buy some lemons, squeeze the juice out, dab it on my freckles and leave it without washing it off?
? Comments By: AMY on 2008-05-12
Ive only got dilute lemon juice.
Will that work?
And im going on holiday soon so will they come back?
And.. does it make your skin dry up?
And cause spots?

could anyone tell me how long we have to put it on???????? Comments By: sanam on 2008-05-14
I mean do I have to wash it after a 15 minutes an hour or not until morning plzzzzzzzzzzzzz answer me i wana try it tonight :)
Freckles Comments By: Aiden on 2008-05-16
i'v finished the first week of putting lemon juice on my freckles and they have started to fade, not completley though!

but it says 3 weeks max,
so i'll let you know how it goes after the second week

when ,how long Comments By: aoife on 2008-05-18
how long o i do this for .. like 2 times a day or when .. is there ny oda ways 2 cos if it dnt work .. cos if i get red nd ichy will dere be ny oda ways .. x ?
OMG PLEASE LISTEN 2 ME TIPKING Comments By: beci on 2008-05-20
i have soooo many freckles it's like not funny. i was wondering if we pour the lemon juice directly on your face or put it on a cloth?????

I really need help.


TipKing says: The lemon juice can be applied direct or with a cloth

LIMES Comments By: Dennis on 2008-05-27

Tipking says: I would say NO

I TRIED IT ND IT WRKED!!!!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2008-05-28
all i did ws gt a fresh lemon nd squeezed it on 2 a cloth nd den wipes it ova me freklezz, den i left it on fr 10-15minzz nd wash it off,

lime? Comments By: maii on 2008-05-29
can we use lime juice but not lemon?
i been using lime it make my skin soft but i dont really know if it works or not.
Help please

help me! Comments By: melissa on 2008-06-03
i hgve red hair and frckles really dark all over my face and want them gone lets say i use this twice a day how long will it take for them to b all gone!!!!!!!!!
...BUUUUUTTTTT..... Comments By: MissyHippy on 2008-06-07
if u wanna get rid of freckles, lemon juice is the best was to do it as long as its dilute, but freckles are really pretty!! why does evry 1 thing they ugly? i just think they look cute and happy, but if u really wanna get rid of them thats completely ur choice :)
freakles Comments By: KassieP on 2008-06-14
ok i ahve a bunch of freakles on my face nose knees stomach and i hate them, i have a bf he said they dont nug him everyone who doiesnt have them love them well i think they are freaking ugly how do i get ride of them really fast

i have heard lemon juice but how do you use it and i dont want to be walking around smelling like a lemon

freckles Comments By: hayley on 2008-06-24
a face without freckles is like a sky without stars.
want rid of my freckles Comments By: jenny on 2008-06-30
hello im just wondering does lemon juice really work i might try it tonight will I have my freckles when im older or do they go away
eek Comments By: sally on 2008-06-30
should i use the lemon juice bought at stores or reall lemons?

TipKing says: I always feel that the juice from fresh lemons is better

no results yet :( why! Comments By: anon on 2008-06-30
i have tanned skin with a few dark freckles on my face
and ive been using the lemon juice for about two days but i dont see any results
should i continue?
how long will it take?
please help

started Comments By: anon on 2008-07-03
i started with lemon juice a couple of days ago. i rubbed some on my face and left it for a few hours, then washed it off. ive done that 3 times now. so far i dont think theres any difference but apparently it takes a few weeks for results to show so i'll keep at it.
PLEASE ANSWER!!! Comments By: L on 2008-07-11
Could I rub lemonade on my face? I don't want my mom to know because she tells me not to because it's "abnormal" and doesn't want me to do it. So I thought i might try buying lemonade and consume it, but also apply it to my freckles when she isn't here. I won't get in trouble for doing this because she'll think I just grew out of my freckles and I've already bought some lemonade.
FRECKLES!!! Comments By: FRECKLES on 2008-07-12
hey, so i have freckles just about everywhere on my face my forehead, checks, nose, chin etc. but not on my arms or anything . Anyways .. im 12yrs old and i tried the lemon juice only 4 two days now once a day at night and it works!!! im seeing fading already! Although it does make ur skin paler you can just use a tanning losion after ur done fading freckles. Also some of you asked will this be permenant? And yes it will but only if whenever you go outside especially in the summer put loads of sunscreen on , try to stay in shade areas, and maybe wear a hat. also make sure the sunscreen is at least 15 percent. oh and i used the lemon juice straight from a bottle, put it all over my face , waited about 5 minutes or so , and washed it with soap and water. hope i helped some of you guys with freckles

Thanks xxx


how many days Comments By: titie on 2008-07-13
ive been using it 2 times a day for three days how much longer?
does this make your skin really pale aswell? Comments By: anon on 2008-07-13
i've heard that lemon juice gets rid of pigment or whatever thus getting rid of freckles. will this make my skin really pale aswell as getting rid of my freckles?
DOESNT HURT ME Comments By: lemon juice on 2008-07-13
ive been using lemon juice from a lemon the last 2 days and it doesnt burn my skin at all when i put it on. Does this mean i have good skin or that it is bad lemon juice and how long till freckles fade/remove?
Ummmmm... Comments By: Aliwali on 2008-07-15
i am gonna try this tonight, but when they go do they stay away permanetly of do they come back after a while??? plz answer soon
For the sake of our beauty Comments By: Susanna on 2008-07-17
Hello there. I've read a comment about an asian girl who has freckles at 13, and I was just wondering does it really effect your skin? I'm asian but I'm also mixed with white, I know you're not a skin expert. And I don't expect you to know every single detail about my face. But does adding lemon juice on your face every night promising? I also would like to know which lemon juice is better... the one from fresh lemons, or the ones in the little lemon bottles? Is there a difference? & how long do we have to leave it on? I'm going to try it for a week and see how it goes. But I've been battling with my freckles since I was 6. Some people likes it, some dont. But personally, its not really attractive in my opinion. But please, TipKing, answer all my questions, if possible.


For the sake of our beauty Comments By: Susanna on 2008-07-17
Hello there. I've read a comment about an asian girl who has freckles at 13, and I was just wondering does it really effect your skin? I'm asian but I'm also mixed with white, I know you're not a skin expert. And I don't expect you to know every single detail about my face. But does adding lemon juice on your face every night promising? I also would like to know which lemon juice is better... the one from fresh lemons, or the ones in the little lemon bottles? Is there a difference? & how long do we have to leave it on? I'm going to try it for a week and see how it goes. But I've been battling with my freckles since I was 6. Some people likes it, some dont. But personally, its not really attractive in my opinion. But please, TipKing, answer all my questions, if possible.


TAN Comments By: georgia smith on 2008-07-21
i have tanned skin and lots of freckles on my face but none anywhere else. will it still work on me? will it fade the tan on my face?

How Long Do You Leave Lemon Juice On? Comments By: Freckle Freak on 2008-07-30
Hi. I want to try the lemon juice but I don't know how long to leave it on for. Do you put it on and leave it on or wipe it off and if you do how long for? And does by putting on lemon juice whiten your skin if your Asian? Thank you.
oh my g Comments By: freckle be gone!!!! on 2008-08-07
i just found out about the whole if u put lemon juice on your freckles they will vanish i really want mine to go away because they look like zits and i just want my face to be freckle free!!!
LOOK HERE !! Comments By: Cassie on 2008-08-09
Hiiaaa.. i'm 13 yeah and i hav a few freckles on my nose and my checksbut i'm ginger and so are my frickles and te are pretty noticeable and i really want them gone as soona s possible .. i'm gonna try the lemon juice thing.. i jus need to know will i get spots from it cse i kinda suffer from them alreay and i rally don6t want anymore and i have got really sensative skin and will it give me dry skiin and make me peal ?? how many times do ou put the lemon juice on a day .. does lemon juice make your hair lighter ??
Considering... Comments By: Katie on 2008-08-11
i have loads of freckles on my face and never really minded them before, but recenetly i have been out in the sun allot for hours at a time. today when i went out i was in the sun for ages and found out that my freckles have turned SO MUCH DARKER and i have founded LOADS MORE!!! just read about this idea and rea;;y condsidering, i dont want them gone completely just much lighter. i have sensative skin and a few small spots on my nose im wondering if it will damage my skin!?!?!
wond3riing..... Comments By: sjnhiuHAiznxjnzdunxfjnxjfndefniksznfknsjfnjdfn on 2008-08-13
hmmm.... iim wond3riing w3ather to try this and aft3r r3ading som3 r3vi3ws and onth3 int3rn3t it is suppos3d to burn wh3n its b3ing appli3d?? and how long do3s it take for th3 fr3ckl3s to start fading??? pl3ase answ3r soon, n33d to know!!!
Heyy Comments By: Rachel on 2008-08-17
Yeah wash your face and moisturise after using lemon juice as it really dries out your skin
also you can try mixing a dribble of honey with a tablespoonful of plain yoghurt or your favourite face cream :)

FRECKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: jack on 2008-08-25
hey everyone ive been reading posts and your all annoyed about your freckles the thing is i have freckles on my face which doesnt really bother me to much because you only see them if ur close up in my face but i have them up my arms on all on my back at the top they really annoy me and effect how things are for me because if im on holiday i wouldnt go in the pool because of the freckles on my back because i think people maybe laugh at me but i dont know if the lemon juice will work on it please reply.
freckles Comments By: anon on 2008-09-03
hiiyya .,how long does it take for them to go?, i get so annoyed when i see all these beauty models with no freckles and clear skin , it hardly makes people with freckles happy lol. tipking can you give me your best advice with the lemon juice stuff , thanks xx :D
freckles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2008-09-13
heeeeyyyy...im 13 years old and i hate my freckles , no matter how much fondation i put on they wont go away :(, i cant get a tan cause my skin is so sensitive and pale. 1.does the lemon juice permenantly get rid of freckles?
2. wen you put the lemon on is it menna sting like hell? casue it really really stings for me allthough it doesnt leave a rash :D.
3.if i go in the sun will all my freckles instantly come back .

please help tipking
xx let me know the answers to those 3 questions .
bye x :)

Sudocrem! Comments By: Tessa on 2008-09-15
If your worried about spots as well as freckles...sudocrem is actually really good with spots. It's actually nappy rash cream which is quite cringy but its amazing for your skin! I have tried it and i put it on every night and in the morning they're gone! Sudocrem can also be used for scars, burns, cuts, sores and scabs.

(By the way i think it's either spelt SUDOCREM or SUDOCREAM)

where?? Comments By: Poppy on 2008-09-16
What do you mean by lemon juice can you buy it in like a carton??

TipKing says: Lemon juice comes in plastic bottles, usually yellow. Any food store will sell it

freckles suck Comments By: anon on 2008-09-21
Where would you get this so called lemon juice
okay Comments By: sarah on 2008-09-23
look basically people are saying if you're going to try this then you need to use either lemon juice (which can be purchased almost anywhere. NOT LEMONADE) or, the better alternative, juice freshly squeezed from a lemon yourself. from the rest of the comments it seems all you need to do is put the juice onto a cloth then apply to your face, leave 15 minutes or so then thoroughly wash your face and moisturise. twice a day, morning and night, seems an appropriate amount of times to do this. also apparently lemon juice does make your skin lighter, however i doubt it will be a significant amount. the length your freckles will take to fade depends entirely on the individual and is therefore circumstancial. at the end of the day i guess it's worth a try, lemons are cheap and easy to get hold of and if it does work then bonus :)
rubbish Comments By: SFC on 2008-09-25
Lemon juice does'nt make your freckles fade I used it for about a month and nothing
How Long Comments By: Sammy on 2008-09-25
i think im going to try this lemon juice thing. but when i put it on how long do i have to wait to washg it off??

also how many times a day do i put it on and what times of the time e.g before i go to bed or when i wake up??

Help me please....tip back a.s.a.p

Going to try Comments By: Amanda on 2008-10-06
I'm going to try this tomorrow.
I am very pale and have many freckles, i really just want to fade the ones on my legs.

I think everyone needs to give it a go, every persons skin is different, may not work for some, may be amazing for others.

Lemons are cheap- give it a go

Wondering Comments By: Katie =] on 2008-10-16
Well, i have red hair and i have a few freckles on my face and a few on my arms but thats it really. I always ask my friends if my freckles are that noticable and they all say no and they say that they're pretty but i still wear foundation and blusher to hide them. I don't want to have freckles anymore because i feel like other people find them ugly but if i ask someone if they like freckles they would obviousley say yes because they can see that i have them. I really want to like my freckles but its hard, i look at all my other friends and they don't have any freckles! Freckles aren't ugly really, they're just dots on your skin basically! Someone please reply my comment, thanks =]
Does it seriously work??? Comments By: xXxLollyLauraxXx on 2008-10-17
Hey Does this SERIOUSLY work??? coz i put cream on every night and that doesnt work and i'm 10 turnin 11 so wud it work for my age???? coz trust me i have LOADDSSSSS of freckles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and im australian so the sun is out loads!!!so does it like make ur face NEVER get freckles even in the sun????
lemon juice does it really work Comments By: connor on 2008-10-20
OMG!does this really work? i got loads on my face.does it work on my face?
2 questions Comments By: LT on 2008-10-23
1) will it work on dark freckles? they're the color of moles, but they're flat. just dark freckles.
2) I'm allergic to citris, though it's nothing too serious. eating them makes me feel awful but is putting them on my skin the same? I'd assume so...

2 questions Comments By: LT on 2008-10-23
1) will it work on dark freckles? they're the color of moles, but they're flat. just dark freckles.
2) I'm allergic to citrus, though it's nothing too serious. eating them makes me feel awful but is putting them on my skin the same? I'd assume so...

:) Comments By: Joe on 2008-10-24
i have put some lemon juice on my face, but i was wonderin wether if you put it on every 15 minutes, it will fade quicker?
please help xxxxx

all over the face? Comments By: rach on 2008-10-28
im using it now and i was wondering do u just leave it on or wash it off...aaaand i have heaps of freckles do i have to pinpoint each freckle individually or can i just rub it all over my face?
store lemon juice? Comments By: Savanah G on 2008-11-01
I was wondering will lemon juice work if it is from a store? Does it have to be freshly squezed out of a lemon or can it be in a can?
help Comments By: help on 2008-11-05
does it work on birth marks that are brown
Listen up little ladies Comments By: A gal with freckles on 2008-11-05
I would just like to say Im a 30 yr old that has had freckles my whole life. yes I use the lemon juice to keep them at bay(they wont disappear/forever) but to all the gorgeous young women out there, TRUST ME this will be the last thing you will worry about when your older. The guys will want you, and you will believe your beautiful. I was looking to lighten my hair some more & found this site lol :D
THEY WILL GO AWAY! Comments By: Fayeee on 2008-11-09
When I was younger I had absolutely loads of freckles and in my teens they got so much worse...I hated them BUT...being 18 now they have faded and with a bit of foundation you can't even see them. All my past boyfreinds have loved them! They're 'cute' apparently. They do go away! And lemon juice will dry out your skin so I WOULD NOT ADVISE!- YOU WILL END UP BEING WORSE OFF! TO STICK IT OUT FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS IS FAR BETTER THAN HAVING 80YR OLD SKIN WHEN YOUR 18!and for the teenagers that are writing, your too young to be worrying about freckles...you'll appreciate them when your older and it gives you something that makes you stand out from other people!
x x

PLEEEASSEE REPLY FAST!!!!! Comments By: aaron on 2008-11-18
im sitting here with my lemon juice on at the minitute im 14 years old and i have brought Organic lemon juice is that ok ? it stings a little bit.
helpp mee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Comments By: jordyan on 2008-11-21
hey im 13 yrs old and i really hatteeee my frecklas so much=[ i wearr soo much makeup but it dosent work and i have one question f i use the lemon juice thinggy would it make them gone foreverr?plzzzzzzzzz answer back as soon as possiblee k thankssssxo,<3 uh. i hate frecklasssss=[
do i wash afterwards Comments By: emjessely on 2008-12-01
do i wash afterwards cause it might go sticky and also smelly

how do you apply it? Comments By: random on 2008-12-05
just wondering.... are you meant to leave it on or wash it off? if you are meant to wash it off, how long do u wait?
Lemon Juice and Feckles does it really work? Comments By: Amanda (SA) on 2008-12-10
I use lemon juice on my freckles by applying it with a cotton pad and wiping it over the affected areas and leaving it on over night.I also put some more on in the morning same thing with a cotton pad and than apply my make up once it has dried.I only started using it last night 10/12/2008 and all ready i can see a difference and so could my mum.I think any one with freckles should use lemon juice as i have tried so many fade creams and they just dont work for me.Any way theres my tip..All the best and Merry Christmas to you al..
question Comments By: sky on 2008-12-23
do you actually use juice from a lemon, or from a bottle of lemon juice? ive been using bottled lemon juice and its not working!
It Stingss :( Comments By: Holly_X on 2008-12-28
Heyyah,, im 13 years old and i have loads of freckles, and i tryed the lemon juice and stings!! but i rubbed half a lemon on my face, is that what undiluted lemon juice is??
And does it make moles go way or fade??

Lemon seem to make my freckles more visible Comments By: sammi on 2008-12-27
Ok,here goes i've tryed (1)Herbal skin doctor-Kinda worked but it made me sweat all the time.The cream felt like it was clogging on my skin especially due to it thick texture.(2)Lemon juice twice daily-Seem to make my freckles more visible.My mum still use lemon and i think it does work for her but she is also useing the cream aswell.Aftr useing 1st n 2nd time,do notice the skin being very radiant n glowy.(3)Freckle cream-Worked great,saw my results in 4 days!Must only use on freckle etc..areas.Most of my freckles are faded and some gone.But i dont think they can fade all completely.Bought frm ebay.It states u will see results in 7 days.Just go to ebay,the name is called-Best spot cream removes spots,pigment n freckle in 7 days.Its from china by d way.Cream Only �3.39,shipping depending where you r? Its worth a try! I ne to start useing twice daily again,me getting too lazy...he..he. Hoped my little experience made it helpful to you all out there with freckles? Totally 4got! I also bought frm them a complete removal kit for moles,freckles etc..worked great.It involves scratching surface of d skin then apply formular n allow 4 20mins.Gotta b very careful dough! Scratching is to allow the formular 2 penatrate..dnt scratch 2 deep dough or else it will sting very bad.But it ne to sting anyway so you knw its working.Their ebay shop has many interesting products.Its cheap and it works! i think i payed around �5 or more.B4 that i was thinking of buying-Blemish free but looks like i found myself a real bargain jus on ebay! Whoopi! :)
millions of dark brown freckles!!!x Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-29
Ok well i have like millions of brown freckles on my nose and cheeks there big aswell i have tiny light brown freckles on my arms aswell but theres also loads up my arms too but i tried a juice of a lemon on my face it didnt really fade at all, was it a juice of a lemon or lemon juice that you buy from a shop? or is there any other proven thing that does the job? anyone ?? x
Hmm... Comments By: Aimee on 2009-01-17
Okay, I'm not sure if I'll get better results just leaving it on and not washing it off after I put it on, or if I wash it off... And does the no named brand of Lemon juice work? Because that is what's on my face right now. Also does any body know how long it takes for freckles to totally 'dissapear' ( or at lest become light enough that you can barley see them)? I've had freckles for a long time and before when I was younger they didn't bug me that much but for the past 2-3 years I've absoluley dispised them, and they made me feel ugly, and insucure about my face. I really, really want my freckles to be gone and I really hope this works!!!!
Scaily!!!! Comments By: Stephanie on 2009-01-20
I have got loads of freckles, well not loads but a fair bit and im getting into disney singing and acting and yall no what there like plus all ma friends have clear skin and even though one of ma friends has moles all over her face there placed perfectly! Whe i tried the toothpast thing for ma pimples (u couldnt see them but pimples are pimples) and it made that one part of ma skin red and scale like lucky it was at the start of the holidays its gone now, but i really want to try the lemon juice for mine ive already started to put sunscren on my face when i go to school and when i go out but i want to take it a step up and do lemon juice aswell will it have the same affect the toothpast did???? i dont think it will cuz lemons are naterual and toothpast has loads of chemicalas but still i want to be sure?????

plzplzplzplzplzplz! HELP ME!!!!!!!!

Lemon? :) Comments By: lucy on 2009-01-22
I'm gunna try this, but do i just use like juce that i sqeeze from a lemon??

i'd love this too workk, i hate my freckles i use too much make up too cover them haha, thanks :)

burns and stings Comments By: jay on 2009-01-12
just tried it and it stings like hell for 1 minute but i think its working
do i have sensitive skin or why is it burning?

helpppppp!!! Comments By: Demi on 2009-01-13
i am 14 years old and have heaps of freckles, they make me look so ugly and i just want to get rid of them. i wear so much makeup to cover them up but i just want to be able to have no makeup on and feel confortable about how i look/
does that lemon juice really workk for every1???

It Works Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-03
It really works i have used it for about 4 weeks now and it is amazing!
i am doing a science experiment Comments By: george on 2009-02-10
i have put lemon juice+vinegar+honey on my face so far it has stung and has made my skin feel tight
Actually Comments By: Jane on 2009-02-12
Lemon Juice works as a mild form of bleach. Because it is mild, you will have to use this method for a long time before actually seeing any results. Additionally, lemon Juice can also be used to lighten hair in the same way. Usually the effect on your skin is so slow and gradual however that you probably won't even realise the results when it's working. Maybe you should take a picture of a before and after after 4-6 months or so to see an actual result. This is definately not an overnight treatment. However, it will lighten/bleach your skin to some degree, making your freckles appear to fade.
It sting because... Comments By: Caroline on 2009-02-12
the lemon juice stings because your skin is too dry. i started doing this for about 4 days and stopped cuz i was lazy. you take a lemon wedge from a fresh lemon and rub it all over your skin. dont wash it off but mosturize about 30 min. after. i think you should start seeing visible results in 2-4 weeks. be careful, it will make you more prone to freckles if you do not put sunscreen on when you go outside. USE SUNSCREEN and you wont have any interferences for your treatment. good luck!!
ATTENTION ! Comments By: Racheal on 2009-02-18
Well I just feel sorry for those who have FRECKLES and on top of that,ACNE.
Yes at first people may think your ugly,and yea just ugly but you know what they're just JEALOUS.Trust meeh.They knew yoou were the most Prettiest/handsome person before.

Anyways !
Lemon Juice Really does Work.
Although it may sound stupid rubbing JUICE on your face and body but hello dermatologists added ORANGE JUICE to this product to remove hair.haha, Yea.


glorious sun Comments By: kat on 2009-02-21
right, i was thinking i would try this whole lemon lark out, because evidentally i have a lot of freckles, but one thing that concerned me is whether lemon juice will make me break out in even more freckles as i read it will attract the sun more.

anyone know whether this is true? TipKing?

TipKing says: I do not know. Sorry not to be of more help

I have tried before Comments By: Belinda on 2009-02-22
i have tried this before but nothing happened my skin just stung.
? Comments By: kelly on 2009-02-22
i have tan skin with freckles. if i use lemon juice will it lighten my skin as well?
How Long Does It Take ? Comments By: K on 2009-02-28
Heyy , i Tried Lemon juice it stung my face well abd and within 5 minutes my freckles were coming out darker so i quickly rubbed it all off .

i hate my frekcles soo much i ahev them all over my face i cake my face in layers and layers of foundation every day i wont go to the window dooR or anything i unless i ahve foundation .

i was thinkig of goign to doctors as its getting worse it effects me really bad ,!

Hwo Logn dOes It Take For Them To Fade & Does It Actuali Realy Work ?? x

Help Please :) Comments By: Katie on 2009-02-28
I Was Wondering If This Makes You Break Out? Please Reply(:
Lemon Danger. BEAWARE. Comments By: Stephanie on 2009-03-09
This will cause skin to break off burn and make very pale and weird color spots the acid will burn your skin. and if not balanced lemon juice parts of your skin will be discolored. thats my sayy. Hasnt happened to me but has happened to my friends BEAWAREEEEEEEE,
i have loads like loads Comments By: flowery x on 2009-03-09
i have loads like this will it work
pls help i'm desperate xxxx

ermmm Comments By: Lillie on 2009-03-10
But isnt lemon juice acidic so will leave white marks where unwanted?
children? Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-13
hey... i was just wondering if this works for children
Please answer Comments By: AD on 2009-03-14
Do you wash the lemon juice off after you put it on ?
& What colour will red freckles fade out to ?

Are you sure? Comments By: lilu on 2009-03-23
I want to try it but am worried it will give my skin a chemical reaction or soucld burn as it is a bleach. So should it be used in small contities?
Does it really work Comments By: Bobo on 2009-03-29
Does lemon juice really work as i have heard that for some people it has made the pigmentation problem area darker. Also i have been using meladerm for two months now religiously twice a day and lo and behold ih hasnt made the slightest difference. Am devastated as it comes so highly recommended furthermore its expensive too
frecals Comments By: Laura on 2009-04-04
i really want to get rid of my frecals for soo many years i want to try this but do you wash it of or leve it on??
My gatherings Comments By: Smartdude on 2009-04-08
i've read every single post on this (how sad right?) i've put it on my skin and washed it off after 20 minutes, now im about to put conditioner stuff on my skin to stop it from drying. From what i've read
No, you can't use lemonade!
Lemon juice from a lemon is better!
it fades them into a more skintone so no it doesn't last forever!

HOPE IT WORKS! Comments By: HANNAH on 2009-04-07
i really hope it works for me im doing it now. it kinda itches at first but now its stoped. i have LOADS of freckles and they make my face look really dirty i really hope they go thanx every one for your comments!!!
I'm Not Sure Comments By: Sarah on 2009-04-07
I Was Just Looking At My Skin Up close To Day And I Realized How Ugly It Looked Im gonna Try The Lemon Juice But I Am Scared Of Me Breaking Out In Spots
Should I Use Moisturizer Before So It Isnt As Harsh On My Skin ?

Hmm.... Comments By: Lib on 2009-04-07
Do you need to use a fresh lemon... or just lemon juice you buy from supermarkets..??

TipKing says: I think that fresh is always best

me Comments By: savannah on 2009-04-10
does it work in a tenn so im just wondering??
read it in a book - Spots??? Comments By: Jessiicaaa ... x on 2009-04-10
well i was reading a book the other day and it said that lemon juice got rid of freckles. so i typed it up and every website says that lemon juice is the solution. So am going to try tonite. But i want to know does it give you spots? coz i would rather have m freckels then spots! Also im a pale white now and everyone says it makes you more pale. Is it true??? Please help
Jessicaa x

help me Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-10
Do the freckles ever come back?
And do you wash your face after you put the lemon juice on? Thanks

DARKK FRECKLE ON THE END OF MYY NOSE Comments By: Sam on 2009-04-15

Has Never Worked Comments By: Abby on 2009-04-16
This Does Not Work Trust Me I'm 16 And I Have Been Using It For 5 Years, Since I Was 11 And It Has Never Worked
??? Comments By: Imelda Mc Sherry on 2009-04-19
How Long Does It Take For The Lemon Juice To Work .
Im 14 And I Dont Know If Im Old Enough To Be Usin This ?
Will The Lemon Juice Make My Skin Go Red And Dry Because I Realy Dont Want That.
Someone Answer Ye Tnx

Really? Comments By: Amy Mc Sherry on 2009-04-22
Hey ...

Will this be bad if you have dry skin??
because i do
And can this be used on your arms too..?

!!!! Comments By: becs on 2009-04-22

One Bloody freckle???!! i have millions your lucky get over it!!!

!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Mel on 2009-04-23
it doesnt work dont listen to tipking.
iv tried it for ages and all its done was stung me face and made it pure red and sore.

What should i do? Comments By: Ineedhelp on 2009-04-27
Hi,ive looked at many different websites and i cant decide whether i should ditch my freckles or keep them,most people are saying they are sexy and cute but some people disagree, what should i do, keep or not??
PLEASE HELP MEEEEY?! Comments By: Jennifer Lindoise on 2009-04-27
So i have freckles right above my freaking lip, and thats all, everyone makes fun of me! So, if i try this do i ONLY put it on the part or all over. I have SOME freckles, but spread out on my nose. And...1 out of 10. 1 is DOESNT FADE AT ALL. AND 10 IS ITS ALL THE WAY GONE... how much does this work?
i really need help :S Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-05
I have a few questions that I really would like answering, I'm only 14 :S

1. How long would I keep it on my face for?
2. Does it permanently get rid of them or just for the short term ? :(

PLEASE help i dont know what else to do..

Advice (: Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-10
Okay basicly this is what you do;
before you go to bed, put lemon juice from a bottle or lemon juice squeezed out of lemons DO NOT USE LEMONADE IT WILL NOT WORK. Dont wash it off, just go to sleep.
When you wake up wash your face and put moisturiser on, then suncream. YOU MUST APPLY SUNCREAM OR YOUR FRECKLES WILL JUST GET WORSE. Apply foundation ontop of the suncream, eventually when your freckles fade to the desired effect apply one of those build-up tans so your face looks a nice natural colour, BUT DONT STOP USING SUN CREAM OR THEY WILL COME BACK. Voila, nice face (:

my recommendation. Comments By: Madeline on 2009-05-17
my friend recommended to me damping vinegar on your skin and then using St. Ives Apricot Scrub.
i used this and i kindaah saw a good difference :D i'm still doing it every morning and night :) i recommend it to everyone...

What I've heard is.... Comments By: Slipknotickitten on 2009-05-20
I'm definitely going to give this a try. For others who are interested, I have heard that you can use a lemon wedge and apply it directly, or squeeze the juice of the lemon and use it as a toner.

Couple this with a daily routine and ALWAYS use sunscreen. Using sunscreen and staying out of the sun will make the difference in whether or not this works.

You can check it out of youtube, there is a video by both ehow and expert village showing you how.

Even if it doesnt work to lighten, its going to be good for your skin because of the zVit. C. and the acid in it will be great for oily skin.

If it bothers you or makes you sticky, let it sit a bit and then rinse your face (like 20-30 minutes) or apply moisturizer if your skin feels tight.


Omg, I tried this and it worked fast! Comments By: YEAH(: on 2009-05-21
I have very light freckles and barely any across my nose and cheeks,but im a perfectionist. I didn't have lemon juice so I poured lime juice on a cottonball,and tried this for the first time a couple minutes ago, and the only dark ones are already light,and the light ones are almost faded, like 5 minutes after! YEAHHH( : And it makes your skin look more fair. But now I can have the perfect skin I've dreamed of!!!! Good luck(:
teen skin Comments By: freckle h8r on 2009-05-23
I am quite cautious of ths tip as I am just into my teens and as my skin is developing can this harm it>?
frecks Comments By: oopachoopa on 2009-05-30
i am starting to try this tonight! i am already happy about the glamorous glow it adds to my skin!but if it doesnt work i'll be very upset. poeple always make fun of my freckles. they bring down my confidence. but i do trust that this will work. im 13. i need a change. this better work. bye!
overnight?? Comments By: Anna on 2009-05-31
Hi,I have tried this before and it seems to work. but I was wondering if I leave the lemon juice on at night or take it off after a certain amount of time..?
please get back to me about this!

i hate my freckils BUT... Comments By: Doesnt Matter on 2009-06-03
hello im 14 and i have always hated my freckles, and when i was about 9/10 i asked my mum if she could scrub them off and she said dont be silly no you cant. ive learned to live with them i dont particulally like having them i hate it sometimes but i just think well there what makes me, ME. and i wear makeup. i wear a dark foundation then put a lighter one on top of that then i put compact/pressed powder on and its fine i learn to live with it. and to be honest i wouldnt use the lemon juice as much as i hate my freckils. i just really dont think its a good idea!!

:) xx

freckles Comments By: tanya on 2009-06-03
i am putting lemon juice on my freckles every night. i started 3 days ago and already they are lighter. it really does work.so go buy a lemon at the store and freckles will go away..
ouch! Comments By: chaynee on 2009-06-04
i tries this when i first heard of it. it works some but it makes your skin burn and itchy.i would say if you use this dont put to much on.
what if neither one of your parents have freckles Comments By: jessika on 2009-06-07
if you only have freckles slighly on your face and neither one of your parents have them does that mean sooner or later mine will go away?
Idk about this Comments By: livia on 2009-06-09
i put it on, only stings a tiny bit it doesnt hurt and it goes away after a minute. my skin feels tight. i will reply again if it works or doesnt after like a week, cant wait..

also breakout in pimples is what im afraid of D: LOL

Hah. Comments By: Katrina on 2009-06-11
You peope are insane. I love my freckles.
Except for the red freckle on my leg.
I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of it.

Sensitive skin, will it sting? Comments By: Jess on 2009-06-12
I'm 14 and have sensitive skin, will the lemon juice sting and will it giveme a rash? And also will it make my skin paler than usual, because i don't want a patch of whiter skin.
Ive tried it at 13 Comments By: Alice on 2009-06-13
The first time I tried it I wasn't sure beacuse I am 13 and I read some comments about it making teenagers skin itchy but I am really glad that I have done it now. I used the fresh juice of a lemon
Yay!!!!!!!! Comments By: anna on 2009-06-14
OMG i had the worst frekles ever!! I did the sour cream mask thingy and it worked perfectly! No prob. The papaya thing works great 2.

Go to this webside

hope it helped!!!

need advice!!! Comments By: girl with freckles on 2009-06-15
hi, im thirteen years old and ihave freckles ALL OVER MY BODY!!!i was just wondering if the lemon juice is also afective not only on the face but also on my arms and legs!
please answer fast!!!thanx

Please Reply :) Comments By: Nick on 2009-07-03
I am 13 years old and I have a few frekles but since I have been going out quite alot I am starting to get bit sun burnt on my face and it is bringing out my frekles i was wondering weather I shuold use lemon juice to get rid of them because I am quite dark toned skin. and dont want to be pale or anything by using lemon juice and just genrally want to know what effects it will have apart from getting rid of the frekles on my face.

Please reply :D

help Comments By: xavier on 2009-07-07
if i put lime juice on dark or light freckles will they fade or go away?
More freckle fading tips - and how to do it! - read on!! Comments By: Jojo on 2009-07-08
You are all doing this without proper instructions, so rather than explain in depth here, I found a website that can help, and it has other tips to try - so check it out wwww.ehow.com. Search for "freckle fading", and there are several ideas and advice. Main one being, that to keep faded freckles from returning, you have to wear SUNSCREEN every day, that means no more tan salons either!! Every time you expose your face to the sun, your freckles will come back - unless you wear sunscreen. So, it's either no freckles and be pale or get a tan and live with freckles - so bear that in mind folks! ;o)
OUCH! But not for long! Comments By: Haley on 2009-07-21
Lemon juice WORKS!!!!! In a few weeks. I'm not going to lie. But it burns for 10 seconds TOPS!
Ok... It helps acne... Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-23
Ok.. I tried this for acne and if has worked wonders. Ok, so if it works for freckles... Dies it work for flat eraser sized moles??? I really need to know!

TipKing? Help?

permanent Comments By: kristiann on 2009-07-25
does it stay gone or will they come back even if yu stay out of the sun light
Will lemon juice from a bottle work ? Comments By: Abbey on 2009-07-26
I really need to get rid of my freckles i get bullied for them so bad :( but other then that everyone says if i didnt have freckles i would be beautiful, if this works i will praise you but does lemon juice from a bottle work cause thats all i have ? XxX
will it burn or cause my skin to break out ? Comments By: zoee x on 2009-07-27
im afraid to use this because i have sensitive skin & i already have enough broken skin at the minute. will the lemon juice make my skin burn or break out :( ?
Lemon Juice Doesn't WOrk - Please Help Comments By: Katie on 2009-07-28
I have tried lemon juice, tooth paste and everything that has been suggested, but nothing seems to be working. Can someone please help?
??????s Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-03
I am trying the lemon juice and was wondering if you should wash it off after a period of time or what?
Not sure if i should Comments By: MoRg777 on 2009-08-08
i have red hair and dark tanned skin and i was wondering if it would look at bit funny cuz i have a paler face then the rest of my body.I was also wondering if it helps if u put i little bit of mousturizer with the lemon juice so it doesnt dry out.

I am 13
PLZZZ Help mii

asian skin Comments By: yasmin on 2009-08-09
just wondering if this actually works does it mean that were i put the lemon juice my skin colour will be lighter in that place because im asian and average brown colour not dark nor light! i dont want patches ov lighter skin around my cheeks!
help! Comments By: sol on 2009-08-10
i just want to remove one dark freckle... will it still work?

Tipking says: Are you sure that it is not a mole?

Will it work on individual freckles? Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-11
would the lemon juice work if i just put a little on a cotton bud and dabbed it on my freckles? I have a few on my face.
AMAZING!!!:) Comments By: zoster12 on 2009-08-15
Ive only used lemon juice once, but it seems to work!:) At night, before i went to bed i rubbed it on my face. When i woke up in the morning, my freckles were a BIT lighter, but thats because i only used it once. The more u use it, the more faded your freckles will become. I also noticed the 2 of the pimples that i had on my cheek were gone! Amazing:)
PLEASE HELP!!! Comments By: Dani on 2009-08-12
Hi! Im 12 years old, and i have a lot of freckles. Should i use lemon juice from a lemon, or from those little yellow bottles with lemon juice? Do i put it on a cloth, and then rub it on my face, or just squirt it on my face, then rub it in? I have pretty white skin, so will it make my skin even whiter? Can i still use facial washes after i put it on? School starts in about a month, and i want them pretty much gone by then. PLEASE help me Tipking!!! I really want nice skin like everybody else. Please give me some answeres verry soon. bye. :)
help please.. Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-18
Ok, I have thousands of freckles and i knoe they look good on some people and others find them cute but i am not exaggerating when i say thousands. they are all a tanned colour and naturally i am very pale and like that however i feel the freckles compleatly ruin my skin tone. I am 13 and have them all of my life and i know lemon juice lighten your hair as well so I assumethe theory works so if anyone has any advice on what to do and how it works that would be greatly appreciated. thanks
I was wondering... Comments By: Isabel on 2009-08-17
Hey, erm im 14 and I have a ton of Frekles on my nose. I was wondering, this lemon juice thing, does it work for sensitive skin, or does it make it all red and itchy? xx
Please Help TipKing Comments By: sarah on 2009-08-20
Ok so my hair is light brown, my eyes are blue, my skin is really pale and i have hundreds of freckles on my face they look really weird and ugly please help!
yepper Comments By: sarah on 2009-08-24
i have been using lemon juice for three weeks now..i still have freckles but they have lighten up ..they were really dark..but i have notice a tightness to my skin when i apply ..i now apply to my face before goin out and my skin feels tighter ..i love it
What happens? Comments By: MILAN on 2009-09-09
I was wondering if the lemon juice turns your freckles ginger please HELP

TipKing says: I thought freckles were ginger

What to do Comments By: Dave on 2009-09-20
Ok I'm 14 and have fair skin, i want a tan and also just fade my freckles is this a good idea ? and How do i apply the lemon juice ? just buy a few lemons and rub ?
Great Comments By: OctoberRains on 2009-09-27
I tried this for a few weeks and it worked! I've heard it can make your skin whiter and tis made me want to try lemon juice even more, I love the pale look xD
Thank you thank you thank you

question Comments By: anonymous on 2009-09-27
does the lemon juice fade the color of your skin or will it just affect your freckles
dont know if i should do it Comments By: tash on 2009-09-30
well i dnt no if i should do it and i dnt want to tell my parents im doing it so how do i get the lemon and how do i put it on
Model? Comments By: rebecca on 2009-10-09
hey, i'm thirteen, and ive recently been scouted by a model agency, but heres the problem - i have, like, a gazillion ginger-ish freckles all over my face and arms, and there are only, like, 2 models in the world with freckles. my booker says that, if i could get rid of my freckles, or lighten them, i would get more jobs.
so, does lemon juice really work?

please, please help!!


loads of holes Comments By: Frank Mcardle on 2009-10-12
Hello my names Frank Mcardle, and yeaterday, I ate some food, washed my face with a brillo pad as I always do, then my skin began to peel away. Blood poured from my face, and I began to lose conciousness. The day before that, holes began to burn their way into my face!!!!
Teenager Comments By: Georgia on 2009-10-17
Im 13 and have freckles on my noes and a little on my cheeks and hate them.. They make me look ugly and none of my friend have them.. Im going to try this method and see how much it lightens them.
freckles Comments By: Rania on 2009-10-20
I am 23 yrs old.My nameis Rania.I want to get rid of my freckles in less than two weeks.Please show me the procedures on how i should apply the lime and sour milk on my freckles. Thanks in advance
Fade? Comments By: KPM on 2009-10-24
Will Freckles fade with age? alot of people say they do but do they? , Reply a.s.a.p Please ,, Thanks
What are the side effects? Comments By: Tiah on 2009-10-24
I have really bad freckles and I mean bad, they are all over my arms and face. I've just been looking at all comments and I've come across one saying that if you use Diana Stalder papaya soap your freckles will go away permanantly. If this is true will there be any side-effects and what are they? Also,are there any more solutions to getting rid of freckles naturaly for permanant instead of lemon juice because I have tried it before and it didn't work. Help Please =D X
48 year old freckles Comments By: Johnna on 2009-10-24
I came upon this site about fading freckles. I have had freckles all my life. It bothers me more now than when I was a little girl. I hate my freckles. Even though I have a family and I am loved I still hate the freckles, especially on my arms. I work out and the spots embarrass me.
Is the lemon theory for real? I never heard of that. I will try. How long does it usually take to work? How long leave it on?


help Comments By: Anon on 2009-10-29
I have freckles covering my intire face , i really don't like am i want to get rid of them asap. I tried lemon juice but i always thought it left my skin very dry, so i stopped using it after like a week . How long would it take to make them actually go away or is there any other ways to get them away??
YOU CANT FULLY GET RID OF FRECKLES! Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-05
Hey, iv had freckles for many years and i also hate them. I have them on my face, arms and back. I cover them up with make-up however this does not work. I get really upset in the summer when them come out even more. I went to the doctors and a skin therpy centre to see how i could remove them. the answer is you cant. it would cost 2,000 to lazer each freckle which is painful and then they will come back again in the summer no matter how much suncream you use. these freckles are there to protect your skin so will never fully go away. my doctor suggested fading cream and lemons as a source to fade your freckles but will not remove them. I suppose them faded tho is better than still having them. so im gonna try tonight.
Permanent? Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-11
I'm currently going through puberty, and am wondering, will my freckles ever go away naturally? If not, is the lemon juice tip a permanent fixture?
Does this work to? Comments By: Arianna Vass on 2009-11-28
I saw in an article on the web that Bleach for your skin works to....does hair removal (Bleaching cream) work too?!
THE ANSWER! Comments By: sue on 2009-12-05
I am 26 now and my face was swarming in freckles as a child, i used real lemons on my skinnot juice and also i did not wash it off i left it over night to work it took me about a mounth to make them go and yes its permantant aslong as you try your hardest to stay out of the sun without suncream because everyone one gets freckles from the sun if when then wasn't born with them so stop worrying not all of them are gone but mine have definatly faded alot and i love my face now wereas as a child i felt ugly because oof my freckles! give it a go it should work for you like it did for me also if your ginger and got freckles try a hair dye aswell as using the lemons !
good luck
but i dont think you should need it because im 90% sure it will work for you xxxxx

Hooray for the humble lemon and pure Tea Tree Oil! Comments By: E. Wilson B.H.Sc ND. HD on 2009-12-06
I write to correct some misapprehensions written here!! I am an Alternative Practitioner of over 40 years and because I have a bit of background knowledge on this subject, I hope my comments help:)
Lemon juice comes from LEMONS! Not bottles. So use fresh lemons. They are stronger than limes. It is safe to use undiluted on healthy skin, in fact it is used to detox the skin by cutting up at least a dozen lemons in chunks in a bath each day and rubbing them into your skin. You do this for 7 days for best effect. You can also use lemon juice mixed with e.g. honey, tea tree oil, sugar, salt and apply those to the skin (not mucus membranes or sensitive parts of the body). You can also have it in cup of water (hot or cold) daily to detox your body.
Comment as to why other warts disappeared when originals were treated - it is a virus, the Tea tree oil, probably killed the virus in the bloodstream, until you contract it again! :(

Apple Cider Vinegar also works, and helps fade age spots too!

Lemon temp. Comments By: Sharlet on 2009-12-09
Hi, I am Sharlet and I was just wondering if I can't use the lemon juice for a little while will the freckles start to come back. Also since I am using the lemon juice and it's fading my freckles, if I want to stop using the lemon juice will they just become darker again.
Lemons Comments By: Lisa on 2009-12-09
Hi, if I have to leave home for a little while and I have to be on the road,can I just take the lemon juice without putting it in a cold refridgerator or does it have to be in one?
freckles Comments By: piper on 2009-12-13
lemon juice really depends on your skin type, it could fade them wonderfully or not at all, so its up to you try it, i have heaps of freckles, there only little light brown ones but i have them all over my face arms and legs and i think they are hideous, beleive me, i have tried everything to get them off (mainly the ones on my legs) i've tried lemo juice, lime juice, deep exfoliation even tried to scratch a couple off (REALLY NOT a good idea at all) and now i've just learn't to live with them i still hate them and would much rather not have any but really, thats the skin you have so if lemon juice works, your lucky if not, just accept it, really there just dots on your skin, there not that bad :)
:( Comments By: JennaGrace on 2009-12-29
I really don't see why anyone would want rid of thier freckles,they make you original and different from everyone else, and yes I do have freckles and sure I've hated them sometimes but really you just have to learn to love them, and make them look good. I've not tried lemon juice but Ive been told that it can be really bad for your skin and make it peel, so personally I'd rather have freckles than peeling skin.
I'M BLACK WILL IT WORK? Comments By: Dchess on 2009-12-30
ok i've got black spots from pimples and some1 says lime/lemon juice will get rid of it,how long do i keep the lemon/lime juice on my face for and how many time should i do it a day?
P:S i'm black will it work

How long do i leave it on for? Comments By: SAM on 2010-01-05
Do i put it on then wash it 20 secs later? and does it work on shouldrs aswell? Tipking please help..

TipKing says: You need to read through all the comments, I cannot see where it says 20 seconds

.... Comments By: Katy on 2010-01-07
Does it only work on the face? i don't have any on my face since i started wearing make up but i have LOADS on my arms and i hate them! And, how much do you use?
How long do i leav e the lemon juice on Comments By: Mike on 2010-01-10
tipKing please reply :) how long do i leave it on for?

TipKing says: I do not know, I have never used the tip. If I were then I would try short periods and see if there were any results. If not then try longer periods.

1 1/2 weeks and it actually works Comments By: i'm a noobie sauce~ on 2010-01-10
This actually works, and to the people who ask if lime works, yes it does, I'm using lime, since lemons are hard to come by here and it works awesomely! It might burn a bit especially if you have acne or a scar in your face but its only for some seconds, a minute tops.
Also for best results put sour cream 15 minutes after you put the lemon/lime juice, and also leave for about 15 minutes, then wipe it off with a dry or slightly damp napkin.
And I'm pretty sure it works for all races to the people who ask =D

how long will it take to go away Comments By: dinosaur on 2010-01-11
im really impateint and i want to know about how long my freckles will go away??? i'll do it twice a day fo 15 minutes :)
Over night Comments By: SAM :) on 2010-01-12
I believe putting lemon juice on the areas you want cleared up before you go to sleep and in the mornign wash it off. then re-apply. then wash it off before u go to bed the re-apply and repeat for a week and you might see a difference.
iv done it before Comments By: unfreckled on 2010-01-14
ok well first of all my mom knows alot about skincare.what iv noticed is that the lemon juice from bottles seems to work better. what i did was brush the juice on2 my face with a make up brush.i left it on my face the whole night but at the begining it itches ALOT! it helps 2 get a fan or cloth and wave it in front of ur face as the cold air sooths it. when it dries in u feel as if theres a layer of film over ur face.as for how long it takes for them 2 fade im not sure, its different 4 every1.
iv done it before Comments By: unfreckled on 2010-01-14
a few recipes include: lemon juice, lemon juice with honey and vinigar,mashed up cucumber and[or] parsly, papaya (suposed 2 be very efective), papaya soaps or body scrub. (cinamon is also used but burns like hell)
pleasee REPLY ! ^^ randomm ratee becausee havent tried it. Comments By: Jemmaa Pricee. on 2010-01-15
Helloo, i wass told cucumberr works, so i've tried thatt but it didnt work, doess it work properly ? becausee i dont want to have to waste my time doing stuff that doesnt work.
help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: katie on 2010-01-17
hi everyone im not sure this lemon thing is going to work i tried it for one day but im not sure if i should do it agian ive heard that it would make your skin darker in some places than the other.Will this be good idea for 3 weeks will it make my skin darker.I hate freckles they are the worst ever.Ive got them right on my forehead and i hate them and also on my cheaks. SOME PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION
READ PLEASE! Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-19
So am 11 YEARS OLD and i really want to get rid off this freckle i have on my nose is not that big but is brown and i hate it it makes me feel sad...:(.....and a slo have freckles on my face and i aint like em their ugly!!!! so i been putting lemon juice but do you have to wash it off after 10-15 mins and how much does it take for my freckles to fade away???

TipKing says: I have never tried the tip all I can suggest is you read all the comments left and make your own choices. I personally think freckles are cute, you will have many more worse afflictions as you age than a few freckles

im gonna give it a try if i'm allowed...... Comments By: thesheepturnedkangaroo on 2010-01-20
hi im 14 yrs old n i have freckles n pimples real bad on my face(im dramatic), so im going to try it but im going to take vitamin c as well as put on sunscreen n using the lemon on my face because they will help the suns rays from making my freckles reapear and i was also wondering as i ride to and from school if my skin will get red or something from the sun being on it all the time and worst of all i live in australia where the sun is very bright n hot! thx,
the kiwi turned aussie.

Help! Comments By: Kyrie on 2010-01-23
Im teenager just turned 13 about 2 weeks ago. I have a valantine dance coming up in about 4 weeks i have a cute outfit and i want to be thinkin cute cause im not vey popular. but i have so fair skin!! i herd it makes face, whiter will it? cuase if do i wanted to get natural glow to help but will it mess it up? and i have all over abody not just face will tha tstill work on legs and arms? and will it make u smell liek lemon juice? i have also herd it can turn ur skink black for month!
Try this Comments By: Ms N on 2010-01-24
I'm 16 and i try lemon and lemon juice when i was a tad younger but it did nothing to fade my freckles.
BUT good news is that i recently found a cream to fade freckles that is cheap and really, REALLY gets works.

Its called John Plunkett's SUPERFADE cream. I've been using it for less than a week morning and night and its just like applying suncream, you just have to rub it into your skin. By the morning of the 3rd day it had already made a difference and has continued to do so. I wish i had taken before shot to compare before and after i had started using it.

You can buy it from Chemist Warehouse in Australia for about $25. There is also SUPERFADE face cream and another is SUPERFADE accelarator which speeds up the process.

This will reduce freckles in 6-8 weeks is what it says on the tube so i can't wait until then but so far it is work great for me.

anyways i'm going to stop talking about it cause i kinda feel as though i'm selling it to you or something.
so good luck to everyone trying to get rid of your freckles.
p.s. i've heard bio-oil can be alright too. I own bio-oil but it feels really oily and gross so didn't try it.

Confused! Comments By: Georgia. on 2010-01-26
Right, I have freckles, they don't stand out that much, until you look close. I also have 2 small moles at the side of my mouth, will the lemon juice damage the moles, and give me a rash or something daft? And also, for how long should I use it for? Thanks alot :D
? Comments By: ally on 2010-02-07
Is it good for evening skin tone too? And how long will it take? And lastly but most imporant is it damaging in the long run?
There is a product on the market called Freckle fade Comments By: Jennifer on 2010-02-13
There is a product on the market called freckle fade and a sensitive one also but im going to try the lemons to see what happens to save me money xx its on my legs rather than
I know leomon juice first hand! Comments By: gemsstone on 2010-02-25
lemon juice also acts as an acne fighter, if you are worried about it drying out your skin just use a safe lotion shortly after. Its just like using rubbing alchol but, is natural i have been using it for a long time now. I use the 100 percent juice from bottle that way it dosent dry my skin out that much. It will sting because it is fighting that bad bacteria like an astrigent would do. Just use it as a part of your skin routine, it does work. And if you think about it wouldnt be nice to smell like lemons and not some man made product!?
oh my! Comments By: anon on 2010-02-27
i would love to have freckels!
freckles???? Comments By: Cristenn on 2010-02-28
heyy(:i have freckles on my face but i reallyy like them because everyone thinks they are cute...but i have these dark ones on my arms and i hate them!i have about 20 on my arm and i HATE IT!!!!!ive tried the lemon juice for a few days and nothing happened...i think im going to try it again for longer.im 14 years old and i want to have them gone!aand is there any other ways to get rid of them then just lemon juice????and i also like to tan alot during the summer and will they come backk?PLEASE HELP MEE!(:
Brown!? Comments By: yomama. (: on 2010-03-04
Does it work for brown freckles????? Please say yessss!
Lots of freckles like a ginger. Comments By: courtney on 2010-03-05
hi, im completely covered in freckles, like a ginger (but im not). will it get rid of that many freckles? or will it just fade them? because i dont want sort- of - faded freckles on my face. XD
Oh noes! Comments By: Kayleigh on 2010-03-08
Im 13 and have freckles right across my nose. hehe. lol. but anyways, will this really work and will it damage my skin?
Freckle mania! Comments By: Blondehairblueyesandfreckles on 2010-03-13
I went outside to tan because I'm a rather fair-skinned and pale person. Ten minutes in the sun and I had at least 100 freckles more. So I used lemon juice on my face and it's slowly working! It makes your face slightly paler but not much at all. It only stung on spot on my face such as a opened blemish or a cut. It makes your skin have a natural glow too. You should atrt seeing it work in abouth three treatments. I used a slice of Lemnos when applying the lemon juice. Be patient, give it a week or so. :)
advice Comments By: katie on 2010-03-16
hello, i was wondering if it is to buy lemons and squeeze them on to my face or just but the juice please help
!!! Comments By: vanessa on 2010-03-16
you guys should be greatful!
i would LOVE to have freckles!
people without them (me) look quite boring.
be happy :D

IMMA TRY IT!! Comments By: Alana on 2010-03-18
I dont know if this works but ive heard from ALOT of people that it works i just bought some lemon juice so im gonna try it tonight i hope it works also i have kinda fair skin will i brake out?
Noooooooo !! Comments By: la la on 2010-03-19
omg what is going on , people out there who are wondering on trying this dontt ! it may work for a couple of days but then your skin gets too irated, doing this makes your skin unhealthy and you shouldnt try this ever! leave your skin as it is, freckles are the sign of beauty dont take that away. Wether you might have a friend who has the perfect skin , well perfect is boring , you should be proud of your freckles they make you unique and most boys like freckles which you might no believe but they do so dont USE LEMON JUICE ! xxxxx hope this helps and any questions you want to ask just reply back to me and i will answer them a.s.a.p xxxx
make-up!? Comments By: Chloe on 2010-04-01
I have so many freckles and i reallly hate it. Ive been thinking of having laser treatment, yet i dont want to go through all the trouble and costs for it to not work. I was just wondering, would i still be able to wear my make- up after applying the lemon juice?
Also, would the sun bring out the freckles again?

HELP Comments By: melissa on 2010-04-03
Hi im 15 this year and i have so many freckles on my face and i would really love to make them go away any ideas.... HELP!!!!!
how i want my freckles Comments By: nicollette on 2010-04-05
i hate my freckles they are everywhere but i just got leamon jucie today and i think it might work and i will tell you if it does in 2 weeks lol
Ugghhh, Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-06
I don't know what to do! I'm 12 and i'm scared it will hurt my face :S
Its okay everyone saying to cover freckles with concealer but when i get up in the morning they are so ugly and i just want to get rid of them! Is it permanent? Thanks x

plz help me Comments By: my name on 2010-04-07
does it really work and i am 13 years old and i have a big clump of them on my nose and i hate them.!!!
hi Comments By: caroline burke on 2010-04-07
hi. i suffer from separate freckles. someone on my arms and face. i went to the gym today and when i was nearly home i spotted loads of separte freckles on my arms and their still coming. i just now used the lemon juice thats in a plastic bottle shaped like a lemon from pancake tuesday. will this lemon juice work? .
godd why are freckles so horrid Comments By: kateee mate :) on 2010-04-08
im 15 nd i hate my freckles so much, ive got pale skin nd thats all i want.. i hope that lemon juice really works ( begging it to ) if it dont work is the anything else you could suggest???
PLEASE HELP ME!?!? Comments By: Sheridan on 2010-04-11
hey, im just wondering will this work on your arms aswell? or isit just the face? someone PLEASE let me know! thanks alot xxx
HELPPPP Comments By: tess on 2010-04-13
i hate my freckles everyone picks on me and i get upset im only 9 and a half
! Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-15
i just put a bit of lemon juice on a few freckles
i don't have many but i have some dark ones
i got some questions :
how many times do i have to do this for effect ?
will i get break outs ?
will it be permanent ?
does it harm my skin in anyway ?

any other tips you could give would be highly appreciated !

Hey Comments By: yassy on 2010-04-16
Hey im jus gone turn 16 and i hate my freckles so much and i am scared to use lemonjuice on my skin incase it damages my skin should i still try to use it if i have got senetive skin and can you use lemon juice what you use for salads and stuff which is in a bottle
HELP MEE PLZZ ??? Comments By: lacey on 2010-04-17
hi im 16 n i have a lot of freckles on my arms n chest i would relly love 2 get rid of thm i av herad a bowt a lemon do i just get a lemopn n cut it thn rub it 2 my skin plz tell mee ??
how to apply?? Comments By: Conner Exline on 2010-04-27
should i like poor some on a cotton swag and 'dab' it on... or should i poor on my face, or what? how should i put it on my face? i hate my d-mn freckles!!
Hmm, Comments By: Lauren on 2010-04-30
Do i use pure lemon juice or the juice you get in bottles which have been diluted?
frekcles Comments By: jessica on 2010-05-06
how do i get rid of freckles all the way so that you don't see my freckles of my face anymore kuss i have a lot of frekles on my face????????????????

???? Comments By: breffni on 2010-05-03
Please reply !!
i am going to school tomorow and im going to talk to the boy ii like what should i do ?? wait or just try it ???

does it really Comments By: danielle on 2010-05-11
does it really get rid of ur freckles cause im sick of mine ive had them my whole life i want rid
really Comments By: mike on 2010-05-12
im 13 an suffer from loads of frekels will it work or will it just destroy my skin
lemon juice Comments By: superstar on 2010-05-18
pleze can u help me my freckles wont go away
Advice plz Comments By: Feebles on 2010-05-24
I have a freckle that i used to get teased about and makes me look ugly :( Will lemon jucie atually work and will it effect my skin and is it permanant or painful. Thanx xxx
laser treatment Comments By: anon on 2010-05-28
according to my dermatologist there is only 1 way to remove freckles and moles permanently. She suggested me to do a laser treatment, but this can only be done in the winter cause after the treatment you have to stay 4months away from the sun!
My personal expiereience/opinion Comments By: Joe on 2010-06-03
Well to be honest im thirteen i hate my freckles as im getting to that age coming up to year nine, im sure this is a problem for lots of people. Its summer at the moment and this is when freckles start to appear, i have lots down my arms and face.
Lemon juice tips*
Aplly with rubbing on ur hand and gently smoothing it round your skin i really hobe this works, i will go into the shop tomorrow and buy some NORMAL lemons, no jif from a bottle NORMAL lemons as they are healthier work better and contain vitamin c, the main ingredient.
Give it a go worse comes to worse your skin will be a tiny bit paler but no worries if you apply sunscreen over 15 this will prevent any more freckles and i have been reading peoples accounts, yes towards adolesent ages, 18-19 they will disseaper (Apart froom redheads). but its out teenage we worry as we want girlfriends and boyfriends. i say apply once in morning for 15 minutes then go wash it off then put suncream on then repeat at night i hope this helps with your problems

Joe x

LISTEN! Comments By: Rebecca on 2010-06-07
Listen every one! Just have a look at how many people are asking how to get rid of their freckles. I wanted to get rid of mine, but then I realised if this many people have freckles then, what makes them so bad? I have always been self concious and thought that I was ugly, I probebly am ugly, but its who I am. I see nothing wrong with freckles. Some people think they're cute. :/ just give them a chance, because if you use this lemon stuff and it permanently removes them, you might regret it and that will be a great loss. You cant see your face when you are walking around, and who cares what other people say? You should be happy with who you are. I think I am? and you should use face masks, moisturisers and spot removal things, eat lots of friut and drink water, it will leave your skin looking fressh, luminous and clean, even with the freackles. Love your skin, If you really dont like them, then use spf foundation, that way it will keep them from breaking out in the suna dn will leave you looking beautiful! trust me, you are who you are, whats the point in changing it. If everyone thinks that looks matter, then how will we ever be able to be in a relationship based on personality? there are great people out there, that might not be classed as gorgeous by guys becuase they have freckles and missing out on great guys, but then if we all show confidence and look after our selves we might be able to beat the "good looking people" to the punch :) becuase you are gorgeous, love yourself and dont let other people tell you differently. trust me. :) xxxx
i dunno Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-21
i only got most of my freckles this week, does this really work?
freck Comments By: lou on 2010-06-23
i have really low self esteam cause of my freckels if i had the money i would go get laser but i havent is it true that this works my boyfriends takin me on hoilday this year and im so scared in case i come back and be 1 big freckel it distroying my life ino it sounds stupid but that the way i feel help thanks
new freckles Comments By: Elise on 2010-06-23
I am 32, and for some reason just got a bunch of freckles after a bad sunburn 2 years ago. I mean a sunburn like I have never seen. I have freckles now on my face, shoulders, legs everywhere. I even have scars on my back from blisters and peeing. I actually think freckles are cute! But it is really odd to have a new addition to my face when I am over 30. You shouldn't find freckles when you find your first grey hair!
concealor Comments By: outre on 2010-06-24
i use to have alot of freckles when i was a kid. ive been wearing concealor, foundation, coverup since 5th grade, now im 17. i dont have any freckles. its wierd but i guess since my face hardly sees alot of sunlight, the freckles have faded over time. theyre pretty much gone. for people that dont want to wait years or however long it takes for them to fade, coverup is obviously a good way to cover up light freckles. freckles that r black prob wouldnt look good wit concealor but idk. the lemon juice thing, idk, i might try it on my arms, cuz i have light freckling on my arms
how many times a week?:-) Comments By: carly:) on 2010-07-04
erm, i'm wondering how many times a week you do it, or do you do it so many days in a row? please answer me!:)
Does it work? Comments By: Sally on 2010-07-16
I have this really dark freckle on my foot and I don't like people seeing it and I want to get rid of it so should I just put some lemon juice on it and it will work?
makingsure Comments By: Gabrielle on 2010-07-23
just makin sure i know how to do this...
1)squeeze a lemon for juice dab it on a wash cloth and put it on the specific spot
2)wait 15 minutes wash of in warm? water
3) moistorize
4)twice a day??

DO NOT USE FADE CREAM Comments By: kathy on 2010-08-02
IF YOU LOOK AT REVIEWS OF FADE CREAMS YOU WILL SEE THEY CAUSE CANCER AND THINNING OF THE SKIN TO THE POINT OF BREAKING. try these natural fading techniques, talk to a dermatologist, or get some bare mineral make up!! DO NOT USE FADE CREAM! (:
SO ANNOYING LOL Comments By: Hannah on 2010-08-10
i really am so sick of my freakles they get really annoying and i all ways wanted rid of them and i thought i was stuck with them and that was it but i am going to try this thanks alot evryone xx

:( Comments By: Trevor on 2010-08-18
So I have this freckle on my neck but it's like popped out! Like it sticks out :( it's ugly and I'm wondering if I do this if it will only fade the color or if it will make the freckle flat? Please reply thanks bye :(
freckles Comments By: cerria on 2010-08-21
i have alot of freckles and i have been using lemon juice and i have no freckles anymore , i still use lemon juice , i apply the lemon all over my face at night and in the morning when i wake up i wash it of my face and mosturise and then apply suncream , it works wonders :D
Itchy Comments By: georgia on 2010-08-28
This is so itchy i have just this second put it on and im red, i cant complain as i have not seen the results yet.
if it works i will tell this tip to anyone who wants it.

my skin Comments By: bee on 2010-08-28
hi i got a little on the dark side today in i was wondering if i use lemon jucie would it work
DO NOT USEE ! Comments By: elliee x on 2010-09-05
okay if u use this it will get rid of the stuff in ur skin that protects u from getting sunburnt. it will make ur skin white and u will burn easily and when u burn it will b really bad. u will end up with big blotches on ur skin and u will have to wear sun cream all the ttime. LEMON IS ACID it will give u bad long term damage to ur skin it is powerful enough to make a battery so what is it doing to ur skin?? and people r sayin it burns well that cant b good? seriously dont use it u will regret it. x
U dont hav to use this! Comments By: HopeGirl on 2010-09-12
hey,im a 13 year old who has very pale nd sensativ skin. BUT! i play soccer nd ALWAYS forget to put sunscreen on, so therefore i got unwanted freackles! :P! well, i happened to get this lotion, called "Nivea Daily Moiusturizer Natural Tone" nd it really works! i dont know if it works for ntural freackles, but i SERIOUSLY DOUBT u would break out,get red, etc! I put it on rite bfore i went to bed, nd in the morning, i noticed less freckles! If u hav a tan though, it does happen to fade it if u keep using it. Hope tht helps!!!:)
Not too sure about this.... Comments By: Ginganinja on 2010-09-14
I have very pale skin and red hair, and a lot of gingerish freckles on my face. I would like to try this but not sure any side effects? Is it safe on your face?
:'( Comments By: Meggy on 2010-09-14
I hate my freckles, will this really work? I've never been ashamed of my freckles before, but they are just so awful darn ugly, and i hate getting close to people because they will see them, and they look soooo bad. everyone thinks it's acne, but it's just my ugly freckles, will this lemon juice work?
frecksss Comments By: anon on 2010-09-16
i havent tried this yet im going to the store tomorrow to buy some lemon juice but does this really work???? i have so many freckles and they are really annoying!!!! pleaseee helppppp!!! and does it matter if i buy lemon juice or just regular lemons???? HELP PLEASEE!!!!
FREKLES! FREKLES! FREKLES! Comments By: Robyn on 2010-09-25
Hi iam Robyn and iam 14 years old i have blonde wavy straight hair white with alot of frekeles on my arms some on my face and on my legs ive hated my frekles for soooo long people say that it makes me unique but i just hate them ive been looking for something to fade them or get rid of them if someone can help me and give some edvice i would really apperciate it ive heard about lemon juice but idk if that work 4 me Hahah so yah.if u want to email me my email is [email protected](:(:

PLEASE HELP MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*sigh* Comments By: Sophie on 2010-10-05
I had a close up photo taken with my best friends the other day & when I saw it my first thought was s**t are my freckles really that ugly?! I've always hated them but never taken too much notice of them until I remember how ugly they are, I will try lemon juice but I'm not getting my hopes up.
hmm Comments By: Jade on 2010-10-09
I hate my freakles even to the point where i hate looking at my face :(... So im gonna give this a try hope it works!!
DONT USE IT. Comments By: jasmine on 2010-10-12
i am 14 and i have just put it on, my face has gone bright red and it really itchy.
Spots? Comments By: mads. on 2010-10-27
I'm 12, and i have loads of freckles that i really dont want.. but i have alot of spots, and their just starting to go, will using lemon juice cause me to have more?
:( Comments By: anon on 2010-10-27
i am too scared to try it as i have a dark freckle at my chin , will it work on that ? will it make it completely go away or just fade a bit ?
what d i do? Comments By: Aimee on 2010-11-17
i have freckles all over my legs, arms,face and shoulders, do i rub the lemon juice everywhere or does it only owrk on your face?
HERE WE GO STEP 1 Comments By: Mudgey on 2010-11-19
1st step: Cut a lemon, squeeze on my hands
2nd step: Add a tad of sugar to make a scrub.
3rd step: Rinse and post my results.

TAN Comments By: chuck on 2010-12-05
if you have a bunch of freckles you dont want just lie in the sun and get a tan...People say it makes more freckles appear but it actually makes the skin darker so the freckles arent noticable..I tried it and it Worked very well. Freckles can be a blessin.
lemon juice Comments By: me on 2010-12-11
right rubbing lemon juice on your freckles sounds very stupid but maybe it works but that doesnt matter its the tan problem then so when your freckles are gone you will be stuck with a pale face so if anybody here know how to get a tan plz tell cuase if i go out to the sun i just get more freckls
does lemon juice really work? Comments By: allie on 2010-12-15
NO! it does not work at all, and plus you are putting acid on your skin which will damage it,.!
16 yrzz....!! Comments By: rishika on 2010-12-16
i am 16 yrzz...n goin t be 17 in a month...im havin small,flat,black/brown spotzz near the corner of my mouth..dat s near my upper lip on right side....they r since 2yrzzz...plzz any1 suggest mee how t get rid of thizz prob..!!!plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!
How long do you leave it on for? Comments By: Mary on 2010-12-19
Hi, Once you apply the lemon juice for 15 minutes do you wash it off? Or are you just meant to leave it to sink into your skin.
Thank you!

Um.....help? Comments By: Ameliaxxxxxx on 2010-12-31
Hiya, my name is Amelia. I'm here to say I DON'T hate frckles, except for the really really big ones.
You see, I have a BIG BROWN really bold one BANG in the middle of my forehead - I'm not kidding, seriously. I hate it SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO Much! I want it gone!
Ppl always tease me becoz of it and I hate it. Will lemon juice damage or help?
Is it just a freckle or something serious?
ps. ive had it for years.
A x

hi again Comments By: Amelia on 2010-12-31
Hello. I know I've already been on here but......well......I'm just HOPING AND HOPING this will work. My mum has some lemon juice in the fridge for when she has pancakes. Will that work? How long do you have to keep soaking your freckle until it goes? Does it work on big dark freckles? Does it work on spots? Or warts?
Sorry I have asked so many questions......I just want my big FRECKLE gone !!!!!!!!!

It Really Works! :) Comments By: Lucy on 2011-01-09
Hi (:
I know puting "lemon juice" on your face may get you thinking: "What the hell?!" But, I can tell you, it truly goes a long way to help your skin! Trust me!
I'v been using lemon juice for my skin and it's always left me feeling clean, and looking bright and healthy! ;)

Trying for the first time (scared) Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-11
I have a fair bit of freckles on my face and i really hope it works. When I was younger i used to get teased about my freckles and i want them gone tip king will it actually work, have you tried it??
Help? Comments By: Akia on 2011-01-13
Do i wash it off after i apply it?
do i wash it off in the morning?
do i just leave it?

i hate freckals Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-17
hi i first got my freckals when i was 6 but befor that i didnt have many at all. i am now 14 year old girl and i have them all over my face, i hate them so much and want to get rid of them. i was thinking of going for lazer treatment as its got to the stage i hate people lookin at me and thinking "wooo thats alot of freckals", but then i saw this and wandering does lemon juice really work, and does it hurt also do u just buy a lemon and put it over your face ??? please find the time too answer me questions i would love too know quickly, as i hate goin to school even tho i wear makeup it still doesnt help as u can still see them......... and can i also ask can if i was to try the lemon juice howlong would it take till i see a difference. please repaly to my qustions please thanks alot ......x
It actually works. Comments By: Maria. on 2011-01-17
Okay it may sound crazy but this method does work. If you persist and have the same routine, once a day and every night before you go to sleep, your freckles visibility will be radically reduced. It honestly works I tried it and I have like 2 freckles where I used to have thousands.


freckless Comments By: natalie on 2011-01-25
i have a few freckles across my face and one dark dark freckle just beside my nose, its so ugly and i always try to cover it up with makeup but u can always see it and it really makes me feel insecure but my frends say its cute but i really hate it. hopefully this lemon juice works, i just applied it so im gonna try it evrynnight for a few weeks and hopefully it will make tht ugly freckle fade ;D
Freckles suck Comments By: Jay on 2011-02-02
I am 28 years old and I use to have crystal clear skin. That all changed when I was 13 now I have around 500 various colored freckles 3 really dark ones on my nose one right in the middle. I voice my hatred about freckles and some peeps think they are cute but I ask them if they'd want a black freckle on the middle tip of their nose? Really hope lemon juice works as I have no $ for laser treatment.
i dont know really Comments By: unknown on 2011-02-12
i dont kno really i have ginger hair and i didint like it before and i used lemon juice to make it blond but my hair is still ginger.ill give it a try to put lemon juice on my skin.if it works i will comment again
Does it really work? Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-28
I am 11 years old and I really want to get rid of my freckles. Does lemon juice really work for younger kids?
lemon juice?! Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-02
hey this all sounds very interesting and i'm going to try it,but i was wondering though if mixing some lemon juice into face cream would have the same effect?!!
what kind of lemon juice do you have to use? Comments By: qwertyuiop on 2011-03-03
does the lemon juice have to be freshly squeezed out of a lemon or can it be a cordial,like when you get it out of a bottle and dilute it.
Wash Off? Comments By: Anonymous on 2011-03-17
Should I be washing it off after a few minutes of not?
Please reply!

Just a normal lemon Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-19
Will just a lemon work or does it have to be lemon juice?
Just a normal lemon Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-19
Will just a lemon work or does it have to be lemon juice?
Does it vanish forever Comments By: tania on 2011-03-21
Doest it vanish forever i just hoping it and when does it dissapear i havn't try it yet bt goin to use it my frens always says i look much beautiful without the freckles can they vanish forever + i am a sport person....
I hate freckles D: Comments By: Kitkat on 2011-03-28
I;m 13 have a heap of freckles on my face and some on my arms Im gonna give this a go tonight because I think freckles are just plain annoying >.<
I'm also gonna give this a go because I heard it fades tans as well !! (I hate tans and freckles, I just want freckle-less pale skin :D)
Oh yeah...to the people who say don't do this it made my face red & itchy, it's proably because you have sensitive, irratble skin :)
Oh...also would it work with lime juice? Cuz the lemons on our tree aren't ripe and we only have bottled lime juice


my turn know i guess!!!!!!!! Comments By: Rosie on 2011-03-31
well i guess its my turn now and please wish me luck cos trying to impress someone hope it works!!!!!!!!
I need help! Comments By: graciela on 2011-04-01
Well this is a stupid question but... when it says undiluted Lemon Juice dose it mean No suger?.Just the lemon? i need a awnser! please!Cause im confused? No suger? and just the juice that comes from the lemon? :\

TipKIng says: Correct. Just the raw/neat lemon juice

What kind? Comments By: graciela on 2011-04-01
What color Lemon haha? is there a diffrance? Green or Yellow??? and the lemon juice with Suger or no suger??
Help Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-03
Hi , Im 13 years old and have a lot of freckles on my face , i would love to get rid of the :P Im goin To try using lemon juice . But i have some questions first: how many timesd a week do i put it on my face ?? how long do I leave it on for ?? do you wash it off your face after using it or just leave it on ??
Tips for using Lemon Juice... Comments By: Jess on 2011-04-07
-If you're using lemon juice, wash it off after 15-30 mins.
-Do it day and night.
-It should sting at first (especially if you have acne, or open sores on your face), but will stop after a short time.
-It won't make you break out. It may actually help heal them up, as lemon is an natural antibacterial and antiseptic.
-Don't leave it on your face if you go outside, as it will attract the suns rays and make you sunburn quicker than normal.
-If the freckles are fading, wear suncreen, as they will darken back up with the sun.
-It won't happen quickly, but they will fade gradually.
-Moisturize after you wash the juice off. Guys get yourself a moisterizer too, you'll be thankful of it when you're older.
-You can mix Lemon juice with a bit of Tumeric too, as a face mask, to help more. Do this at night, perhaps while in the bath, as Tumeric can stain a bit. But by the morning the staining would have gone.

Hope this helps guys! I'm in my 30s and have really dark Freckles. Been using Lemon juice for about 6mnths and am seeing them lighten up gradually.

Errr....Help me Comments By: Sush on 2011-04-09
hey. i wanna try this lemon thing and i was wondering if i should put it all over my face coz i have a quite dark skin and is it permanent?
help Comments By: anon on 2011-04-10
iya! im a 14 year old girl with alot of freckles all over my arms. i am so self consiance and cannot walk out of the house in any weather hot/cold without covering my arms up. none of my friends have seen them only family members. i really want to get them removed, im just wondering will this lemon juice help if the freckles are on my arms. PLEASE HELP!!!!
no lemon juice.....tomato??? Comments By: neonkatt on 2011-04-14
I am going to try but not tonight because i dont have lemons or lemon juicce yet. I heard that tomato juice works is this true or false???? Please answer soon :)
Hey guess What !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: neonkatt on 2011-04-14
I tried the lemon juice! It worked I noticed the tip of my nose was almost clear. thats all that happened except I noticed my freckles fading a little bit. remember this is my first time. I am so happy !! :) I can not believe it *_* I am amazed by this !! Well I hope you guys try it if you want to know this is how I used it.
1. cut a fresh lemon (it doesnt need to be perfect)
2. stand infront of a mirror and notice the spots you want gone.
3. now you may get a napkin or towel or in my case I got my finger, and put the lemon juice on it (about two drops at a time)
4. now that you have the drops ready to rub on your face you should start at your cheeks simply to see how it feels.(for me it did indeed sting alot so just deal with it.)
5.If you can deal with the pain then rub the rest in on the desired spots.
6. Is it all rubbed in? Good now go relax with it on for fifteen minutes.
7. Now that the fifteen minutes is up go to the mirror get a towel and wash the lemon juice off.
8. you are finished Yay! did you notice anything? please remember this may not work for some individuals.
info: you may use just lemon juice in a bottle ( i have not tested this) Also do these steps in the morning once and at night once. Good Luck !!!!

Cute with fade Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-16
I have a lot of freckles, and some of them are cute, others are slightly embarrassing. If i used the lemon juice and then stopped, would the freckles come back?
Quite a few feckles over my nose and cheeks Comments By: michele on 2011-04-18
i have quite a few feckles over my nose and cheeks- more than i would like. i have a pale skin tone and i have used bottled lemon juice on my freckles for about 4-5 nights now, although i have found that i have more freckles appearing.. is this the 'breakout'? will they go away eventually? or should i stop using lemon juice?? Help please!
For all body freckles Comments By: Sparky on 2011-04-19
Hey all! I just started using this and while it doesn't fade freckles as fast as just plain juice, it is easy to use everywhere, works and doesn't dry out skin!!! My lighter freckles on my arms are gone, and the darker ones are a lighter brown.

Get a jar and fill it with equal amounts of olive oil, lemon juice, and honey. Make sure you mix it well before each use!

After you are done taking a shower, make sure you rub it all over, let it sink in for like 5 mins and rinse it off with hot water. It should still be a little sticky/slimey because of the olive oil, but just helps keep your skin from getting dried out by the lemon :)

I just get the jelly/jam jar from ikea so it's air tight between uses, but only do a tiny amount bc I don't want the lemon juice going bad. I've been doing this for about a month now and just started noticing the diff so don't give up!!!!

But yeah. . . going out into the sun will bring it all back. . .so SuNSCReeeN!11

help please Comments By: anon on 2011-05-02
well iam 12 and want y freckles GONE for good but i dont want my face to be WHITE will this not make my face white if so can u tell another tip

how will this kinda thing work??? Comments By: gracie on 2011-05-09
ihate my freckles soooo much! im 15 and when i was a little oyunger i tried the lemon juice but not enough to see results. i have white skin like when im at school i blend in with the white walls and i absolutely hate it! ive been laying in the tanning bed the past 2 weeks but its making my freckles worse! so im wandering, can i use the lemon juice and other natural ways to get rid of my freckles and still lay in tanning beds? or what would happen? im not a big fan of counterproduction :/ HELP ME PLEASE!
is there other way's ?? Comments By: Becky on 2011-05-12
Im 16 and i was born with these things on my face and i hate it !! im deffently not confident with having freckle's im to shy to sleep over my mate's house's and even my OWN dad's house, i cant go swimming im to scared to show my freckle's to anyone, i have just started to go around the house with my mum and my brother in the house without make-up on !! i dont think its right i should be able to do the things that i wanna do but i cant . I hope the lemon juice works good luck for the rest of you :) xx
Does it Damages The Skin? Comments By: Alex on 2011-05-19
I will try it but before i do when i apply it on my skin will there be a long term side effect, damage skin?
it does not work Comments By: kiki on 2011-05-29
lemon juice does not work i got my hopes up!!!i hate my freckles they make me look ugly

Originally freckleless, but developed over time Comments By: Concerned on 2011-06-11
So if I use it long enough, I'll be back to no freckles in no time?
really? Comments By: Lillie on 2011-06-24
does it work?
i am pale and i like being pale (idk XD)
so that doesnt bother me but like will it make my face lighter than the rest of my body? does it make that much of a difference? or what because half the time i prefer not to wear a huge foundation routine so i dont want to look like a geisha.. just sayin
thanks :)

But it stings Comments By: Lindy on 2011-07-03
I tried this and it stung so badly! Does it actually work but?
Idk please answer Comments By: Nicki on 2011-07-08
I have a really nice tan, and I really want to get my freckles off. Yet, they r only on my cheeks...soo..I don't wanna look weird with my whole face tan and my cheeks being pail. Please answer. I don't want to try it without an answer.
freckles Comments By: Jenny on 2011-07-08
HI!I'm 11 years old and I have many freckles on my nose and my cheeks and a few on my forehead.Will lemon juice work on me?If yes for how long should I use it?When should I put it on?
it is all red Comments By: em on 2011-07-18
i added lemon juice because i have been useing it for about a week and after i washed it off but i washed it off early because it burned so and now i have these red spots that are all over my face and dont no what 2 do. please help!!!!!
Yep! Comments By: Loviedovie on 2011-07-19
I haven't used this but 80% of the people say it works and 20% either haven't done it yet or say it opdoesnt work. I'm 13 and everyone is tan but I dint care all I care about is my freckles going away!
Tipking please answer! :) xox Comments By: anon on 2011-07-20
how long do you do this for?
do i wash it of? if do how long do i leave it on before washing it?
does it work on light freakles that are sort of faded?

please answer this Tipking. as i have lots of freakles that much there joining together! which i really don't want. thankyou :) xxxx

Kinda works. c: Comments By: Kayla Williams' on 2011-08-01
I'm 13. And have a lot of freckles on my face. I had heard from another website that lemon juice makes them fade, so i gave it ago. c:
I used lemon juice on my face twice a day for 2 weeks. They faded a little, but not much. I would recommend using lemon juice to make freckles fade if you don't have a lot of them. But if your like me and your face is literally covered in them, the result won't be much. But hey, why not give it a go? Aha. c:

IT WORKS GUYS Comments By: Lauren on 2011-08-07
ive been doin it for three days it does work and it stings alittle but it does fade freckles so ppl do try it

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