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Quick glow to your face

Do you need a quick glow to your skin and all over healthier look? Bend over at the waist, as far as you can possibly go, and hold to the count of thirty.

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Your Tip is not true Comments By: lorin on 2004-07-19
The tip you added isn't true because when you bend over for thirty seconds your whole face will be red and the usual complexion is blushed pink cheeks and a evenskin color,you can do this with make up.the tip you added also gives you blotchy red skin.
Innacurate Advice Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-03
This advice is innacurate. It would cause blood to overun the tiny blood vessels in the cheeks, not to mention you could pass out !?! This tip should be removed.

Tipking Says: I doubt very much that just bending over would cause such problems

dont bother Comments By: Nina on 2004-11-07
this isn't right, all it did was make me look stupid! unless you want a lovely FLUSHED face, dont bother doing this girlies
Absolutley Not! Comments By: honey on 2005-01-23
Don't try this tip because it;; make your skin red and blotchy!i think this tip should be removed.
drink lots of water Comments By: anon on 2005-05-28
if you drink a lot of water and get lots of sleep and use a mousturizer that will give you a nice glow.
your stupid Comments By: Vanessa on 2005-06-27
bending over does NOT help your skin in any sort of way! I work for the beauty company of AVON and my daughter gave me this cruddy site, bending over will cause damage, DO NOT DO IT!!!!!
kind of prejudiced Comments By: White Girl on 2005-08-20
This only works for white people! What about my friends?
Not true at all! Comments By: Deja on 2006-01-01
that comment is not true. because it makes you're face TOTALLY red and U-G-L-Y!!don't try it.
LOL Comments By: Lucy on 2006-03-25
Funny. It does work. But for like 10 seconds. Thanks, though. ;)
bend it!!! Comments By: Visade on 2010-07-10
It will help as it is a form of exercise and a posture in yoga. Great Tip.Exercise is good for skin, what better tip can one expect from tip king. Applying face packs and all the other stuff will not and cannot make you beautiful unless you have exercise in your regime and overall healthy lifestyle. The face is flush with blood which carries precious oxygen to the capillaries. I am sure the benefits will not be just for a quick glow but for a lifetime.
P.S. Try breathing in deeply when holding the position for extra oxygen:)

Use a Honey besan home made scrub. Comments By: Nivedita Baidya on 2010-12-14
Take 1/2 tsp honey, few drops of lemon juice, 5 drops of rose water and half tsp besan (chickpea powder) and slowly massage it over your face for about 3 mins. Add a few drops water to your face and massage it for a minute and then wash your face with lukewarm water and apply moisturiser. It works fine for me so it should for u too

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