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Got stomach virus?

Submitted by James

You don't need to suffer with that! take vitamin C, 500 mg, every 15 minutes for 2 and a half hours. this is a water soluable vitamin so its just about impossible to overdose. take that, and then you don't need to do anything else. overnight, the vitamn C will kill the virus, and the next day you feel just about back to normal!

Visitors comments

Amazing Comments By: Sarah Clenents on 2004-08-31
I did not think anything could kill a stomach virus.
Vitamin C? Comments By: Alexandra on 2004-10-12
Even though Vitamin C is a good source to make you health, I highly don't recommend taking it every 15 mins for two and half hours. The best thing you can do is get plenty of sleep, rest, and water. Take Gravol if you are feeling sick and dizzy. Don't eat any fat foods, dairy foods, and spicy foods.

You will feel better. If it goes on for more than five days, go see a doctor and get proper medication to relieve it.

So far so good! Comments By: spatch on 2004-10-14
I took your advice yesterday and today the cramps have subsided considerably. I'm hoping it will stay that way.
Doesn't work Comments By: James on 2004-11-22
It Doesn't work.
baking soda Comments By: Elaine on 2004-12-05
Had a virus today and my husband made me drink water with baking soda in it. It tastes horrible but i have to tell you, i was absolutely fine after that so just hold or pinch your nose when drinking it. It worked for me thank god... had bad cramps from the virus.
sure u have one? Comments By: Moses on 2004-12-08
if you have cramps, its most likely not a stomach virus. if your throw up every hour and are throwing up bile, then you probably do.
Killing The Stomach Virus Head On Comments By: Norman on 2005-01-13
I have been prone to stomach virus' for many years.I have did some personal research on the virus, to learn through experience, vitiman c and echinecea and acidophilus or Immunasure will kill the virus, when taken in small dosages.
Open to suggestions Comments By: Joanne on 2005-02-01
I will have to give that a try.
Almost anything can appear to work Comments By: Mo on 2005-04-12
As most stomach viruses only last for 24 hrs anyway, whatever you take could appear like a cure. Just don't eat anything until everything settles, but ensure that you don't get dehydrated by drinking small amounts of clear fluids frequently. If symptoms persist longer that 3 days, or get worse, see a doctor.
are your sure its not a parasite? Comments By: will on 2005-07-06
are you throwing up? loss of appetite?
losing weight? Diaheria? tired, muscles
ache? light fever? Could be a parasite found in basil in florida.


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