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Lemon juice does fade freckles if used properly

Submitted by draydan

Lemon juice does fade freckles if it is used properly. Below is a detailed list to help

The rules 

1 Try it out first
apply a little to the patch of skin just below the ear lobe twice a day as outlined by later rules do so for at least a week if no reaction froms you sre safe to continue

2 No more than twice a day 
(self explanitory)

3 Fresh is best but any will do 
Fresh lemon juice is best but bottled will do if you can try to use preservative free (lime also works but is very harsh and more prone to cause bad reactions)

4 The procedure outlined 
Apply the lemon juice to the effected area using a cotton swab (carefully when near the eyes) leave this on for no less than an hour but not longer than twelve 
rinse and moisturize.

5 Balance
In total your treatment hours per day may never exceed 12 out of 24

6 Effects
Effects may vary if you have been using for 1 month and noticed no change then chances are you never will. Normally effects can be seen within two weeks

7 Pale people don't fret
Lemon juice does fade skin tone but even skin looks more radiant than blotchy skin (if the tone) of your skin really is too light try using a tinted moisturizer instead of you regular one

Hope I cleared the air if you have any questions post or email me [email protected]

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Visitors comments

Lemon juice and feckles Comments By: freckle girl on 2009-08-23
Lemon juice really didnt make any diffrence on my freckels and I did it for almost 3 weeks
lemon juice and the mean freckles Comments By: Tasha on 2010-01-03
well tonight i am going to start it. I have freckles ALL OVER my face and i want to get ride of them. If you have anything to tell me then just feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].


lemon &&& freckles Comments By: smelly poo on 2010-02-19
i just read this and i gott my mum to read it so we can do it together i cant what and i it works then i will be really happy caues i have freckles all over my arms and face and i dont wont them any more i hate them and wish they would go away:)
freckles !!! Comments By: tina on 2010-03-16
i hate my freckles! they make me look soo ugly, i carnt stand them. i dont want to use lemon juice then it fade me skin and it doesnt get rid of my freckles.
Yeaah! Comments By: becky on 2010-04-03
Yep, i have somee freckileds, not very many, but i feel it takes my good look away, i want them to fade away , so hopefully this shud work if i do it ! x
FRECKS. Comments By: Freckleeees on 2010-04-10
Well im trying it right now, and gonna take it off soon. im leaving it on for 20 minutes then im going to rinse it off and moisturise. after that im going to do it again tonight! my freckles are very light and some say they should be gone by the third day of doing it, LETS HOPE! x
Let's get rid of them! Comments By: Fayee on 2010-04-22
I am Gunnar try it tonight I only have a copple of freckles a
on my face but I think it makes me feel horrible <3

frecklessss here! Comments By: nina on 2010-04-28
i REALLLLYYYY hope that this worksss!!
i hate my freckles. Comments By: anon on 2010-05-23
im going to apply the lemon juice on my face tonight and leave it on for about 20 minutes then wash it off. i really hope it works! but i really dont want it to harm my face or for it to come up with any rashes as my skins quite sensitive. My freckles have shown up more now in the summer and they look horrible there all over my cheeks and theres a few on my forehead.. i just think they make me look un-attractive and i've gotten to the stage where it puts me down, i spend ages in the morning trying to cover them up but it doesnt help. so fingers crossed it works! (:
I bet it works! Comments By: Logan on 2010-05-31
I bet this works! It sounds covincing. I have a few on my cheeks right under my eyes from being sunburned many times. I hope this works!
dark spots Comments By: Quinton on 2010-06-03
i have dark spots from acne, there not freckles but i hear about this lemon jucie stuff all the time i am going to give it a try and see if it lightend my dark spots on my face. i am naturally tan so it should be able to heal quicley i think.
sad about freckles! Comments By: Beth on 2010-06-04
Hello I am a 13 year old girl and I have freckles all over my face. On my cheeks forehead chin and especially my nose and I have noticed that they have appeared more in the summer.For some time I used nur76 skin lightening cream however I found no results so I did some research and found that many people use lemon juice!I hate my freckles so much and think that they make me look unattractive. Although I use foundation I am dying to have that natural effortless and clear look that all my friends have but that is impossible wiv freckles. I have been using lemon juice for a short amount of time and I have already seen some results. I am going to keep using it for another month to see where it takes me. Also I think that it makes your skin much smoother! I will keep you posted! Thank you!
zomg it works<33 Comments By: insertyournamehere on 2010-07-03
i just squeezed out some juice from a lemon, left it on overnight then washed it off in the morning,they looked kinda faded.. unfortunately i'm too lazy to do it everyday but im pretty sure that if you do it every day it'll fade freckles..good luck(: .!
question... Comments By: gabrielle on 2010-07-23
do you have to apply it twice a day?? and what if you use aveeno radiant skin moisturizer (to even out skin tones) at the same time? will that effect it negatively?
i hate my freckles Comments By: amyb on 2010-07-26
i am 13 years old and i hate my freckles i have them all over my face. i try to cover them with make up but it doesnt work. i am going to talk to my mum about them and see what she says about using it. i hope it works. i will keep you up to date with them. lol xx
Grr freckles Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-04
i have like a few hundred big freckles all over my face and arms and the backs of my legs i hate them they make me look ugly!! ive been sleeping with lemon juice on my face hope-fully it will work. it makes my skin feel silky and nice! =D
answer Comments By: answer on 2010-08-11
i used to have loads of freckles but thay do fade as u get older also best best best way 2 cover them is............ fake tan, honestly it does wonders just keep rubbing it in so its not steaky, ul be laughing.x

FRECKLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Rachel on 2010-08-14
PRAYING!!!! Comments By: katie on 2010-08-18
I really really hope this works soooooo bad because i have freckles about an inch from my eyes and ALL over my nose...and UGGGHHH!!! i think its terrible i'm 13 and i think they are UGLLYYYYY! i'm praying this fades them!!!!!!!! (;
I wish someday my freckles will fade! Comments By: Tomas on 2010-09-03
I hate my freckles and just wish they would go away some day. I have my face and arms covered and some on my legs. I cant stand them, they make me fell horible every morning i wake up. so im trying the lemon juice idea and hope it works.
iM 13 !Reaad Plz . Comments By: jessica on 2010-09-05
hi my name is jessica typical 13 year old 8th qrader wit very little freckles. well there VERY noticable in the sun and light and the flash of a camera ! HATe Them ! and i Really hope the Lemon Jucie Helps !!!! anyWho , i have a Mole or Various on my face ,any advice on how to get rid of them QUICK at HOME ?! Thanksz-<3
I hate freckles!!! Comments By: ginganinja on 2010-09-14
I have so many, and they make me look ugly and nerdy but before I had them I looked quite nice so trying this tonight hope it works!!!!!
Will I get them back? Comments By: Hannah on 2010-10-08
Im scared if they do go, ill never get them back if i hate my skin without them! Once there gone can they come back??
GINGERS Comments By: iHATEgingers on 2010-10-10
plzz tell mee what work best for u guys Comments By: cami on 2010-10-11
I'm Cami i have freckles all over my face i hate them so much i think they make me look so ugly ,i have heard people talk about my freckles but i hate when they criticise me.about if i didnt have them they wonder how i look i wonder the same thing too :(
i hate freckles Comments By: anon on 2010-11-29
i have light freckles across the bridge of my nose. But i have about 7-8 really dark ones on my face and one huge one on my forehead. i hate them very much and have tried almost everything. the dermotoligist said no cream works and even laser is not 100% effective. im really depressed and searching for anything that will fade them, HELP PLEASE!
Doesn't Work! UGH! Comments By: may on 2010-12-15
I absolutely HATE my freckles!!!! I don't really have many but i still hate them. They look cute on other people but NOT me. At least, in my opinion. I also have a little bit of acne so it makes me look even worse. It lowers my self confidence like, alot. Laser Freckle Removal is too expensive and i'm only 13, so i can't pay for it yet.
I just pray i find another idea that works, or i'll have to wait till i'm older. Ugh. xP

how to get moles to go away Comments By: lalalalaalz on 2011-01-06
sry but there is no way to get a mole to go away at your house. It must be removed by a doctor. sorry. Oh i and i really want to try this but its the middle of winter so i dont want the lemon to take away what little of tan is left. also wont it look weird if i have light patches of skin and som spots darker??
STUPID UGLYYYY FRECKLES Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-07
I REALLYYY HATE THESE UGLLYY FRECKLES there all over my cheeks and a few over my nose im really hopeing lemmon juice works fingers crossedDDD
i hate my freckles Comments By: Amara on 2011-04-25
aha, i hate my freckles but everyone just says they are natural, and i dont wear foundation either, so i never cover them up, i quite pale, altough im supposed to be mixed race! i hate them and ive just put lemon juice on my face.. i dont want them to completely go, i just want to fade.... waheey;D.
READ TO KNOW MORE ABOUT FRECKLES! Comments By: Anon on 2011-05-14
Alright.. so i've researched a little bit about this. the freckles only work on some people's skin. So that's why they wrote that if you don't see results for a month, then it probably won't work. IF YOUR ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T GET RID OF YOUR FRECKLES.. [like me] then don't keep using this because it'll be useless, and since lemon's are very acidic, then once u go out in the sun u'll get them bck unless sunscreen is applied. Those who can't get rid of them.. unfortunately, have to try buying cream. Well good luck to everyone.. hope it works out for you? :D
i have freckles, lemon juice made 5 DISSAPEAR Comments By: Laurenn on 2011-06-29
hi, im 13 years old and have bleach blonde hair , i have about 20-30 freckles under my eyes, luckily i can coer them with foundation, i use rimmel london 25 hour, it helps alot. i tried this lemon juice technique and 5 of my freckles have dissapeared under my eye, im so happy and i look forward to keep using this techinique as it does really work , <3
well didnt help me Comments By: lolo on 2011-07-30
i have light brown freckles and i want my ones on my arms and well i have not got any on my hands but i might get them i tried it and it didnt work so really anoyed i suppose i just got to except them as there a sign of beauty right hope it works for you ! pleeaasse discover something else thanks

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