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Burn in the kitchen

Submitted by Tom Snow

If you get a burn in the kitchen, water or grease, IMMEDIATELY put yellow mustard on the burn. Allow to dry. Rinse off. It will keep it from hurting, and prevent scaring.

Mustard also works on sunburn. (PLAIN YELLOW MUSTARD) Grey Poupon will NOT work.....

Visitors comments

Doesn't work Comments By: Derek on 2007-02-17
I have a first degree burn on 3 of my fingers from boiling water, now my hands smell like toothpaste, mustard and egg white.
not bad Comments By: fkj on 2007-05-21
not bad kinda works
It works! Comments By: Alana on 2007-12-01
Although immediately after getting burned I used cool water to temporarily stop the initial burning, I followed up with the yellow mustard and the pain, throbbing and blistering subsided. Thanks!
urrg Comments By: Caryn on 2009-01-05
Typing with one hand... as I've just accidentally burned the outside of my left index finger.

Last year my mom burned her hand pretty bad and asked around for advice on reducing that telltale 'afterburning' sensation, and one of her friends told her about the yellow mustard trick and she consequently told me about it.

I'm sitting here with mustard on my finger and it definitely still hurts just as bad. I don't know if it really helps reduce blistering or lingering pain... but as for immediate relief... sorry this tip is 2 out of 10.

burn on hand from hot water Comments By: lisa on 2009-03-09
I used guidens mustard and it works!!!!
maybe it works immediately after Comments By: anon on 2009-07-28
but 2 hours after the burn still hurt and I tried mustard, just regular yellow mustard. I wanted it to work since mustard has helped my head colds many times. But after the initial cold wore off the mustard it started to hurt again. Though I could feel it drawing so it might take the heat out of the burn but not the pain
Cold Mustard Comments By: J.S. on 2009-08-03
Idk if it's just bc the mustard is cold but it felt a little bit better but my finger is still throbbing SO bad. Ouch :(
I guess I will just wait to see if, after it dries, it makes a difference.

IT REALLY WORKS Comments By: anon on 2009-10-07
i recently burned my hand with a hot piece of metal and after running it under cool water read to put mustard on it....surprisingly it worked!!!
it worked for me Comments By: anon on 2010-02-11
several years ago i worked at a fast food place i burned my arm on a frybasket my manager said to put mustard on it and it worked! i had done that before and hadnt put mustard on it it blisterd and i hve a faint scar but where i used the mustard i dont and it didnt blister.
It worked! Comments By: Val on 2010-10-05
After burning my fingers with grease and boiling water I soaked them in cool water and then tried the mustard trick. It worked for me! (did not stop the blistering tho)
I just dumped boiling soup on my thumb Comments By: Sylvia on 2010-12-13
I just dumped boiling soup on my thumb, and found myself with no Desitin, no milk, and no aloe to soothe the pain of the burn. I was skeptical about the mustard, but desperation made me douse my thumb in cold Franch's, straight from the fridge. WOW -- instant relief! As the mustard gets warmer I'm beginning to feel the slightest but of sting returning, but I'm just going to keep reapplying cold mustard for a while. Thanks to whomever came up with this.
Tomatos Comments By: Lauren on 2010-12-31
I'm clumsy and get burned often. A friend told me about rubbing a split tomato on the burn for a few minutes (depending on severity). It REALLY works! Sounded a bit crazy to me at first but it worked better than anything else for me and I didn't scar at all,

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