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For minor burns use Preparation H

Submitted by Shirley

I recently burned the entire palm of my hand - fingers included and had blisters galore. I spread Preparation H on affected area, sat for about 1/2 hour, the pain slowly going away. I could not open my hand flat. The blisters went down, and the redness went away. I kept putting Preparation H on and by next morning there was no blisters, no pain, no redness. I did my dishes in hot water, no gloves and no pain the next morning.

Visitors comments

This really works!!! Comments By: Bobbie on 2008-11-10
My sister burned her thumb on a hot plate and thought she would have to go to emergency. We found this site and I had a Preperation H wipe she used. That was the only thing that stopped the burning!!!
Amazing! Comments By: anon on 2009-08-12
I burnt my fingers so bad i thought i had to go to the emergency room ... thank god i found some preparation H it really saved me!
Works for me Comments By: Amanda on 2009-10-18
Works great for minor burns!
THANK YOU!! Comments By: steph in charlotte :) on 2009-11-05
Preparation H was the ONLY thing that worked when I burned myself on the outside of a candle jar and the label/paint stuck to/in my blistering hand....I cried and cried. The Preparation H took away 90% of the pain within a half hour. NOTE though....the gel with aloe did nOT work, I had to use the preparation H white cream...once I did so, the next morning my blistering was minimal and the pain was gone.
Used in Hospital Burn Units Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-10
I am in healthcare and have seen Preparation H used firsthand in burn units..it works!
Prep H is the best thing out there Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-29
I came across it as a burn remedy by accident. The only thing in my medicine cabinet, I was despirate. Burning fingers,put Prep H on it. All other remedies failed but not Prep H. Thank God!
It does work! Comments By: VanJamison on 2010-11-16
Burned my hand on a hot object in my chemistry lab. Teacher said I should get ice, but a classmate advised against that & suggested to keep the burn under cool water. That worked until I pulled my hand out of the water. I got home and the pain was excruupciating, so I looked on the web in hopes of finding a solution other than cool water. I found the Preparation H suggestion on this site, so I went out and bought some. At first it was hard to apply it because the pain was so strong but after about 30 mins the pain was dulled but still slightly there. The next morning the pain was virtually gone and the blisters were minimal! I am a firm believer in this method of treatment for burns!
Burnt my hand with curling Iron Comments By: Rhonda on 2010-11-30
I burnt my hand with the curling iron and was in so much pain and it blistered and began to leak fluid. My father (a pharmacist for 30 years) gave me a tube of preparation H and its doing wonders. I go between using Neosproin plus pain relief, and Silvadene(prescription cream aka SSD). I feel like preparation H is helping best with my second degree burn. I hope this doesn't leave a scar because I will just be in devastation. Gonna get mederma after it heals :)

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