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Whiter teeth Baking soda and salt

Mix one part baking soda and one part iodized salt, add water to make a paste. Spread this one your tooth brush and brush as normal. This will remove plaque as well as whiten teeth. By all means, do not swallow this. Also, do not use this very often as it will make your gums feel raw. Once a day is fine unless you experience rawness, then decrease the use to every other day. Enjoy!

Visitors comments

great idea Comments By: lisa smith on 2007-07-12
i really like the idea and enjoy what it does
no it doesnt Comments By: katie on 2008-06-09
umm yea i tried this and it taste horrible,and it does not work,it makes your gums sting!!!,and it is a big mess afterwards,and it does NOT work!!!!!!!
works Comments By: Cindy on 2008-07-29
yeah i started doing this a few days ago. it tastes nasty but it does work. my teeth are whiter, my breath is so much better, and the plaque i had on two of my teeth is completely gone.
Wow! Comments By: ashleyismynamebecauseifat on 2009-02-25
I been doing this know twice a week for a month and it works great!!! it taked nasty and it makes a mess but it is so worth it...
I LIKE IT Comments By: emmy x on 2009-03-10
my maytee has realy yellow tweeth and she used it and her teeth went bright white she did say it stung a bit though , but it was worth the pain ! x
will it hurt Comments By: lois hall on 2009-05-05
i have kind of like an alsor in my mouth. will that really hurt it, it hurts to even touch it ... will it ?
white teeth Comments By: amc on 2009-05-27
the cheapest and best way to get white teeth is to rub a strawberry on your teeth this is a celebrity secret
:) Comments By: Bianca on 2009-07-16
Unlike whitening toothpastes which, in the long run, strip the enamel from your teeth and cause teeth to become yellow, this mix actually works without ruining your teeth!

It works as quick as in a few days -- brush morning and night with the mix, and it works great.

Should you have ulcers it will sting a little, but the salt in the mix will help them to heal faster.

I threw out all my whitening products when I found out about this mix! Seriously, do try it :)

question Comments By: umair on 2009-08-06
by one part..wot do u mean???1 teaspoon on tables spoon??

TipKing says: It does not matter. If I were doing it I would use table spoons. Hope this helps

Hmmm... Comments By: Anony on 2009-08-07
I shall try this! :)
huhh Comments By: fat skank bitch on 2009-10-14
duno about this sounds a bit weird....
Great! Use this, not lemons or starwberries!!! Comments By: Sonja on 2009-12-02
It worked great! it stung my gums, but it was SOOO worth it. Do NOT use strawberries or lemon juice! it works, but its very bad for your teeth and can damage them beyond repair, especially lemon. if u do use strawberry, brush afterwards.
what i think ?? Comments By: ??? on 2009-12-29
i think it works greatt. i use it day and night. but when you do this DO NOT USE MOUTHWASH AFTER it won't help it it will hurt your teeth and ur gumss . try it. it might helppp change your lifeee
i have yellow teeth Comments By: COREY on 2010-01-26
it WORKS!!!!!!!!!! no jk=oke im a kid and i had bad yellow teeth but in one brushing u will know a diffrence it dis sting but this is 100% REAL
amazing Comments By: James on 2010-01-27
wow THis really works my teeth was yellow as a banana but now its like a cloud you have to try this

but why is the bottom of my teeth still yellow?

ill try Comments By: cant smile on 2010-05-23
my teeth looks bad,even i do brushing twice a day,hope this work:)
It's good Comments By: Joe on 2010-07-19
Hey everyone If bakeing soda and salt is herting you you can bye whiteing gel at the store or you can get whiteing strips there really easy and is only 5-10$
Great! Comments By: Nicole on 2010-08-23
I did not expect this to work at all! but it actually did! the taste was horrible and it made me gums bleed and sting but i made my teeth white and thats all that matters! (:
Salt Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-01
Does it have to iodized salt?
:D Comments By: Haleigh on 2010-10-05
Stings like crap....But my teeth are noticably whiter! Oh, and another good idea would be to mix it with hydrogen peroxide, which has a whitening effect on teeth.

Iodized salt? Comments By: fly on 2010-11-23
lol they ask if they shud use iodized salt..

no honey .. use the rock salt *kidding*

i'll try and see... Comments By: Suzette:) on 2011-01-27
does this really work????!
iodized salt?!?! Comments By: Filip on 2011-01-29
can we use normal salt witch u have in the kitchen!?!?
Toothpaste Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-08
Do I still have to use toothpaste if I use this?
Hope this works :D Comments By: KeraBeth on 2011-02-24
I haven't really tried this. I wanna get my teeth whiter, and i might just try this. And how much salt do you have to mix with baking soda. ?
ummmm duhh Comments By: White and Brite on 2011-02-23
okay ppl be nice to those who make stupid comments they really dont understand...anyways it works but yea makes your gums sting..just dont do it every single day i wud alternate. (one week do the baking soda/salt mixture and the next week do regular toothpaste..) because if not u will make your teeth extra sensitive

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