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Colgate toothpaste is a good salve for burns

Submitted by Don

Did you know that Colgate toothpaste makes an excellent salve for burns.

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toothpaste design Comments By: SHEILA BUNCIE on 2004-08-24

Not good Comments By: Anon on 2004-12-05
Colgate toothpaste or any other form of toothpaste is NOT a good salve for burns!
Try it yourself! Comments By: Common Sense on 2005-01-30
Try putting toothpaste on your arm and leave it there for several minutes. You will feel a tingle, then a burning sensation. That's becaues it BURNS your skin. Do NOT rub toothpaste onto a burn. The person who posted this is either badly informed or trying to hurt you.
toothpaste for burns Comments By: sarah on 2005-02-25
they do that in greece, from the days when they couldn't buy products for burns. i tried it, and it worked really well, the mint cools it. Obviously if the burn is really serious ( i.e an open wound ), then you shouldn't use it. another tip is to wrap it in clingfilm if that is possible

NEVER Comments By: Shelly on 2005-03-07
You should never put toothpaste on a burn unless you want an infection. When you are burned you should NEVER put anything on it. Including a cold cloth. The only thing you should do is run it under cold water. Placing anything on a burn only traps the heat and allows it to continue doing damage.
(Advice from Shriner's Burn Institute, Cincinnati, OH)

Aloe is better Comments By: Anon on 2005-12-27
Cut a stem (close to the plant center) from an Aloe plant.
Press the cut end of the stem on the burned spot and keep the 'jelly' on your burn for a few minutes.

ouch Comments By: ashley on 2007-01-31
i did this last night and it made my burn a lot worse :(
Minor burns only Comments By: Pain freee on 2007-07-22
I burned the palm of my hand and fingers on a plate that had been left on a burner. I ran it under cold water, iced it, and then put Crest toothpaste on it. It still burned after the ice wore off, so I tried the Crest. It gave me practically instant relief of the burn. Again, this was a closed minor burn. I would highly recommend it, but only for closed burns right after you run it under cold water for several minutes. I never saw a sign of infection.
true Comments By: Deepti on 2007-07-31
My sister had a second-degree burn about 10-cm long. After washing with cold water, we applied toothpaste and it really relieved her pain until we reached our doctor...
natural relief for burns Comments By: Ray on 2007-09-14
I would suggest that you should only use toothpaste on closed burns.
Another tip that I use all the time is urine, yes! pee on it. Especially on closed burns or scalds. It heals far quicker.

it works Comments By: anon on 2008-02-05
toothpast is the last thing i would try but it works
OLD OLD RECIPE FOR BURNS Comments By: ANON on 2008-02-22
Toothpaste works! Comments By: April on 2008-03-28
I burned my thumb on a hot pan. I ran it under cold water for a few minutes, then wrapped a cold washcloth around it for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, I applied a small amount of toothpaste and there's no burning sensation anymore! The burn is very minor and closed. I would not recommend toothpaste for an open wound.
Toothpaste does work Comments By: Matt on 2008-04-10
Yesterday I burned the side of my leg very badly on a motorcycle exhaust, I immediatly put colgate toothpaste on it. The burning stopped immediately. I left it on until it dried. Took a shower and it washed away, the water running over it stung a little but not nearly as bad as before the colgate. Today the burn is slightly raised, (NO BLISTER), does not hurt at all. COlGATE WORKS
recent burn Comments By: Sarah on 2008-06-04
I actually JUST got burned today, about four cm long on the grill. I applied a bit of toothpaste on it, but since the grill was still on it was a messy and quick job and only about half got covered w/ toothpaste. I figured I'll leave it on for a while and see if the side w/ toothpaste on it actually turns out better than the side w/o. It's a rushed and extremely unprofessional exp, I know but its better than nothing.
toothpaste Comments By: cJ on 2008-06-06
burnt my fingers on the grill, tried toothpaste, IT WORKED, PAIN GONE !
Cool water with 1 or 2 ice cubes Comments By: Lenny123 on 2008-06-12
I burnt my hand with very hot soup. Fill a bowl with pipe water and add a cube of ice to reduce the temperature. Place your in the water, continue to add a cube of ice momentarily to maintain water temperature. This should provide temporary relief.
should i Comments By: mitch on 2008-07-16
i just got a burn from ligtinga firework, it burned my thumbit still hurts 10 minutes later im dipping in cold water, wat shyould i do
DON'T DO IT Comments By: Jessica on 2008-07-26
THIS DOES NOT WORK! I repeat. Does not work! I tried it for a few days, just so my pimple would go away and three day's later..I had this irritated red spot in the middle of my forehead.

http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k135/daftghosty/general crap/face.jpg

toothpaste does work... Comments By: Cathy on 2008-07-27
First of all who ever said that toothpaste doesn't work for minor burns is wrong... It really does work, I had burned myself once when I was still living in the Philippines and my mother put some toothpast on it and it worked... Almost everyone that had some minor burn on their skin use toothpaste...
toothpaste does work... Comments By: Cathy on 2008-07-27
First of all who ever said that toothpaste doesn't work for minor burns is wrong... It really does work, I had burned myself once when I was still living in the Philippines and my mother put some toothpast on it and it worked... Almost everyone that had some minor burn on their skin use toothpaste...
tooth paste and a bag of ice Comments By: Maggie McNamara on 2008-08-20
my friend was getting fries out of the oven and burned her self so we put a wet paper towel on it but that didnt go that well, then we put a bandage but it hurt, so we tried to put toothpaste on and got a bag of ice and she felt a lot better
It works!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-24
I always put toothpaste on my minor burns.
it really works Comments By: nedjy desir on 2008-09-28
I burnt my finger yesterday and my big brother told me to put toothpaste on it. did and it really worked. At first it will burn for like 2 minutes then it really feels better. Hope this helps you.
Forget the toothpaste -- Use a potato! Comments By: anon on 2008-10-03
Just Google "burns potato" and you will see lots of evidence and even medical journal articles about the success of rubbing a cut potato on burns.
Do NOT use toothpaste. Comments By: Anon. on 2008-10-25
Even if it does relieve pain toothpaste can cause infection if used on the wrong type of burn because it can open the wound.
Honestly, the best way is to keep the burn under running water. Smothering the burn with oily substances doesn't let the heat escape.

Yay! Comments By: Melissa on 2008-11-18
I just got a steam burn that was really hurting. It's just a minor, closed burn. Anyways, decided to give the toothpaste a shot to see if it works and it does, instantly! Cool! Oh and I did not have colgate, I figured any brand would do and i was right.
Toothe past 4 burns Comments By: Jamie on 2008-12-01
I was taking out somthing out of he over and my right arm hit the top of the oven... so the i switch hands and burnt the other... so I went to the bathroom and poured cool water o it then pu cogate on it INSTANTLEY it was painfree but then the burning came back but not as BaD as before....
Toothe past 4 burns Comments By: Jamie on 2008-12-01
I was taking out somthing out of he over and my right arm hit the top of the oven... so the i switch hands and burnt the other... so I went to the bathroom and poured cool water o it then put cogate on it INSTANTLEY it was painfree but then abot three minutes later the burning came back but not as BaD as before....
I just used colgate on a burn Comments By: susan on 2008-12-22
I just poured a boiling pan of water accidently over my left hand, I had my son google burn and he said colgate, i had some put it on and it did help then i read sites that said dont so washed it off, it started hurting really bad so put it back on
tot Comments By: lullu on 2009-01-24
i burned my hand today i put toothpaste but was worried afa coz ny bro said its not good as new resaerchers have found it does somethin to your nerves
colgate toothpaste Comments By: Tom_chch on 2009-01-09
Hi, after a glass of boiling water was spilled on my right hand around the thumb and pointing finger area i ran under warm/cold water for 5-10 minutes, then put a bag of frozen on it for 10-20 minutes.. after about an hour it really started to burn so tried toothpaste, the burning sensation went away instantly then came back about 5 minutes later but alot less painful that before applying the paste. The burn is 1st degree closed burn.
works for some and not for others Comments By: jason on 2009-02-28
personally ive used it several times over the years and it works everytime, but obviously this isnt the case for everyone. So for minor degree burns(the skin is red but no blistering or skin opening)try puting some toothpaste on it and if it doesnt work then just wash it off. I doubt having toothpaste on your skin for 3-5 minutes(the trial period) will result in irreversible damage to any of your organ systems.
It worked for me Comments By: Nana on 2009-03-20
Last night, I burned my right hand with a pot handle, felt the burn all the way up my arm. It was horrible. I immediatly put colgate toothpaste on it. The burning stopped immediately. I left it on until it dried, then washed it with cold water and felt it again. I placed more toothpaste on it and washed it off this morning. Today my hand feels great and NO BLISTER, does not hurt at all. It workded for me.
Burnt My Hand With Boiling Hot Water Comments By: Jem on 2009-04-24
A couple of days ago I just boiled the kettle and was rinsing out a cup with the boiling hot water and somehow (i was tired) the whole cup of water flipped and spilled all over my left hand. Ouch! So I ran it under cold water for a few minutes, until it started to burn/hurt and then put toothpaste all over my hand and left it on all night. No swelling or blisters and almost all the redness has gone. I always use toothpaste (any brand) if I get a minor burn (closed burn) and it ALWAYS works. Cools it right down and takes most of the pain away. Yogurt is also very good for sunburn (possibly hot water burns too)
im trying it now!! Comments By: love you all on 2009-04-27
i'm frying fish earlier,small amounts of cooking oil some how gets into my exposed tummy, my wife, being concern as she always have been, put some toothpaste into it against my objection I being a nurse by profession..well i guess love conquers all hahaha..no infection yet ,ill worry bout it later ..anyway its just a minor burn ,i wash it with cold water earlier..so far the minty sensation does some good on relieving the pain,,and i'm about to finish this blog i'm feeling much better now .. well i know for a fact that soon it well just heal by itself i love the way my wife doing her own little way of giving me some comfort..no harm done
a strange remedy Comments By: suggesting on 2009-06-05
I had read somewhere that COLD sugarless black tea was good for burns, as I was always accident prone in the kitchen and had many burns to show for it, I made it a point of keeping a potful in the kitchen since then burns were dealt with quickly and effectively. I have heard potatoes and their peel also are very good too.
I just tried toothpaste on my daughter's burns as their was no cold tea. She did get instant relief. I don't know about the side effects of it though

continued from above Comments By: suggesting on 2009-06-07
My daughter got a blister after the toothpaste and it has burst and now we have a small would to deal with, doing it with Soframycin any other suggestions are welcome
as regards the tea I did some research on the net on that and it seems to be an excellent remedy for both burns and sunburns as the tannins in the tea remove the tannins. you can also use a couple of tea bags on the burn after wetting them or place them on the burn and let water seep through them. For those who are prone to burns I will advise a pot of cold teal always ready in the kitchen

It works! Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-22
I never heard of using toothpaste until my wife from the Philippines used it on my son. It works just as good as mustard. Mustard has vinegar which is a common home remeny effect on burns. Toothpaste most likely has a chemical that is known to help treat burns. Its odd how professionals scold us about these remedies. But the fact is they do work. Common since applies. These home remedies may help but professional treatment is needed for large area burns.
Toothpaste works - surprisingly! Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-13
I am at work and do not have access to Aloe Vera or anything else except toothpaste. It worked extremely well. It is a very small, closed burn but the pain was starting to rise. I tried some Crest toothpaste and it instantly dampened the pain. Thank you to whoever first suggested it.
it would hurt but then it wont? huh Comments By: Gurjot Bhatti on 2009-08-18
ok so i burnt my thumb on the stove by accident...so i put crest toothpaste on it and it still burned but nowi washed my hand with water cold cold water and put toothpaste on it again and this time it worked but now the pain retuened again wat should i do???? ouch its been burned for more than 3 hours or so
It worked for me much to my chagrin Comments By: Raebrek on 2009-08-28
I took a pretty good splash of hot oil cooking this past Sunday. Enough to cover from my index finger, hand to the first knuckle on my thumb. Hurt like, I have been burned many times before. second worse burn ever. I turned to my right and ran my hand under the cold water of the faucet.

My wife came in and said "Put toothpaste on it". I said NO. Her cousin came in and said "Put toothpaste on it". I said NO.

So after my wife put toothpaste on it it still hurt. I mean I had quite a large red area on my hand. I washed it off say an hour later and the skin was sensitive if I rubbed it so I did not rub it.

Monday it didn't hurt much but you could see the red spots that were left. Today is Friday and I the marks are almost gone. No peeling, no pain. I do not believe in toothpaste but what else is there to attribute this too? I have never had a burn this bad not peel or blister. The pain was bad enough I thought I would have a giant blister.

Today, no problem and it hasn't even been a week.

it really does work! Comments By: Lisa on 2009-09-15
i had a small burn on the top of my hand and a friend of mine told me to put toothpaste on it. it worked really well and its healed nicely. it was not a serious burn. i would recommend seeking medical advice for any serious burns!!
Toothpaste Works!! Comments By: Bill Clinton on 2009-10-24
gotta say i was a little sceptical at first because my mom said it burns like hell. But actually when you first put it on it burns a little but after 5 minutes you feel nothing. Takes away the pain as if you were never burned. I used Colgate so im not sure if any other toothpaste will work. But give it a try, it works!!!
From an RN - it works! Comments By: Cheryl on 2009-11-26
Ok, to all the fancy-dancy EMT, etc. nay-sayer's - don't knock it 'til you try it. ToothPASTE is not occlusive, like an oil based product, for one thing. I'm a practicing RN and I know all the "official training" also. I'll tell you, tooth PASTE works wonders on burns - 1 or 2nd degree!! Don't knock it til you use it. It prevents blistering as well. I obviously wouldn't use it on an open wound, but definitely on anything else. I've had several intense burns, ranging from putting my hand on a hot stove coil, to burning my ears with a curling iron. ToothPASTE always decreases the pain instantly - left on til it naturally dries up and wears off; reapplied if pain returns. I've NEVER gotten a blister or an infection. The burns heal much quicker and much cleaner. It's part of my first-aid kit now.
yes colgate really works.. Comments By: rem on 2009-12-12
a cup of boiling water spill on my left breast, so i run to shower and rinse it for minutes, afterwards i feel the pain, so i put colgate on it, after 10 to 15 minutes it fells much better so i suggest colgate for close minor burn. also try ice cold water or rub cuve ice on the affected close minor burn..
its really works! Comments By: rose on 2009-12-16
its really works!! tooth paste for minor burns i try it alraedy...
Excellent tip Comments By: shail on 2009-12-19
I end up burning my hands a lot while cooking. This happened last night too! I immediately spread toothpaste all over my burn; it cools the burning area. I promise you...the next day you will have no scars or burned skin.
Toothpaste is a miracle cure!!!!!!!!

in pain Comments By: amy on 2010-01-06
please help i have a steam burn on my thumb its been hours and it still REALLY HURTS
i burnt myself Comments By: cathy S on 2010-01-08
i burnt myself on stove burner earlier.i tries aloe.silvadine,ice,now colgate.so far this has worked.thank God for Colgate.
toothpase works Comments By: dian on 2010-01-09
i learned this from my spanish freind, and i have used toothpaste a few times now (and tonight)from the oven ring.it does relieve the burning alot.
Colgate Toothpaste for Burns Comments By: Marion on 2010-01-24
The toothpaste is the best thing I have found for burns. Don't rub it in, just put a thick layer over the total burn area and leave it for as long as you can. I wouldn't suggest you use it for burns that have broken the skin, just kitchen type burns. It is easy to get off as well. Try it - really works.
TOOTHPASTE FOR BURNS! Comments By: Charleigh Brooke on 2010-04-03
i burnt myself with a really hot ovan tray, after that i applied a layer of toothpaste over the top, and it really does work! it stings for a while but after the pain is gone! it really does work try it for yourself :)
Burn :( Comments By: Got burned on 2010-04-28
Was cooking n hot hot hot oil just exploded, massive amount on 1/2 of my face. At this point i could endure all the pain, would endure it as long as it doesnt leave scars. Im a girl im vain get over it :( today is second day, it still looks bad.. Put colgate but i dont think it works coz instead of just staying red it looks a lot worse.. (doesnt help when ur bf cant compose his stunned face) .. But i think the best tip is straightaway run it in cool ( not warm not cold) water.. Aloe vera helps reduce pain n research has shown it can prevent infection, heals the tissue etc. Im planning to apply aloe vera ( from the plant itself) until it stops being inflammed and apply bio oil every freakin hour to prevent scarring. Ibuprofen helps with pain if u cant stand pain.. I would say avoid colgate, n be thankful its not on ur face.
perfect for burns Comments By: anon on 2010-04-30
ive been applying toothpaste on my burns for long now. It works all the time leaving no marks at all. once wen i tried cold water and ice, i acctually got blisters. the thing is tht we cant anything cold tht we apply should be there fro at least 45mins or 1hr. toothpaste gives a cooling effect and instatn relief. so u can acctually continue working.
Moreover i would only recommend toothpaste for close wounds. if u have an open burn,DO NOT use it. it will definately cause infection. iam a dentist thts y i can say all this.

Colgate burn protection not cavities! Comments By: Dan Holmes on 2010-05-10
Burnt my finger good with some hot hair removal wax, ouch! Used cold water for 1 hour, all was fine with finger in cool water, but once I took it out fire again...

So, tired the Colgate method, it does not feel cool or anything it just takes the pain away, remember to give it about 1 min to start working. Not sure about healing properties, but for taking away the pain - works great.

I would only try this with low grade, 1st and 2nd degree burns that are closed.

Thanks to all here who posted the advice helps convince me to try...best regrads,

Bentinite Clay or honey are much better healers for a burn Comments By: Singing Breeze on 2010-05-13
as is aloe vera, even if toothpaste soothed for a bit, it has stuff I would not want put on my skin, heck, I won't even put colgate in my mouth, fluoride is nasty stuff, its poison, who wants poison on a burn??
prettysmilez say Comments By: shanice on 2010-05-14
i used colgate da white paste on my face to bring the pimple down but it burned my face :( how long will it take 4 the skin to peel.... what can i put on it?
horrible pain gone! Comments By: acrow on 2010-06-02
I can't believe this works...pain was unbearable and feared i would not sleep. Small burn from oven but, horribly painful even hours later. Happened to have a fresh tube of Colgate paste and happy to report that pain is totally gone! Great Tip!
!!!!YES YES YES!!!!!! Comments By: ZARA HUSSAIN on 2010-06-26
toothpaste wrks guys Comments By: Urb@n_@NG3l ( : on 2010-06-28
Well I got steam burn n its hurted so bad so I'm like ohhh I remember my mum says water for Burns so got a big mug with cold water n ice n let it settle wen u take it out the burning really intense whooooaa!!! N den I used my common sense dat God give n Google it n here I amm relief is essential guys.Thanx a lot (:
Dont do it Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-08
Colgate burnt my face!!! I would say it is not worth risking it to see if it burns u or helps ur burn when there are other safe remedies out there without risks! Try neo CREAM not ointment or aloe
Use Common Sense Comments By: Raul Prada on 2010-07-15
When treating any type of injury use common sense. Toothpaste shouldn't be placed directly on the burn. However, it will soothe if squeezed into your eyes and can also take your mind off the pain by using it to draw smiley face on your butt with. Pinch a carrot with your hairy cheeks for dramatic effect.
slightly worked but BADLY burnt and scarred afterwards! Comments By: Tanya on 2010-07-27
i burnt the back of my leg, i sat on hot coal as it fell on my chair when i was having hubbly bubbly on holiday. my nan told me 2 use toothpaste as the burn was very minor. not bad at all but stung like mad! i put toothpaste on it and it still stung but not as much.. but it opened my cut, it got bigger and worser! now im scarred all down the back of my thigh. i now wish i would have just suffered the few hours of pain ratha than an extra 4weeks of pain!! toothpaste does sooth but youll be much sorer in the long run!!! and for the record.. toothpaste does cause infections.
IT WORKED Comments By: suzanne on 2010-08-10
I had a steam burned while i was trying to pour hot water in a fried vegggies the steam evaporated in such a way that my hand wasburned and have been having pain for almost 4 hours i inserted my hand immidiately in bowl with water and some ice packs it made me feel comfort but as soon as i removed my hand the pain starts and i googled the home remedies for steam burn found this site and dared to try toothpaste i applied crest then put my hand infront of running fan that gave mi instant cooling effect and relieved pain besides no blisters. I really worked out!
ehhh Comments By: unknown on 2010-08-11
i have a dry ice burn from a can of air duster from holding it to long using it && the next day i woke up with 3 red marks on 3 of my fingers. && ididnt think it wus too bad so ididnt do shyyyt but then the next dayz i had a medium sized blisters on my fingerz & my mom told me to put tooth paste & idid. it worked a little.. it made the red ness go away the pain is still kinda there. & i put the aloe vera stuff on it after .. now the blisters are light pink? hmmm.. My sister says to go to a doctor because dry ice burns can leave scars n shit like that.. Idont know what to do now -_-
Caroline P Comments By: Caroline P on 2010-08-31
Last week, when I went for a vacation to LA, I started having redness in my face with a burning sensation because of heat. I applied a regular skin lotion which didn't work. A couple of days later, when I visited my friend in San Diego, he noticed the redness and gave a cream called the Made from Earth "Pure Aloe Treatment".

I tried that night and following day also. To my surprise the redness and burning sensation were totally gone in 24 hours. It is a miracle cream for me. I would really recommend this cream to anybody who has sensitive skin issues like mine.

Pharmacist says yes Comments By: Claire PharmD on 2010-10-02
I scalded my hand with almost boiling water. Closed burn. Cold water for as long as I could. Had to go to work. I used to sell tooth paste for burns in rural areas of this country (No docs no hospitals). I applied Crest (DO NOT USE WHITENING TOOTH PASTE) and it worked for about 6 hours . Re-applied Butler which also worked. Got it on right now
Colgate toothpaste Comments By: Wood on 2010-12-27
Colgate white works better than Crest. Had to use it today.
ouchhhh Comments By: Kristy<3 on 2011-01-27
okay im 11 and i burnt my hand on a sraightener and it hurtz+!!! pleeeasssee help?!!!!!??!!!
Really Comments By: Evelyn on 2011-03-24
Okay soo,im 9 and i curl my hair...I have put ice on it but I couldn't help but put more ice.So, today I burned myself curling my hair.I burned myself by accident below my right cheek.So my mom from the Philippenes,said put tooth paste on my burn.

But before i burned myself on my arm.aand it made a little bubble, my burn and a bubble with Colgate.Guess what!!!!IT WORKED THE NEXT DAY!!I told her REALLY!!!I think everyone should use it for closed burnes!!!!!!!

toothpaste = good for unopened/nonblistering burns Comments By: joey on 2011-05-13
there is a trick to using it though, you MUST cool the area with cold water first, and you may then GENTLY (without rubbing it in) apply it to your burn, it should feel the same for first couple mins, then tingle as it relieves the pain, then leave it on for 20-30 minutes, the pain WILL return during this time. as the toothpaste is just about to dry, once again run your burn under cold water NOT touching it, until the toothpaste is gone (may take several minutes) and your burn will feel TONS better, rinse and repeat if not.. if you let the paste dry, it could open your burn and thus make it worse, as the skin is very tender and easy to rip, and the paste has "grit" in it, hence why not to touch it as you remove the paste, and not to rub it in as you apply it. good luck! this worked for me minutes ago btw.
it works Comments By: Rob on 2011-05-23
Ok I wouldnt use it on any serious burn but for the small kitchen hot pot burn or steam burn it does work. Say what you want but I have done it many times. Just cover the burn with toothpaste and them remove after about 20 min. Dont knock something before you try it.
If you don't know shut up! Comments By: George on 2011-06-20
For all the wise guys out there who say that it does not work. It is one of the best remedies that I have ever seen (for small burns of course) and nobody told me. I discovered it myself. We are talking about the toothpaste. NOT gel. I discovered this once when I got burnt with frying oil. I rinsed with water immediately and not having anything else I put toothpaste on it. The pain went away immediately. I left it for several (4-5) hours. The miraculous thing is that, believe it or not, when I cleaned my hand there was no sign AT ALL that I got burnt. 3 days ago I got burnt again with frying oil but much more seriously than so many years ago. I put toothpaste again and the result is that after I cleaned the paste there was no pain at least (there is no pain now as well) and just a quite wild redness on the skin but the skin is there and there is no open wound. From its progress, I believe that it will be 100% in 3-4 more days. Once again, toothpaste saved the day! I believe that some of the people who say the opposite may belong to pharmaceutical companies or something and are afraid that toothpaste will decrease the sales of some product of theirs.
toothpaste burn Comments By: misshelp:) on 2011-08-16
Baking soda Comments By: BurnRx on 2011-08-18
Just burnt myself with really hot olive oil. My entire hand was covered in oil. Soap on the hand to remove the oil followed by cold water for 10 minutes helped stop any major swelling. Afterbite (mosquito bite stuff) applied afterwards. Feels pretty decent, no pain, no swelling still. The Afterbite I used is new and contains Baking Soda as the active ingredient. I would not reccomend using older ammonia based afterbite.
Yes of-course it works... Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-26
i use it every time...and i don't get any king of infection..who ever said it its not good sgould try it once....

Colgate toothpaste DOES work Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-29
I have just burnt my self on my oven.. a few minutes ago.. and as soon as i done it I ran it under cold water (from the tap) then put some colgate toothpaste over it, im waiting for it to dry up.. but the burning sensation has gone, but this remedy does work, i have burnt my self many times, and i have no scars, all because of toothpaste :)
btw im only 13

don't use Comments By: z m on 2011-08-08
I tried it on my husband skin at the private area because of spilling boiled water...he screamed and running water
was not helping at all so, I called 911.
he got pain killer shots...we are lucky! he is ok after couple of hours.


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