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Bags under your eyes Can be just temporary

People who have sinus problems or allergies can experience a slightly swollen area around the eye, but this is usually temporary.

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Not just temporary Comments By: Sarah on 2004-07-23
I have hayfever, and therefore have HUGE bags under my eyes. I have had these for over 14 years. Bags under eyes in most cases are not temporary. I use Clean and clear under eye brightening stick and it works wonders!!
Use of antihistimines can reduce alot of the bags Comments By: Moni on 2004-08-10
I had a severe swelling and bags under and over my eyes, went to doctor and he said to try antihistamines, I bought some allergy -no name-Exact and have taken now for several months, it took time but it worked.

Also, you can try a product called FADE OUT-Eye zone fade cream. Hard to find but moisturizes as well as takes the dark circles under the eye! Made by: Fine Fragrances&Cosmetics Hampton Middlesex-Made in England -Helps a lot!!

Decongestant before bed Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-11
If I feel swollen eyes coming on or feel remotely congested near bedtime, I'll take a Sudafed right before I go to sleep and it absolutely works every time. No swelling in the morning.
Help with products Comments By: Dalene on 2006-09-11
Morning, I live in South Africa where would I be able to get some of these products mentioned? Clean & Clear under eye brightening stick?
If anyone could help do you know who makes it
Thank you


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