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Got stomach virus?

Submitted by James

You don't need to suffer with that! take vitamin C, 500 mg, every 15 minutes for 2 and a half hours. this is a water soluable vitamin so its just about impossible to overdose. take that, and then you don't need to do anything else. overnight, the vitamn C will kill the virus, and the next day you feel just about back to normal!

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Amazing Comments By: Sarah Clenents on 2004-08-31
I did not think anything could kill a stomach virus.
Vitamin C? Comments By: Alexandra on 2004-10-12
Even though Vitamin C is a good source to make you health, I highly don't recommend taking it every 15 mins for two and half hours. The best thing you can do is get plenty of sleep, rest, and water. Take Gravol if you are feeling sick and dizzy. Don't eat any fat foods, dairy foods, and spicy foods.

You will feel better. If it goes on for more than five days, go see a doctor and get proper medication to relieve it.

So far so good! Comments By: spatch on 2004-10-14
I took your advice yesterday and today the cramps have subsided considerably. I'm hoping it will stay that way.
Doesn't work Comments By: James on 2004-11-22
It Doesn't work.
baking soda Comments By: Elaine on 2004-12-05
Had a virus today and my husband made me drink water with baking soda in it. It tastes horrible but i have to tell you, i was absolutely fine after that so just hold or pinch your nose when drinking it. It worked for me thank god... had bad cramps from the virus.
sure u have one? Comments By: Moses on 2004-12-08
if you have cramps, its most likely not a stomach virus. if your throw up every hour and are throwing up bile, then you probably do.
Killing The Stomach Virus Head On Comments By: Norman on 2005-01-13
I have been prone to stomach virus' for many years.I have did some personal research on the virus, to learn through experience, vitiman c and echinecea and acidophilus or Immunasure will kill the virus, when taken in small dosages.
Open to suggestions Comments By: Joanne on 2005-02-01
I will have to give that a try.
Almost anything can appear to work Comments By: Mo on 2005-04-12
As most stomach viruses only last for 24 hrs anyway, whatever you take could appear like a cure. Just don't eat anything until everything settles, but ensure that you don't get dehydrated by drinking small amounts of clear fluids frequently. If symptoms persist longer that 3 days, or get worse, see a doctor.
are your sure its not a parasite? Comments By: will on 2005-07-06
are you throwing up? loss of appetite?
losing weight? Diaheria? tired, muscles
ache? light fever? Could be a parasite found in basil in florida.

help Comments By: baby_rogue on 2006-01-12
but i already had it for almost a month and it is not getting better..
infact i feel that my headach is getting worst n i vomite easily..
please help!!

TipKing says: You need to see a doctor as soon as possible!

greatest tip ever!! Comments By: Roni on 2006-04-05
I took Vit C (300 mg.) about every hr for about 5 hrs, and it did wonders!!! Thank God cuz I couln't afford to miss work! Also, I drank plenty of water...that is a must!
SICK IN TEXAS Comments By: CYN on 2006-04-19
this works sometimes Comments By: anon on 2006-04-20
i have had the stomach virus and i have took a damp wet rag or washcloth and breathed throught my mouth and breathed out my nose and sometimes it works
Vit C works Comments By: Dee on 2006-05-15
Most people in the medical profession will (without fail) stay away from vitamins/minerals/herbs until they are diagnosed with something modern medicine cannot touch! I am an EMT and try not to take any drugs...herbs can be dangerous but they have worked better for me than drugs. Taking vit C and acidophilus in small quantities will do the job unless you drink soda..I just got the "bug" thismorning and have taken only 2 acidophilus and the cramps have subsided. Try not to eat, water is great! Prayer is always appreciated.
Nothing cures a stomach virus Comments By: sick on 2006-12-28
My daughter got this stomach virus on tuesday last 24 hrs. and now she is fine. I started throwing up and going to the bathroom uncontrollably and i am 22 hrs into it... with no end in sight. its like clockwork every 30 mins or so. its awful...
virus plus multiple stomach ulcers Comments By: Mom on 2007-01-10
question, my daughter has a stomach virus. She is also being treated for multiple stomach ulcers. She needs relief of the cramps. Will the vitamin C hurt her stomach more?
Different Types Comments By: Cindy on 2007-02-10
Three out of four people in my family have have viruses in the last week. Mine and my son's were mostly diarrhea, with vomitiming only a couple of times. My boyfriend has vomited already 6-7 times, and his just started a few hours ago. The only thing that I've found to work is drink liquids to avoid dehydration (sip). Buy some with electrolytes, and get in the bed. If you feel like you can eat try some soda crackers, or dry toast. The only real cure is time.
Apple Cider Vinegar/ Comments By: Guy on 2007-03-09
I suffered with this terrible virus. I was told that apple cider vinegar would help the naseua. I then took two table spoons of it and it took my stomach pain away.
Stomach virus Comments By: Pamela on 2007-03-14
I have the stomach virus. Ive had it for 2 days now, tomorrow will be the 3rd. The pain comes and goes, but when it comes, its pretty bad. I had to run to the bathroom non stop, i was vomiting. Im hoping by tomorrow the virus will be almost gone. I read on the computer the virus lasts 1-3 days, but your bowels might not return to normal intill 2 weeks, and once n awhile, the stomach virus can last to 10 days. Im praying mine only lasts for 3 because tomorrow will be the 3rd day. Thank god. The cramps are horrible. Feels like buring too. Sorta feels like gallbladder attacks, i had my gallbladder removed when i was 18. Im now 20. The pain is similar.

I wish you all luck on this virus, get better soon!

not sure about Vit. C dosing Comments By: chevy on 2007-03-23
I got this virus two days ago and only into the 2nd day could I vomit. The dirareha is awlful. I'm going every 30 minutes and it won't stop. The more I drink, the more I go. and it's uncontrollable (meaning I got the bed and pants a few times - yuk). I'm 46 and not that old but can't shake this. My stomach is cramping like crazy. This is a bad bug. I've had these before but the bug only lasted 24 hrs max. this one I heard is worse. Good luck to anyone with this.
where did this new stomach virus come from? Comments By: pam on 2007-04-02
I awoke around 4 a.m. on a Saturday morning and made a mad dash for the bathroom.. made it to the hall... vomited there, and when I finally got to the bathroom I had to reach the tub to vomit while on the pot! vomiting went on every 15 minutes. finally stopped around 3 something that afternoon. Diarrhea lasted until the following Tuesday noon. Left me with leg cramps and feeling like someone put a hose in my mouth and washed everything out the other end. I was able to go back to work on Wednesday, but still feel so weak. When will this go away, and where did this horrible thing come from? Any Ideas???
It usually works Comments By: HyPnOtIzE on 2007-04-09
Just drink ginger ale and crackers and that will settle your stomach well enough
The Bug Comments By: Rich on 2007-04-16
My 5 month infant had stomach virus and now it has ran through the rest of the family. It has came out both ways. Currently my son and my other daughter has been vomiting. I tried crackers, gingle ale, 7up, watered down gatorade, and motrin for the headache. Nurse told us to wait 2 hours after vomiting before giving fluids. Not sure about the one!!!, However, plenty of rest, cold rags on the forehead, gatorade, disinfected spray, washing hands and clothes, and alot of praying help me. The bug lasted about 24 hours for me.
stomach flu relapse Comments By: Nancy on 2007-04-30
Is it possible to have this flu...severe headache, nausea and vomiting for a week?
Then I felt better for 1 wk., returned to work, yard work, etc, just to come down with this awful thing again, though not quite as bad this time. Please advise.

Just got over Comments By: jamesscott23 on 2007-06-07
I started vomiting Monday morning around 7 a.m. and didn't stop until 10 p.m. I drank Sprite and Apple Juice, the apple juice helped. I also tried "EMETROL", it was awesome!!! When I did eat, I only had chicken noodle soup and crackers. I still feel a little uneasy, but for the most part it is gone.
throwing up Comments By: brendan on 2007-07-02
well to take the vitamin you have to keep it down, which is impossible when u r throwing up everywhere...nice try but u still should go to the doctor.
the stomach virus Comments By: Molly on 2007-07-22
This is my second time having the virus. The first, i started throwing up every hour or so, and the more i threw up the less time until i did again. Eventually i was throwing up every 15 minutes, and couldn't eat/sleep. The vomiting went away in a few days, but i still felt weak and hungry for at least 2 weeks after. I attempted to keep hydrated even though moments after i would drink something i would throw it back up.. This time, I have thrown up twice in the past 3 hours, but it's still the same feeling in my stomach. I just took a pill for the nausea that i didn't try last time...so i will have to get back to you on that. i doubt there is really anything you can do during this virus to help, but i guess the pill i took is worth a try. if you do have the virus, keep away from other people because it is VERY contagious!! especially people with diabetes.
The nausea pill Comments By: Molly on 2007-07-23
The pill i took worked. it stopped the vomiting, but the stomach ache remained for the rest of the night. When I woke up today though i was feeling much better. I've been drinking water and juices high in vitamin C and i'm beginning to feel back to normal.
bad stomach bug:( Comments By: Anna on 2007-08-24
Everyone in my house had this awful stomach flu last week. First, I contracted it at work. I started feeling queasy and just plain gross at work and I felt like I really needed to use the toilet, but I work at a grocery store and I was one of the only casheirs at the time and the store was extremely busy. I was also kind of embarrassed to go and use the one and only bathroom we have for employees because everyone is always using it throughout the day and I didn't want anyone to know I was being sick in there. I thought would probably be fine if I waited until one of the other casheirs to come back from her break to go and use the bathroom, but just as I had finished helping a line of customers go through my till, I had to very, VERY quickly RUN to the bathroom (and I mean *run* as fast as I could. I honestly didn't think I was going to make it, and I just about didn't). As soon as I reached the bathroom, I pushed open the door and let it all out my back end. I felt better, so I washed my hands and just as I was about to leave, I threw up, and then had to poop again. I must have spent a good fifteen minutes in the bathroom, and I was worried that my boss would be wondering about me. After I came out of the bathroom, I proceeded to walk and find my boss. I found him and explained to him how sick I was and he let me go home. Well, I started driving home and actually had to pull over twice on the highway because my stomach felt so disgusting I felt like I was going to be sick while driving. I got home without being sick, but as soon as I walked in the front door, I went to the bathroom and stayed there for about 45 minutes, sitting on the toilet. After that, I went to up to the bedroom and layed in bed, but every half hour or so I was running to the bathroom in our bedroom to either throw up or let it out the other end (I should have just stayed in the bathroom). Well, around four, the kids came home from school (ages 7, 9, and 10). I felt so weak and ill that I couldn't even go down to greet them. My oldest daughter came in my room and I had to tell her to leave because I didn't want her getting sick. Well I stayed upstairs until my husband got home from work. When I wasn't in the bathroom, I was lying in bed shivering with a fever and feeling like I was going to be sick again any minute. Well my husband took care of the household chores and tucked the kids into bed. Finally around 10 PM, I had stopped throwing up but I was still going to the bathroom like mad. I finally, FINALLY fell asleep around 11:30, but woke up around 5 AM just to be sick again. I couldn't make it to the bathroom once, and litterally leaned over the bed and threw up a little bit on the floor. I fell back to sleep around 6. Well, the next day I wasn't feeling better at all, and neither were my two youngest. My 9 year old son threw up about 10 times, and my 7 year old daughter soon followed. By Sunday morning (I had fallen ill on Friday morning), everyone in the house was sharing the two bathrooms we have, either throwing up or having ugly, ugly, UGLY diarrhea. Well, I stayed sick the longest (5 days to be exact), and everyone else was finished throwing up in 2 days max. My husband had steady diarrhea for three days, but the kids were better and back to themselves quite quickly, considering the bathroom was my home for nearly a week. Well finally, I started feeling back to myself on Wednesday night, but my stomach hasn't completely turned back to normal. I haven't thrown up, but I seriously haven't pooped this much massive, explosive diarrhea in my life! I've never been that sick before, and I hope to never be again. It really stinks, being cooped up the bathroom (no pun intended!!), I'm soo glad it's over with!!
omg!! Comments By: angie on 2007-09-14
I have been experiencing the same.. Last wednesday 5th september, I started feeling queezy. Stomach pains and feeling nausea. Thought I was going to hit the bathroom but was in town and would have meant diving into the nearest pub or cafe. Took some immodium and felt a little better.
Next day was out in town again and all of a sudden i had the most excruitating stomach pains. Ran into the nearest pub and had an explosive time in that loo. Good job there were only men in that pub, it smelled foul. Must have used half a bottle of deodorant spray. (srry..too much information..) Any way left that pub and then 5 mins later started again...dived into another pub and off we go.
Got home and was feeling ill..never out the bathroom that evening and all through the night.
Did not have any vomiting though mainly explosive diahrea and nausea.
Still going through this ...been 9 days now . off work and signed off another week. Doctor took a stool sample so waiting for the results of that..
I made a mistake in taking pro biotic drinks even though they made me feel better. I was told it keeps the virus alive?? does it? Anyway been taking loads of fluids and now gonna starve my body for 24 hrs but drink loads. I am also taking dioralyte for dehydration, to replace my body fluids just in case.
Will let u guys know what i find out about this evil stomach virus..
Hope you all start to get well soon and kick that viruses butt.

strong imune system Comments By: Anon on 2007-10-16
before i got this all i did was drink oj take pills and vit c pills plus immune bosster i got it at 11:00 pm to About 12:00 the next day my doctoer said u have the strogest immune system he has every seen bc he said most people have this for 3 days i had it for only 14 hours and throw up like 10 times and only went like 3. just take wat i took alot before flu season and u could fight it off like crazy.
Feeling Yucky, No Appetite, Constantly Nauseous. Comments By: Kimberley on 2007-10-22
I started feeling pretty nauseous on Sunday Oct 21/07. Sunday I had my boyfriend over, and felt OK the whole time. Then when I had to drive him home, I had pains in my stomach (Also had them sunday morning).. I have pretty bad anxiety attacks, so that's all I assumed it was. By Sunday night, I didn't feel like eating, but ate some Pringles Sour Cream & Onion chips, and just went to my room, watched a movie and fell asleep at around 10:00pm. I then woke up at about 12:35am and feeling very nervous (Because my anxiety attacks make me fear throwing up) and was feeling very very nauseous. At one point I thought I actually had to go throw-up.. but I toughed it out. I read on a website that people with Emetophobia (fear of throwing up, rarely ever throw up, even when they have the flu).. odd, eh? It's now Monday morning and I felt fine the first 10 minutes of waking up, but I have no appetite and am just not feeling up to snuff and kind of nauseous. Hopefully this crap is gone by tomorrow or Wednesday. I wanna eat my cereal again! :) Good luck!
the nasty bug Comments By: michelle on 2007-10-26
it all started monday 15th october 2007 and my 7 year old son threw up at 11.30 at night, i just thought too much chocolate before bed! boy was i wrong because no sooner had he got over that my 2 year old decorated the bedroom to, me and my husband spent the friday night cleaning her up.the next day she seemed ok,on the sunday we went to a party and when we got home she threw up again and we thought not another night or cleaning! the next day she seemed great so off she went to school,only for the teacher to phone me an hour later to collect her as she had the runs
( yuk ) by tuesday she was back to normal naughty self lol. on the wednesday i started to feel odd but just put it down to me tending to the sick all week. later that evening i drooped my son off at cubs and was due to pick him up at 8 but had the most terrible stomach cramps so my friend picked him up for me. well that was it my new home was the bathroom for the next 6 hours! to top it all my oter daughter started at 2 thursday morning, it is now friday and we are slowly feeling normal again but do u know my husband escaped all this as he works away in the week, maybe i should try and escape next time and leave him to it!

virus sucks. Comments By: Anon on 2007-10-27
i felt sick saturday morning and
i couldnt sleep for the rest of
the morning so i woke up at 8. and
it felt like i was gonna throw up
any second, all day. after i took
a shower i lied on the couch, and a
few minutes later i threw up everywhere.
now im eating toast and small sips of

i can relate Comments By: Ryan on 2007-11-07
I suffered through a stomach bug this past Monday. I had all the regular symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, fatigue, fever chills. I was feeling just awful all day Monday. But now, two days later, the bug has pretty much gotten out of my system, although I still tire pretty easily and have very little appetite.
This is horrible Comments By: Brian on 2007-11-13
Who knows if this is what I have. I have the diarrhea symptoms right now and that is happening right here, right now. I've gone to the bathroom several times tonight. Two nights ago I had chills, felt week and at times thought I might throw up but I fought that and never happened. The first indication of this was 3 nights ago when on a Saturday night I felt week and very, very, very tired. My body felt like it shut down and was out. I woke up and had cramps everywhere including a very sore back which I never have. This could be totally unrelated but I doubt it. Then at night I had some pizza and drove home and felt like I really had to go to the bathroom. I figured the pizza either was really bad or I got food poisoning. Then the headaches, fever of 99 degrees and the bathroom trips had me worried.
I'm trying to take this Vitamin C. I even drank some Vinegar straight. I've tired Petmo Pismo and Tums and still feel aweful. I figure right now I should eat much of anything because all it's doing it making me use the bathroom and feel sick.
My body tempature goes from very hot to freezing. This is horrible.

LEMSIP!! Comments By: julie on 2007-11-24
My son 1 year old and husband came down with the bug but in different ways. My son was having diarreoh and my busband was vomiting and sure enough i caught it 2 days later. My husband claims the only thing that made him feel better was a warm drink of blackcurrent lemsip (full of vit c) water (boiled) best thing for you anyway and gives you a boost.
Same Bug here Comments By: alexier on 2007-11-28
Yeah I really feel the same as most people on here. I was at work on Monday and one of the girls came in with strong perfume - suddenly I felt sick and then threw up.I went out for a meeting and came back and threw up again. I went home (even though my Manager thought there was nothing wrong!) and then on the drive home I really started to feel listless and sleepy - I just managed to get to mum and dads and went right to thier toilet to throw up.Sadly I lost my bowels then and since that moment I have been sick about 8 times (all with a horrid taste and green?) and watery poo! (cant spell the D word lol)
Anyway I am in my 3rd day in now and just starting to eat - had some Chicken soup and a Banana as I was told they helped.I spoke to the Doc and he said there was alot around at the moment- all my family have now been going through it! But its the Listlessness and Sickness I hate along with a severe headache where I felt I had to just be in darkness. What a BUG!! and I'm normally quite healthy!

12/01/2007 Comments By: JJac on 2007-12-01
I finally finished reading everyones comments. Everyone had some really good information and methods on how to combat this nasty bug. My young 16 month old daughter woke me up around 2am 2 days ago and was really crying and very sensitive(wanted to be carried and rocked back and forth). Soon she started vomiting every 15 minutes. I gave her water with a tiny amount of sugar every hour but she wasnt keeping anything in. By 6am she was still throwing up around 2 times per hour but only dry heaves as I had stopped giving her anything and just held her all night rocking her back and forth. She would only wake up to vomit!!! Stupid bug! By 7:30am we were at her Doctors clinic and we were told to just keep her hydrated and buy her pedyalite. We were given 2 syringes to feed her oraly about every hour although we dont need them as my little precious is still very active except when she has to stop and vomit. She only vomits once every 5 hours or if we give her any type of milk. Its hard not to give her milk as she constantly asks for it. Its been 2 days of hell for my little girl and just today my wife fell ill with vomiting. My little 3 year old or myself have not fallen ill but Im just waiting for it. Were stocked on chicken broth, noodle soup, pedyalite, grape juice, prune juice, and a bunch of other things. I guess all of our cases are different and some of us are tougher than others but its kind of nice that we share our experiences here to help one another out. Thanks from Seattle the Emerald City.
omg!!! continued Comments By: Angie on 2007-12-04
Sorry I have not replied sooner with my findings guys...hope you are all better.
Anyway I am still suffering stomach problems...now 3 months down the line. unbelievable. Had all the blood and stool tests done ,docs didnt find anything in there. Had a really bad night with bowels was taken to accident and emergency thought i was bleeding from the back end..pain was incredible.Thats what i get for gorging a huge pizza to myself lol!! anyway still constant diahrea. Went into hospital too to be tested for coeliac and crohns disease. Had been xperiencing stomach bloating for several months but nothing as bad as the original problem I experienced in sept (last blog)I reckon my immune system was so low that i got an evil stomach virus and it has left me with a major stomach problem. Reckon this has caused celiac disease to surface and possibly crohns, but i hope its not crohns, still waiting for tests yet.. .I have now cut out gluten in my diet and starting to feel a little better but still having those diahrea days..
Even now there are people around me getting stomach viruses but i am staying way clear of them incase i get really ill again.Thought id mention..take omega3 fish oils,,vit c, garlic. fennel tea and echinchea tabs..wonderful!! kicks those nasty bugs right where it hurts!!


my stomach bug might be different Comments By: mike on 2007-12-07
i first experienced this at 4am when i ran to the toilet for a poo which was yellow watery.
now i couldnt go back to sleep to i got ready for work whilst i was feeling cramps behind my belly.
whilst i was at work for about 2 hrs i made a docs appt.
he asked me my symptoms and everything pointed towards the stomach bug.
all i can remember was that i had eaten a bit of cheese on a cracker and then a few hours later i become bad.
on closer inspection i found out the cheese was out of date. i dont know if this caused this ?
its been 3 days and i have not once been sick,
am trying to eat fruit bananas and apples whilst drinking powerade and water.
the doc gave me theses drugs.
but there doing nothing.
can i ask what u guys think this virus is ?
am reading all ur comments and started drinking pure vit c drinks.

I feel so sick Comments By: Jessi on 2007-12-13
Last night I started to get a headache behind my left eye. My first thought was oh my hear goes a migraine. Then around 10pm or so I started feeling REAL nauseous. I did not sleep any. My stomach really feels uncomfortable and I am really weak and tired. I really think I could throw-up if I put an effort to it but I dont want to. I am at my desk at work right now praying for this to just go away. Ughhhh I feel so bad. I am going to get some vitamin c in a little while and hope that fights off this so called virus.............
Yucky mess!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2007-12-14
Thursday morning I awoke at around 4am feeling quite yucky. I layed on the couch and tryed to sleep by the fire(because my basement room was freezing)
I had serval close calls that sent me dashing to the bathroom. I managed to not be sick for 45 minutes after I had woke up. Finally the nastey deed was done. After I had vomited, I rinsed my mouth out with warm water, brushed my teeth(always helps get the taste out) and went to sleep on my couch bed. My mom woke me and asked me what was wrong. I had told her that I had been sick a few hours ago and she was disappointed I hadn't woke her up. But I ate some plain toast and orange juice and my bug passed only vomiting once and no watery poo. Lucky huh?

stomach flu Comments By: Kaylee on 2007-12-18
Three nights ago, I awoke from sleep about 3:00 AM, with a very upset stomach. I couldn't fall back to sleep and I layed there for about fifteen minutes feeling very nauseous, but hoping it would pass. It didn't, and I had to make a mad dash to the bathroom and almost didn't make it. I threw up and felt better so I went back to bed. Not less then an hour later, I had to throw up again. And again. I was in the bathroom for about an hour and when I got out I felt so week, I litterally dragged myself over to the couch because the bedroom seemed too far away. I got my boyfriend to take my temperature, and I was 102 degrees. I had the chills and just felt like crap. I started feeling better after I woke up around 7 AM, and nibbled on some toast. BAD IDEA! I threw up everywhere, and continued to get sick all day. By nightime, my boyfriend had come down with a similar sickness (but his was accompanied by diahrreah as well). We spent two days in bed, and in and out of the bathroom. I have finally started to feel better, but I'm scared to eat anything big because everytime I do eat, I feel like I might throw up and litterally have to hold it back. My boyfriend hasn't stopped throwing up since he started, and he's been to the ER in fear of dehydration. doctor just told us that there is a really nasty tummy flu going around and vomitting is the main symptom. I swear I must have ran to the bathroom about twenty times or more in the past three days. I feel for anyone that has to go through this disgusting flu, but all I can say is hang in there, cuz it's a bad one!
72 hours... Comments By: Nat on 2008-01-09
I'm pregnant, and for the past few weeks I've had very mild nausea on a morning, and threw up maybe once a week, but since Sunday night I've been throwing up several times a day, although no diarrhea (sp) ... hour 72 now. My doctor says I've got a virus, and I'm really worried that I'm going to get dehydrated, and harm my baby. Water won't even stay down. I've had people suggest flat cola, orange juice, bread, bananas, and none of these will stay down. I'm going to try the vitamin C tomorrow, hope it works. Thanks for all the tips on here guys, hope anybody who has it gets better, 'cause this is really nasty.
Fifth Day Comments By: Nessa on 2008-02-02
I'm on my fifth day now (2.2.08). I went to London on Mon 28th Jan and the following day I started being sick and having the runs. Thought I'd picked up something in London but I didn't feel right then so could have been incubating in me for a few days. More worried about work than being ill - like most work places it's frowned upon to be off sick for too long. Sickness stopped Tues lunchtime but the runs continued. NHS Direct told me it all seemed pretty normal and that I had a bug, and to stop the runs I needed to eat high starch foods like bananas, white rice, pasta (not brown), potatoes (not the skins) and dry bistcuits, like Rich Tea. Plenty of water also. I did this and thought I was getting better - getting a bit more solid - but then it all started up again. I think it might have been because I had a Magnum (a moment of weakness and deprivation caused this!!!). I'm going to restart with the starchy foods as they began to work. If I can just get over the blandness of it all I should be ok. If anyone else has prolonged runs (can't spell the D word, sorry) and can't get to the docs, phone NHS Direct - they're brilliant - you speak (eventually) to the operator who asks a few questions and then get put through to a nurse who will help you and give loads of advice and reassurance. They can even arrange for an emergency doctor to attend if needed. I definitely feel better but I'm not 100%. I've never been this ill in my life and I must admit it's reassuring to read everyone else's blogs about this bug and to know I'm not the only one. My heart goes out to the lady who had to finish serving a long line of customers at her till before she could run top speed to the bathroom. My advice is, if you're in any doubt at all about how you feel when you get up in the morning - if something doesn't feel right, stay at home. Your health is more important than any job.
Throwing up every 15 mins? Comments By: jenni on 2008-02-08
Some stories on here sound more like food poisoning than a virus. The stomach flu rarely ever lasts more than 24 hours, and if you're vomiting that bad, such as every 15 mins, then it's probably not a virus. Foodborne illnesses are the ones that last from days to weeks.
Coca Cola Comments By: Kelsey on 2008-03-02
I had a terrible stomach bug, and had thrown up probably a good 20 times in about 2 hours. I had no idea what to do so i called the doctor and she recommended drinking 1 tablespoon of coke every 1/2 hour, and the vomiting completely stopped. You shouldn't drink too much of anything. Vomiting akes you thirsty and makes you want to get a huge drink of something cold, but those are the two worst things. Especially if you have a fever, cold things are not good because a fever is your body's defense system to kill anything that's in you. If you put something cold in your body, its going to want to get it out because its cooling your insides off. If you drink too much of anything, even if it's not cold, your stomach may not be able to handle it. So try the 1 tbsp of coke, and if that doesnt work take little sips of ginger ale every once in a while. not too much!
not sure? Comments By: Alexa on 2008-03-25
I am 12 years old and i have the stomach flu. (i think) I tried the vitamin C thing and it did not work for me. i'm not sure what else i can do but please help me i am on spring break and i really want to get better so i can enjoy my time off!!!
Virus verry VERY badd Comments By: Phil on 2008-03-28
i had this bug but i dident know what it was but i went to sleep about 10pm and woke up about 4am and i was felling relly sick i felt like i was going to throw up but i did not.
i had a glass of pepermint water it eased it a alot but it was still there when i eventually got to sleep i woke up the next day and i was feeling better dident feel sick but i felt bloted and i chouldent eat so i had another glass of pepermint water it eases of the bloteness but i had a bad number 2 it only happend one but i dont know what made it happen it was all sudden so can anyone help to think what it is

BONINE Comments By: SHIRLEY MARTIN on 2008-03-31
help.. Comments By: mike on 2008-04-12
i dont know whats wrong with me... i had the bug about 2 weeks ago...threw up 3 times at about 1 am and had the runs. ever since then, whenever i lay down, i feel strange and my stomach makes odd sounds. a few times i thought i was gonna throw up but i didnt. i think im obsessed because i dont eat half as much as i used to and i dont like going out in public anymore. i feel sick only when i lay down for some reason occasionally i lose my appatite but not always. please i need help how can i get rid of this
Virus Comments By: Deborah Phillips on 2008-04-12
HOw do you get it out of the house.Once one of us get over it the other one gets it .My daughter had it twice now my 5yr old is getting it again.My son also has it.How can we get rid of it for sure.
Tummy Rumbling Comments By: rama on 2008-04-22
Hey guys. got ill on saturday after eating some pasta from my friends house. I dont know if that was what did it but i reckon so. I am going to make sure I heat things properly next time I eat something from a friends house. Anyway I kept pooing on sunday and felt really really weak as i had totally lost my appetite. Sunday night was really bad. I woke up from my sleep and went to the toilet. I passed out on the toilet and woke up with a cold sweat. the weird thing is the cold sweat made me feel better for some reason. I went to the doctor the next day and he was no help at all. I even had to prescribe immodium to myself and he said yeh take immodium lol. Anyway he said time will heal things and he is probably right. I do not know about the vitamin C thing but drink lots of water and rest. Try sugary drinks like coke. I havent had any but I am sure chicken noodle soup would help as it keeps more salt in your system thus keeping your body hydrated. anyway i can control my shits now but i still do not have an appetite and my tummy keeps rumbling which is scary. plus i still have runny poo when i go to the toilet. hopefully it will all be over soon
i have a tummy bug Comments By: DAVE BROWRING on 2008-04-26
Food Poisoning? I doubt it Comments By: SickotusVomitus on 2008-05-03
Its Saturday now (May), and on Thursday night I started feeling rather odd and nauseous. Went to bed at about 11pm, woke up at about 3am with very sore, bloated stomach and very sore back. I had explosive diarrea but it made my stomach feel better. Had water, and every hour or so I was up with more diarrea. In the morning I vomited because the pain in my back and stomach was so intense. Every time I dreank water after this I would vommit it back up pretty much immediately. I had fever, and was freezing, then burning up. My legs were cramping. Then Friday night, felt absolutely fine, so had a slice of pizza, and was sick 30 mins later. Last night more of the explosive diarrea. I feel fine now, although a little odd and very weak. Im not going to eat anything because that seems to trigger it about. Funny, I used to take acidophilus daily, but stopped about 2 months ago! Just goes to show you can get this 'winter' vommiting virus even in the warm months!
had stomach virus the day after mothers day ! Comments By: Melinda on 2008-05-16
I got some kind of stomach bug from my grandfather while out for mothers day dinner, Monday thowing up and going to the bather too. Thought I was starting to feel better by the 3 day, now stomach running off more again on 5 day now . Hate this all want to get back to myself .
not much sickness Comments By: nauseous on 2008-05-27
Been feeling slightly unwell since my holiday in Morrocco over a week ago, on Sunday i started to feel really sick and got stomach cramps, got into bed and about an hour later ran to the toilet and threw up twice, i very rarely throw up but couldnt control this. Went to bed and cramp subsided, but still felt very sick, called in sick on the monday, still feeling sick and very shivery yet hot. Didnt eat until the monday evening and had toast, but made the sickness even worse, i havent been sick again but feel like i can be any minute. Its now tuesday and got sent home form work after half an hour, i feel quite dizzy and still sick, had a toilet incident at work, very loud and runny and quite embarrassing, so its best to stay at home. Ive only been sick twice, but the feeling of feeling sick is horrid isnt it? Im just trying to drink lots of water and im going to avoid food at all costs. I suppose there are different degrees to this bug as ive been lucky with the being sick side of it. Im not gonna bother with the doctor, unless this carries on for another couple of days. Do you think i could have caught it from Morroco?
anxiety + stomach virus Comments By: Dawn on 2008-06-23
I've been sick for about 5 days now. I throw up eveyday in the morning, then I feel nausea for the rest of the day. Loss of appetite. I don't remember ever feeling anything like this. I got sick a while ago but it was only for 3 days. Now I'm freaking out because I first threw up on Thursday and it is now Monday and I feel like crap. My boss is putting pressure on me. My mother told me that I need to stop freakin out, it is a stomach virus and it could last up to 10 days, so just deal with it and that I need to see a therapist. I cry everyday and I sometimes fear I'm dying or I'll never get better. Does anyone else feel this way too?
a bit sick still Comments By: anon on 2008-06-27
i'm onto my second day of having an upset stomach but it wasn't as bad as yesterday. can anyone tell me if there's any help from drinking tea or orange juice that i've always heard about? i'm not good w/ stomach aches T_T
i hate when i get this STOMACH FLU! Comments By: 'Anon' on 2008-06-27
well i am going on my fourth day with this illness! Started feeling a little nauseated on Monday night but went away. The next day on Tuesday i woke up i was fine...then all of a sudden i felt a little dizzy..didnt pay no mind. I ate..after an hour i started to feel nauseated. I was ignoring it, didnt want to vomit...i hate it!! I still managed to go to soccer practice, i didnt run too much!! So after practice i came home laid down for a bit, when finally here it comes!! The vomiting part!! uuugghhhh!! Then after the dirrahea...and the cramps and then i cant stop burping!!! So today is Friday and i still feel cramps, burping,a lil nauseated, so tired, weak, hot flashes,still have diarrhea.. I just cant wait till' this is overwith!!! Good luck to anyone who gets this!! Make sure to always WASH your hands!!!
Wierd Reliver Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-01
Like with any virus, I personally find it better to let it run its course, but I survived my virus with having a sip of tonic water every 5 mins. It just kept me hydrated, normal water would probably do the trick as well, but I just used tonic for some odd reason, and it relieved me from it for brief periods of time
stomach from hell Comments By: alley on 2008-07-11
here i am 10 hours into this stomach hell.i wouldnt wish this on anybody.the vomiting has been the worse,i have tried all of the remedies and believe me nothing work .you have to let this thing run its course and prayer is all you have left,cause you done vomited every thing else out.so for all you sufferer lets pray we get better soon.
cant throw up Comments By: Chris Stone on 2008-07-23
I started having bad watery diarreah last night, stomach isnt really sour but i feel weak and wierd. dont feel like a stomach virus but i dont know whats giving me the diarreah. really blows my mind cause i havent experienced this type of sickness yet. does anybody have any clue as to what this may be?
PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE Comments By: Steph on 2008-08-28
You guys need to call your family doctor and ask them to give you some Phenegran. Most of them will if you know you have a stomach virus. You can take a phenegran every 6 hours, and it will put you to sleep so you wont feel a thing. Wake up 6 hours later and take another phenegran, then after about 24 hours, you have had enough rest and can go back to work without feeling restless. Also Emetrol works but it wont work if you already started throwing up. Emetrol is over the counter and i would start taking that as soon as you start having diarreah, it should prevent you from throwing up.
good luck!

Did not work!!!! Comments By: Jay on 2008-09-13
thanks for having me eat 10 pills for nothing!
is this the same???? Comments By: sick of being sick on 2008-10-03
ok so here it goes, i woke up monday morning with severe stomach pains but i did not have the overall sick feeing. the pain asted threw tursday also but i managed to work threw it until about 4 o'clock when i got the chills and headache, i dont have a doctor so i went to the emergency room and signed myself in. They did blood work and a urine sample but everything came back negative so i was sent home with a virus and to take tyenol for fever every 4 hours until i feel better. on wednesday i felt a little better so i decided to eat a hamburger from jack in the box out of the kids meal. after that i felt the stomach pains come back and i felt sick again. i woke up on thursday with diarrhea really bad a day unitl about 5 pm when it stopped. today is friday and i still have diarrhea but no more stomach pain. could this really be a virus? i have never heard of one lasting this long. I do work at a daycare with kids that have had diarrhea and fever but not this bad and when hurricane Ike hit my son also had diarrhea but he was only going to the bathroom like 4 times a day not every 30 min like me
this sucks Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-20
I havnt been in school four days
I read that it takes at least 3-5days
I hope I'm right
Can you guys tell me if I'm right

Coca Cola and Gatorade Comments By: Mikaela on 2008-11-23
Last night I felt completely fine, My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew came over and we all watched Wall-E. It was about half way through the movie I started having cramps, I figured, I must have eaten too much or I was starting my period, because it was about that time. But the cramps slowly moved upward and they were giving me heart-burn. I'm only 14, so I asked my mom what would make me feel better. She told me to just go try to use the bathroom, which I had already done. I vomitted atleast 3 times, last night, and once this morning and I've used the bathroom and had diahreia countless times. I finally found this site and I read some comments. I've been craving gatorade all day, and I read one that said the acids kill germs. I don't have any gatorade, so my mom suggested drinking coke, and we have endless 16 oz. bottles because my mom drinks it, so I've drank about down to the top of the label, and I'm feeling better than I had just a few minutes ago, and I'm thankful to all of the comments. (:
help me plz! Comments By: tawny on 2008-11-28
help me yesterday i was fine but when i woke up i felt like i was about to throw up im 11 and when i try to throw up i cant i cant eat food or ill get sick so the only thing that helps is eating salad and drinking pepsi why am i feeling like this oh when i lay down and sleep im fine but when i get up i dont wana move help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't Worry If You Have A Stomach Virus! Comments By: Justin on 2008-12-07
What To Do Is?

1. Relax/Take Thing's Easy.

2. Drink Ginger Ale, And Eat Cracker's.

3. Take Deep Breathe's.

4. Take A Nice Warm Shower.

5. Don't Worry Yourself, It Sometime's Make It Worst.

6. Drink Ginger Tea.

Those 6 Thing's I Just Mentioned Should Work. It Worked For Me. So It Should Work For You.

ongoing tummy cramps Comments By: May West on 2008-12-21
I had a bout of very high temperatures -lots of blood tests - felt like hell -
doctor said it was an unknown virus. I have had tummy cramps and flatulence ever since (two months). I have taken probiotics but do not get any better. Where do I go from here? I'm desperate!

Oh how I hate this virus!!!! Comments By: mcg on 2009-01-19
Okay my oldest son is 8 my youngest is 3. IT all started 3 days after Thanksgiving. I found out I was pregnant and the next morning my 8 year old was throwing up. He would throw up feel better throw up again. This was Monday, by Wednesday we were at the doctor who refused to give Phenegrin(sp).He said it was a bug and it should be over by now. My son went to school the next day and was sent home for throwing up 20 mins after he got there. This terrible cycle continued for 10 horrible days!!! Finally it was over. I lysoled & germ xed everything and everyone in the whole house. Two days later my 3 year thumb sucker gets it. 10 more days of hell. Will it ever end??? Finally 20 days after it came we got a little break. Christmas was luckily virus free. Then 1st week in Jan. Husband gets it, throws up all night. This was only 24 hrs thank god. But, 3 days ago my 3 year old gets it again throwing up and explosive runs. Then I get it. Headache, terrible body aches, runs, vomiting. Now my poor husband is in bed with it again. I keep thinking it has to be over soon. The one thing that does make me able to bear it is this: take tylenol pm & make yourself hold it down until it works. It will ease the cramping, body aches, headaches and make you sleep through some of this horrible virus. Hope it helps and pray we all get better!!!
The virus Comments By: Nirmal on 2009-01-24
Ill tell you exactly what happen. Yesterday while playing snooker, i got really bad stomach aches, and when i went to the loo i shat like a horse. So i went back to play snooker, but the pains got worse, i started sweating and feeling extremely weak, and my stomach was kiling me. I got home about 3pm and went to bed. When i woke up, i puked 3 times, each puke lasting 3/5 seconds long, brown liquid, and a lot of it. I felt dizzy, scared, weak, and did not want to eat or drink. Its now the second day, vomiting has stopped, stayed up all night, no apetite still, stomach feels funny, less pain.. Hoping mine is a 3 day thing.
my stomach virus Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-04
I am a 9 year old girl & i have this virus. be wear the vomiting.
stomach virus Comments By: quita on 2009-01-07
ok i started to get lightheaded all day monday my stomach start making noises and i start vomit last night and tonight do i have a stomach virus
the virus Comments By: runnman on 2009-02-20
i had the virus alot of diareah, no vomitting

after i drank some milk, it seemed like the diarreah stopped


Mysterious tummy bug. Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-24
I've had stomach aches after eating anything for the last 3 weeks, I usually vomit big meals but sometimes even smaller meals will push my tummy over the edge. I've had constant runny/extremely soft poo for more then 6 weeks now. I've seen a doctor, tried almost everything people have suggested including some things on here and still nothing. In the time I've been vomiting at least, I have stopped eating dairy and many meats. I'm on a babyfood/soup diet and only mix those with rice, occasionally some wholegrain pasta. The only meats I've eaten are small portions of fish and chicken, but like i said "small" portions. I actually get some doctor results back tomorrow. I've had poo samples, urine samples and blood samples taken. Next thing I guess is a small camera inside of me to find the reason I been so sick. I've gone from 82kgs to 67kgs, my brain is thinking alot slower, as are my reactions/reaction time. I feel like Im dying!
ACV for me. Comments By: Michelle on 2009-03-02
My whole family had been passing around a stomach bug. I didn't know they were sick and I went over to my moms house. They (aunts, uncles, cousins, mom, dad, sister - from 4 different households) had all been vomiting and having diarrhea that has ranged anywhere from 3 days to a week.
I got it, of coarse, on top of being 6 months pregnant. I've had it for 3 days now and I've just been trying to stay hydrated.
I've had Apple Cider Vinegar work for so many things in the past (colds, UTI's) I'm going to try that and see how it works with this bug. I've been slowly sipping a tsp of it in a 8oz glass of water with some stevia and honey and so far so good. Actually tastes good.
Something else that has been recommended to me that I'm going to look into: Nux Vomica

constant flu-like feeling Comments By: losingpatience on 2009-03-26
I have had flu-like symptoms off and on, for about a year now. It may go away for a half hour,or sometimes for hours, then come back. I feel miserable and the doctors are guessing.I need to find an answer soon.Any help will be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much.
I didn't try this, but my stomach hurts VERYY bad. Comments By: Jeremy Vella on 2009-03-28
So yesterday night I went out to eat and had a tonnn to eat. I went hope and knew something was wrong, I couldnt sleep and it was VERY painful and I threw up A LOT. Now its the afternoon of the next day, Im hoping I will sleep fine tonight and I'v been sipping ginger ale every hour and no difference at all. I can't go to sleep because it hurtssss wayy t muchh. I have a verrry sharp cramp in my bottom right abdomin. Wish me luck as this sucks a lot..........
diagnoised Comments By: losingpatience on 2009-04-10
I went to a herbalist and he told me that my colon and liver was my problem for my long term flu-like symptoms. he told me to use a good colon cleanse and it would take care of the liver also.
i need help Comments By: mia on 2009-04-13
i have this stomach virus... i had it since friday.... since friday all i can do is vomit.... what can releave some pain?
try it . it works Comments By: casey on 2009-04-15
what ussally helps me with stomch pain is i get in a hot bath filled with water and the pains goes away also a heating pad on stomch helps just dont leave it there to long drinking gingerel and water and eating crakers helps too with nausea
ughhhh Comments By: jenni on 2009-04-22
Okay so i woke up this morning
and i was fine...and then it was
time for lunch and i was feeling normal
i ate a finger sandwhich..and got
very nauscious..then i ate a piece of
chicken and that was it..
i went to the bathroom and stayed
there but have not thrown up...
i got a teacher and i stayed in the nurses
office a good 30-40mins..till i got to
go home..
i got home took some advil and i was
a little better..
i took a shower and then i felt horrible
i am deathly afraid of throwing up
so ive been doing all kinds of methods
to not..and so far their working..
but whenever i go outside i feel fine
i come inside i feel like i could throw up at any minute..
i dont know what i have..
any help?

3 year old and pregnant wife flu like ... Comments By: Barry McKokner on 2009-05-23
My daughter just started throwing up one afternoon and i thought it was maybe from some mini cupcakes my brother inlaw gave her the day before ... Well later that night I woke up and threw up aswell. Had a regular temp of 98 same with my daughter ... I threw up only 3 times compared to my daughters 15+ times over a 2 nights ... last night was the third night with the flu or what ever bug this is but my daughter isnt throwing up anymore after night 2 but wakes up with abdominal pains very bad crying for hours ... today the 4th day I feel much better and so does my daughter but i guess we will see tonight how things go ... Symptoms are throwing up diarea abdominal pains and hot flah before throwing up and weakness ... I freaked out everynight wanting to take her to the e.r. but figured the would take my money and say to let it run its course ... best thing is to keep fluids in like water and only water untill throwing uyp subsides the u can give sips of 7up or anything with soda in it crackers , bakingsoda and water mix , the worst thing u can do is dehydrate ur child so stick to water vitamin c thing is bs by the way as i take it everyday anyhow date btw is 5/23/09 for whatever kinda bug is floating around right now and no we are sure its not swine flu
Solutions & Thoughts on this HORRIBLE VIRUS Comments By: Alias on 2009-06-03
It's now early June 2009 and i have got a similar nasty stomach bug again. Ugh. It's been killing me on and off for several wks now, but got really worse in the last 10days.

I've been through the hardcore stomach cramps, and severe diahorrea. Still have soft stools and faintness/lightheadedness and dizzy feelings that come on randomly. Managed to avoid the vomiting but felt like crap as it was.

Initially it happened (i was scared to bits) when i was driving and suddenly began feeling like i would pass out, and then again it happened few times whilst i was walking down street, so i havent been able to drive anywhere, nor work or walk far, for 3wks. Been to doctor twice.

And to whomever was saying that many people here most likely had food poisoning since it lasted longer than 24hrs or 3 days please get your facts straight.

There is more than one stomach virus. Viruses react differently in different people. There can be the less debilitating 24 hour thing, or something which lasts 3-5 days. Or others that can last 10days. And in people with suppressed immune systems it can last weeks. People can also reinfect themselves by not taking proper precautions (eg: washing hands), or by sharing cups and utensils with others for instance therefore extending the time. Or exacerbating the problem with certain foods and drinks.

What remedies work for some may not wrk for others. But really important is keeping rehydrated - with sips of water, watered down electrolyte drinks like gatorade, flat lemonade or ginger ale, are good. Pooing and vomiting constantly can severely dehydrate you. As can urinating all the time. Water is good for flushing out the system.

You're best to avoid things like alcohol, coffee (dehydrates and is a diuretic) and too much caffeine based stuff, milk & dairy based things. Particularly applies if taking certain anti-diahorrea medications.

Many of these viral attacks sound like the nasty Noro Virus or similar strength bugs given how horrid the symptoms sound.

Food wise if you are gettin real bad stomach cramps and diahorrea try not to eat too much til it settles. Steer clear of fatty foods, milk products. Wholegrains (wholemeal pasta, wholemeal bread etc) and things that are high in fibre can mess with your insides and wreck havoc in the gastro region (causing more stomach cramps, wind, diahorrea) which is why doctors and nutritionists recommend sticking to bland starchy foods: rice, bananas, white pasta, potatoes, bland crackers, white bread, apple sauce etc.

For those of you finding it hard to keep down any liquids, you might like to try sucking on some ice cubes, or having some lemonade icypoles.

Bedrest or just rest in general can help you kick it faster.

I've found taking Multivitamins and B complex vitamins (like the soluble Berocca or hairy lemon type things that have added Vitamin C and/or zinc & magnesium etc) can help with the fatigue and general listlessness. Plus replenish some of what ur missing.

Being dehydrated can cause tiredness, fatigue and headaches, so ensure u are hydrated.

A warm bath or a hot water bottle can help with the tummy pains. And a bucket next to the bed for the vomiting doesnt hurt either.

To avoid contamination, contagion and reinfection, the best way to kill this strong bug is to ensure you clean all surfaces PROPERLY! Use BLEACH (not just disinfectant or anti-bacterial based things) on all surfaces that have been decorated with vomit and feces to properly kill the virus. Toilets, bathrooms, also doorhandles and tapheads.
Make sure your kids/family wash their hands properly with good liquid soap - holding them under running water for 2 seconds does not count. You have to spend 10-15 seconds. Google how to do it properly like hospital staff do if you dont know how (seriously, some people dont even wash their hands after goin to the bathroom...). Dispose of any rags and tissues you use to clean up vomit etc properly, like in plastic bags you can tie up and cover to avoid potential reinfection til they're thrown out.

And whilst its sometimes hard to move when you feel like a fountain/water spout with cramps, if its really bad or persistent see a good doctor.

Good luck to anyone unfortunate to experience or be experiencing this viral thing - it sux so much. My thoughts are with you. Hope my post has been helpful :) Alias

Water is OK. Comments By: Mike on 2009-06-18
Ive Had Stomach Virus Twice This Year... Going Around Quite Fast... And I Think I Still Have It... Water Didnt Help Me At ALL the last Time. Even With Baking Soda... It Kept Coming Back Up. My Doctor Preferd Sparkling Water or Gatorade... No Dairy... And All That Stuff. I Had It Again Tuesday and Yesterday... I Feel Like poo right now because i Havnt Ate In 2 Days... (Everything I Ate Pretty Much Came Back Up)
Butt Motor Boat Comments By: JD on 2009-06-20
I have had a stomach flu/virus for 5 days now. I have never thrown up (I never do) but I have cramps and my rear end looks like a baboons butt by now I'm sure. Vinegar REALLY helps with the uneasy stomach. You think it will make you puke just thinking about drinking vinegar but it has the opposite effect. I have no idea why. I use pickle juice as I love pickles anyway. Hope this helps.
ugg i need help Comments By: Stephanie White on 2009-07-17
okayy im only 15 i just came from G-town and well ive bn throwing up i cant eat or drink anything cuz an hour later i throw it back out and i dont eat ass muchh but ive bn feeling this way for the past 3 days but just never throwing up thoo wat can u doo

please help im hungry and i dont want to est cuz im goingt to throw upp

TIRED OF THIS Comments By: Miranda on 2009-08-04
ive been sick for about 5 days now. constant headaches can barely move my head without my eyes feeling like there going to fall out of my head. i threw up today. which i dont see how i could have because i havent eaten anything in the past few days. like right now i feel like i have to throw up again. im been drinking lemon lime soda kinda like sprite but the generic kind. i have a slushy maker so im been making lemon lime slushys and it seems to help me out. but if any of you have any advide on how to help me out. plz send me information to my e-mail [email protected] i would appericate it. thanks
Blueberries and diarrhea Comments By: Janice on 2009-07-29
Diarrhea is your body's way of ridding itself of toxins. However, if you need some relief, you'll find that eating a cup of blueberries, or drinking a glass or two of unfiltered blueberry juice will quiet things down. (I've tried both on different occasions, and it does work.)
stomach v irus Comments By: Jay on 2009-08-21
this mess is painful, my belly hurt so bad, I read all comments, this is what instantly made me feel better.
vit. c 1000 mg and 2 table spoons of apple sider ninegar, its some good stuff, feel better, I did.

stomach v irus Comments By: Jay on 2009-08-21
this mess is painful, my belly hurt so bad, I read all comments, this is what instantly made me feel better.
vit. c 1000 mg and 2 table spoons of apple sider vinegar, its some good stuff, feel better, I did.

worried about symptems Comments By: syeda on 2009-10-26
need to know about havng to go loo for wee quite often and feel dzzy lght headed and undre the eye theres a hnt of yllow. qute worred what t can be.
Longest stomach virus! Comments By: Noah on 2009-11-10
Ive had stomach virus for 54 weeks, and I hate it so much!
im so sick Comments By: yazmin1231 on 2009-12-28
i was sick for 5 weeks and have thrown up and had diarya i am still sick.how do i stop felling sick
It Will Pass! Comments By: Amanda on 2009-12-29
Last Wednesday,December 23,2009 I felt
fine. That evening, I started feeling
nauseous, dizzy and sweaty. The vomiting
began. Whatever I ate, came up in the form it went down. When it started to
hit both ends, I thought it might be food
poisoning. It lasted through Christmas Eve and Christmas A.M. EMERTROL helped
a lot. There was a burning feeling that
went all around my body under my breasts.
Gingerale,Coca Cola, and dry crackers the
next day helped. Drinking water, even in small sips made it worse. The heartburn
got worse with water. It's nearly a week
and all I can eat is toast, clear soup
and cooked apple. STAY CALM!! As I said
it will pass. You're not alone. Ask for
help if you live alone. A neighbor can
always shop and leave by the doorway.
This one is pretty wicked. Wash hands,
disinfect surfaces and get rest.In New
York we have Visiting Nurse Services, but
you have to be a patient before you have
a need. Next time I'll know.

So Sick! Comments By: Jennifer on 2010-01-02
On new years evening after our roast dinner, I started feeling very off, like a pain in my stomach it hurt so much, I thought with time it would go away but that didn't happen. With the pain i've been in I thought it was food poisoning but now I think it's the stomach virus. I have been vomiting a little bit not tons, same as with the diherea it's not a lot just a little bit. I'm on my 3rd night in I've been sleeping on and off 3 hours at a time for 3 days now. I have a fever, vomiting,dihera, very bad pain in my stomach and back I feel like i'm going to snap in two. I have been taking sips of gingerale, just started taking the vitamin C after reading this post of what people are saying to do. I'm in so much pain I just want to cry all the time cuz it hurts so badly, I can't seem to find a way to relief myself. When I swallow my head and ear aches on the left side. I really hope this illness is going to be done soon I don't think I can take it anymore.
THIS IS A HORRIBLE BUG! Comments By: Stephen on 2010-01-04
I had the virus and oh my It was one of the worst things i've endured yet. My cousin had his son over and his son was sick which he's only a 1 yr old baby so i figured whatever it is my immune system could fight it ...Wrong. My cousin Got sick first throwing up Some very dark green stuff till he couldnt vomit anymore so we took him to the hospital they gave him 3 BAGS OF IV cause he was so dehydrated it lasted about 2 days for him... not so sure about me cause I was at the mall with a friend and Sure enough I vommited as so as i went to the restroom I knew it was coming! I currently have stopped throwing up but the CRAMPS UGH THERE WORSE THAN THE THROWING UP!! nothing has subsided the pain yet I have school tommorow and I Hope Im better ugh im 17 and he is 18. *also his grandmother and grandfather have had it but mainly the direahha part.* AND I THOUGHT IT WAS FOOD POISON TOO ...THIS AINT NO FOOD POISON its actually a bug thats going around so I guess I just have to endure it ... Keep drinking FLUIDS EVERYONE!!
So Sick! Update! Comments By: Jennifer on 2010-01-04
I went to the clinic to see a doctor about what I had it turns out it was a bad stomach flu. He told me something that might help someone with the bad flu out, that you should go whats called the brat diet which means only eating banana's, rice, applesauce or toast with jam hope this helps! I'm no longer feeling as bad as I did yesterday. I hope people that suffer with this get better soon it's not fun!
please help lol Comments By: shiva-101 on 2010-01-25
hi can anyone help..i keep waking up with headaches, feel sick and very weak during the morning and night but fine during the day, its doing my head in i dont know whats wrong with me lol please help
We have this nearly constantly Comments By: Sick of the Stomach Virus on 2010-02-03
This first started about 6 years ago, shortly after my daughter was born. Ever since then, my entire family has repeated bouts of this hideous virus, usually at least once a month or so. We will feel better for maybe a week, and then it starts again. Doctor said it IS a virus, nothing more "serious". It is really exhausting to be almost constantly putting up with this. There is no telling how much time we have lost from life, work, play, school, etc. due to it. I don't remember this as a child. You may have had a 24-hour stomach virus once or twice a year at the most back then. I don't know what this evil virus is.
This is a nasty crazy virus!! Comments By: korie on 2010-02-08
Okay, mine started on January 18th 2010 and lasted a whole 7 days. It didn't help that I thought this was going to be the normal 24-48 hrs virus that I'm used to getting. Boy was I wrong. After the 7 days, I went back to work and eventually resumed my normal activities and eating habits. Well, on Feb 8th, it came back with a vengence. I've been throwing up and have the diarrhea. I've finally been able to eat a few crackers and drink some gatorade. I hate taking the time off from work but I was unable to go in. This has been a nightmare with me wondering if I'll ever get better and not have to fear everytime I get a sick stomach. The worst thing about it is that I also suffer with OCD and this is not helping any.
flu or stomach bug Comments By: rebecca smith on 2010-02-15
i was fine yesterday morning then all of an sudden in the afternoon i became sick and stomach the pain was like if some think was tighting my stomach while moving (nasty).i tried sleeping if off and then i judt thought it was wind.so middle of the night i was passing wind then felt fluid down below,i thought i came on my peroid so went to loo then next thing i noticed poo all over my knickers and pants so took them off and then it all just came gushing out my bum,i didnt know what to do it was every where,all over my bathroom,forgot i was sick too about 4 hours before lol that went all over my bathroom too.i didnt eat nothink just ate bananas this morning.i got the pains,weak,tired,cant walk but i havent been sick or pooed yet.so i was thinking i had swine flu ir stomach bug am confused.am gunna go doctors but day before this happen my daughter was vomiting but she didnt have no other symtoms.am just drinking orange juice and water.am very hungry but i dont wanna eat and then throw up again.
I am going through it in Houston Comments By: Todd on 2010-02-28
I started with the some mild discomfort and changes in BMs early last week. Did not really feel bad until Thursday when I got a fever of 101 and a full blown case of the aztec 2-step. I felt better the next day, but still weak and a low grade continuous fever of just 98.9. It has been 7 full days now (3 since the full sympton onset). I hate to go the Dr. they will just give me antibiotics for a viral infection.
NO meds Comments By: Todd on 2010-02-28
My 2-cents on medicating. Do not take anything to stop yourself from vomitting or having the runs. This is your bodies natural way of getting rid of what it does not want. If you take something to make your body keep it in, you are actually making the problem worse.
stomach bug Comments By: MELISSA on 2010-04-08

stomach bugg?? Comments By: pooh on 2010-04-13
woke up sick saturday morning around saturday evening threw up, its tuesday now and im still sick throwing up losing weight wats wrong wit me? what do i have?
How to cure stomach virus? Comments By: Osman on 2010-04-30
Vitamin C 1,000 mg 3 times a day.
Acidophilus 2 a day.
Drinking a plenty of water.
and Take Cayyene 450 mg twice a day.
If you take all those miracle vitamins everyday, then stomach virus will be disappear but you need to continue to protect your health.

Good Luck.

I FEEL ILL Comments By: bobiee on 2010-06-12
im having stomach cramp all the time,also i have to run to the toilet everytime i want to give out wind from my anus because everytime i let out wind disgusting brown stuff comes out!


Help Comments By: Kera McCann on 2010-06-28
I don't know if I have this but I've been getting stomach cramps all week then Friday developed diarrhea. On Saturday I was okay until the evening, I started getin chills all down my legs an back an arms then stomach cramps returned. Sunday I jad to call in sick in work as the whole of my stomach felt uncomfortable and felt really nausias all day without throwing up. Today I feel weak and now my back is in agony. Could this be the bug?
Stomach flu, no vomiting? Comments By: Sick n Bloated on 2010-07-22
I woke up yesterday with no pain at all, but terrible diarrhea. Pure liquid, over and over. About halfway through the day I stopped at a store for some pepto. As the evening came, my stomach started hurting badly, mostly bloating and I just felt like I needed to relieve some gas.

The belly ache got worse through the night even after taking Imodium and heartburn medication. I didn't sleep well, constantly trying to burp or throw up to relieve the pressure.

Once I awoke today, it feels a little better, but I'm still bloated and my stomach feels rock hard. Will this go away soon?

yuk Comments By: pamrn on 2010-07-24
Wouldn't even consider taking vitamin c as nauseated as I was. The stomach flu was worst ever. Day 1 and 2 was severe stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea with low grade temp and mild headache. Day three was mild cramps and diarrhea and severe headache, nothing would get rid of it. My strength improved by the end of 3rd day and hope my headache will improve.
Really Bad Comments By: Patrick Campbell on 2010-09-28
I've been vomiting really badly in the morning and all throughout the day, very painful stomach cramps, no bowel movements and most foods and drinks and meds are rejected by my body... this has happened throughout 24 days... My doctor says its a parasite in my stomach that I need to flush out, but didnt tell me how to ease the suffering. can anyone help?
HELP! Comments By: Chloe on 2010-12-20
PLEASE HELP!! Okay so on saturday (two days ago) I started feeling stomach pain. so i figured i was just hungry so i ate. but i still had stomach pain. later on that day i threw up and got the runs. everytime i eat i throw it up and im starving. ive lost weight and my back has been hurting too.im only 14 and its 5 days until christmas, i would like to be better before then. im worried, please tell me whats wrong and how to help. PLEASE!
MY BABY HAS THE STOMACH VIRUS!!! Comments By: MICHELLE on 2010-12-21
dont know what do do Comments By: max on 2010-12-30
i have had extreme stomach cramps/pain for almsot a week now. ive been very tired and have lost alot of weight because whatever i eat turns to diarrhea. and i havent thrown up once. what should i do?
Coconut oil and Garlic capsules Comments By: Kate on 2011-01-05
Ever since family members got salmonella eating at a restaurant, we all now take 2 garlic capsules whenever or wherever we eat outside our home. We pass it around the table. It works; stops those microbes in their track! I keep a bottle in my purse at all times as virus/germs in restaurants is getting worse. Also, I eat coconut oil (CO) from health store to stop beginning colds & stomach cramping within seconds. Don't take if allergic to nuts. Use extra-virgin from health store. CO is anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It is increasingly used by AIDS patients around the world to decrease viral load.
STOMACH FLU VIRUS Comments By: JANET on 2011-01-25
Its 2011 and it's still going around Comments By: Carly on 2011-01-16
I've honestly never felt so sick in my life. I just got over my period then I get the flu. It started with a heartburn..then I woke up from my sleep at 2am and started with dihera and then puking straight for almost 2 days probably over 15-18 times.. the next part was a headache i could not even lift my head it was so bad and now i have very bad dihera again with cramping under my belly thats so horrible i could cry and my back hurts too i guess i'm going to the E.R or Doctor.
thanks for the help Comments By: ippy on 2011-01-25
so i woke up this morning and throw up which sucks then i sleep all day and when i woke up i ate a huge dinner and ten out of no where here are the cramps then diarrhea after that i got heat flashes and threw up three time and i still have cramps but ive eaten 6 tums drank alot of water but i dont really feel and better i dont no if i should go to the doctor or just stick it out and hope its just a stoumch flu
thanks for the help Comments By: ippy on 2011-01-25
so i woke up this morning and throw up which sucks then i sleep all day and when i woke up i ate a huge dinner and then out of no where here are the cramps then diarrhea after that i got heat flashes and threw up three time and i still have cramps but ive eaten 6 tums drank alot of water but i dont really feel better and i dont no if i should go to the doctor or just stick it out and hope its just a stoumch flu

but i did find taking a shower and sipping water all day really helped me out

VACCINE Comments By: DeepCDoc on 2011-01-26
I am curious how many people here have ever gotten a vaccine during there lifetime? As for cure's there are none. With that being said no one thing works for everyone. Different blood types do have effect on what you take as well as your genetic makeup. I will says i myself being AB positive and certain nomad qualities with secretive tendencies found that a 100% Bovine Colostrum rich in lfF and PRP's W/Cytokin support combined with a PB8(14 billion)from nutrition now. is the most effective means. I took ImmuPlex and within 20 minutes the cramping went away. As for Mom in the post about Vitimin C. I would tend to stay away from a acidic product. Papaya tabs work well in this area.
Very nasty Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-10
Great set of comments here and very comforting. I came down with the stomach virus (Gastroenteritis) late Tuesday 2/1. No vomiting (wish I would have), but lots of chills and just terrible feeling. Went to an ER for dehydration, and started food slowly. Thought I was better by the following Monday and started to eat regular foods. Two days later 2/9 it came back full strength. Moral to the story, rest, eat right, don't rush.
What the hell have i got then? Comments By: Akasha on 2011-02-26
I either have an incredibly mild case of this or something different. I have not been vomiting at all. However since the start of this week on Monday I have been having major stomach cramps and horrible loose bowel movements. It feels like it starts to get better one day but then i have extreme nausea (I am not sick) however I just feel like i may be if i eat anything. I have been eating but nothing much because then the cramps come back again. I have been keeping up with liquids, taken husks to calm the stomach, taken pure peppermint to ease pains (this is professional herbal stuff used for IBS attacks.) I have also taken huge high dosage painkillers also for IBS as i am a sufferer of IBS. Those do not work for this, if anything make it worse for a while, so i stopped that. It just seems to come and go in waves and I am kind of sick of it now. I have other problems, Do not need this crap on top. Thats life, we will get through it guys, hang in there! I would say for the ones who have very mild case of this drink strong brandy, it helps the pains a little. Numbs the mind also which helps and makes you giggle a little :)
Have I got a stomach virus?? Comments By: Ann-Marie Ogier on 2011-03-03
I had gastuerintis way back in 2009, but a week ago I woke up having to go the loo at least 2-4 times last week almost every afternoon but than Sunday I went once in the afternoon, than 2 times after 6pm and than 6 times in the night it was awful.I had to take diarroea tabs to stop it and it did oh yeah I must mention I had stomach pains last week, but this week i've gone about 1-2 times in the afternoon. 2 Weeks ago I had a spicy ginsters slice from my local shop on the Saturday. When I lay on my back i seem to have to go to the loo, anyway booked drs appointment went on Monday took my urine sample to the hospital Wednesday because I was going there anyway he wants 2 to see if i've got a urine infection, seems to take a while for me to wee i remember last week i didn't have a drink and i was still weeing didn't get what that was all about lol.I've not had any stomach pains since, but i don't seem to be pooing properly its a reddish kinda colour it's disgusting the seem isn't to pleasant either. Oh yeah I have also had a blood test done doctor wants to rule out Diabetes only wants to rule it out coz of family history, well what this is I hope it hurries up and goes away i've been like it two weeks now. Don't get how I was ok watching Man Utd V Crawley but 2days later feel horrible, just don't get it.Have I got a stomach virus, stomach bug or something else?
Have I got a stomach virus?? Comments By: Ann-Marie Ogier on 2011-03-03
I had gastuerintis way back in 2009, but a week ago I woke up having to go the loo at least 2-4 times last week almost every afternoon but than Sunday I went once in the afternoon, than 2 times after 6pm and than 6 times in the night it was awful.I had to take diarroea tabs to stop it and it did oh yeah I must mention I had stomach pains last week, but this week i've gone about 1-2 times in the afternoon. 2 Weeks ago I had a spicy ginsters slice from my local shop on the Saturday. When I lay on my back i seem to have to go to the loo, anyway booked drs appointment went on Monday took my urine sample to the hospital Wednesday because I was going there anyway he wants 2 to see if i've got a urine infection, seems to take a while for me to wee i remember last week i didn't have a drink and i was still weeing didn't get what that was all about lol.I've not had any stomach pains since, but i don't seem to be pooing properly its a reddish kinda colour it's disgusting the seem isn't to pleasant either. Oh yeah I have also had a blood test done doctor wants to rule out Diabetes only wants to rule it out coz of family history, well what this is I hope it hurries up and goes away i've been like it two weeks now. Don't get how I was ok watching Man Utd V Crawley but 2days later feel horrible, just don't get it.Have I got a stomach virus, stomach bug or something else?
Pain, excruciating abdominal pain! Comments By: mimi4 on 2011-03-07
I started with severe pain, Then diarrhea. I could feel the outline of my bladder because it was spasmodic. I treated that with D-Mannose and after just three treatments, that was much better. Felt like throwing up, but didn't. Fever set in high of 101.1. had similiar 1 month ago, 2 times. The first lasted 3 days, the second time around 5. My gut has never hurt so bad as this time. it's worse the labor pains!
I have been drinking, and even tried some prune juice mixed with water, heated somewhat. I don't know what to do. Should I try yogurt? Extra Virgin coconut oil? I am really at a loss here. Haven't passed a stool in 48 hours, just some mucousy stuff. I am afraid I have a bowel obstruction. Have no insurance, and no doc.

I have a horrible stomache flu at least i think it is .. Comments By: allison on 2011-03-20
ok so a week a go i have been having constant headaches then about 5 days ago i woke up at 4 am couldnt go back to sleep i drank a little water and a tylenol then i threw up the water i drank i had a fever of 102 that felt like 132 degrees then i felt a little better the next day and the day after that but then i started getting headaches mood swing ive been shaking being sooo hungry and not eating anythin then eating something and feeling like im about to puke then i dont i dont understand my side hurts my throats sore and im pooping a lot and i dont understand why
SICKNESS URRRGGGG!! Comments By: Michael on 2011-03-22
i have taken most comments on board and it seems like certain stuff works for certain people,i personally have been told by hospital that i have gastroentitus also bowel movements, stay hydrated drink Gatorade i guarentee this wil keep you hydrated, also i have trouble sleeping due to this rest dont mean sleep it means rest, sit on a sofa, lay down whatever makes you relaxed iam eating yeo valley yogurt which has good bacteria in it, this will help you also as rest+good bacteria is a good mix...i also drink cuppa soup i havn't thrown up yet(fingers crossed it stays that way) i started bad i was in A+E twice with a drip in my arm, i still got the bug i have had it for 7 days i heard it can last up to 10, but as things stand i am loosing hope! i wish everyone good luck to beating the virus and get better soon !!
Ugly Flu bug Comments By: Deb on 2011-03-23
It started for me thursday night when I felt really tired so I went to bed. Next morning woke up with a pounding headache. Friday night thur Sunday my temps ranges from 101.9 to 103.4. I still have pounding headaches and chills. I have been drinking water, gatorade, ginger ale and coke. Food tastes weird and zero appetite. When is all of this going to end?
DONT EVER WANT THIS AGAIN pleas help Comments By: Cjones on 2011-03-28
YUK 6th day Comments By: Suzanne on 2011-04-04
Wed night had a nice plate of roasties watched a film and had some sparkly wine
Went to bed and tum was gurgling felt sick but ignored it at 3am I threw up and did all night I even missed and threw up by the bed by mid Thursday morning it stopped after vile yellow bile came up I had a slight headache ate nothing couldnt even drink water had a couple of lolly ices that made me burp I could burp for for England Fri queasy Sat queasy and felt crap by Sunday felt really bad again cramps in tum a bloated feeling very tight and hard tummy also loose bowels but not that much Ate Monday soup clear and dry toast with in 1hr felt so sick but I wasnt sick its now Tuesday cant eat can drink a bit feel less queasy than yesterday but I know its cos Im not eating Tummy is just so tight and I feel so tired used hotwater bottles to loosen the tummy and it helped with the nausea
No work till next week Im scared to eat and the burping is yuk but it helps the tightness I took sick pills they didnt touch it took cramp pills again nothing
Just have to carry on with the Lucozade and hope it goes 6th day today but I do feel better than yesterday but again Ive not eaten just have slight headache and tummy cramps not cramps as in wanting to go to the lavvie just spasams Lucozade again here I come Suzanne

Bug is out Comments By: javi on 2011-05-06
I had the bug for almost 2 weeks. I read this post 3 days ago when I was still in tremendous pain and didn't know what to do. I tried taking the c-vitamin for the first time after reading this and yesterday I felt good, today I feel revived and following up with a doctor's appointment, just to make sure I'm fine. I can say that the vitamin c helped me. However, I did not eat anything but a small salad with oil & vinegar and water. I'm avoiding all dairy products and spices.
Eating Vs. Not eating Comments By: Taylor on 2011-05-27
I had seen a lot of comments on here saying not to eat anything. However if you are pooping a lot and you dont eat you will still poop and it hurts more, because hardly anything to poop out. So I just ate and feel better. Still pooping but not making me sore do to strain because there is hardly ANYTHING to poop out. A little better now. Guess everyones different, and you can only take someones advice INCLUDING doctors so far. You KNOW you! You be the judge.
Stomach flu or not...? Comments By: Bianca on 2011-06-10
It started on Monday night after I got back from a Bonfire. My stomach felt gassy and it hurt from gas pains. The next day I woke up around 6am because I felt like I was going to throw up and my stomach hurt, and I went to the bathroom and pooped but it wasnt diahrrea (it was just a bit loose due to my period) I still felt nauseous though and I still do. On the 2nd day I had a fever of 99.2-99.3. The day after that I felt better and had some chilaquiles (a mexican dish). I didnt throw up. I havent been eating/drinking well beacuse I'm SCARED that I will throw up. I'm starting to feel dehydrated. It's the 5th day and I still feel nauseous. My mom just gave me some Emetrol and I was scared to take it because I was scared I will throw up, but nothing has happened.I'm hoping that I will be better now. I want to eat and drink again
I GOT IT Comments By: Alex on 2011-07-04
I got the bug and its not something you want on 4th of July the first thing i felt was when ever I would eat something I would just throw it up i drank Gatorade and it was blue and I throw up blue liquid the next day after having it i went to see what i can drink (pill) and i saw a vitamin C pill (500 mg) before i drank it i went on my computer and checked if vitamin C is good for the stomach virus and i came to this website and saw its good for you so i drank it and in just 4-6 minutes I felt super normal!!
Great advice getting passed the stomach bug!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-08
The first night of having the bug was the most terrible thing i had ever faced. I could not sleep and my stomach was absolutely killing me! I forced myself to throw up the meal I had because I had no other choice, I literally felt like I was dying. After that night I always remember (since this is my second time getting the bug) the first day will be the worst if is almost impossible to keeping liquids down as I nonstop about 6 times had to throw up, what I recommend is to sip water/cola must be flat. These 2 things felt like I was instantly cured. I am currently fighting this bug and I am not home in California but in Germany on vacation. Gatorade and pedialyte help a ton as they restore elecrtrolytes. I don't have acces to this so it is difficult to obtain in Germany. I hope this is one of those 3 day bugs as I have not vomited at all today only once in the middle of the night, Also try sipping as much as possible do not over due it. Note diaherra is going to be nonstop I have to go every 30 mins good luck and prayer can also help.
Help! Comments By: Anon on 2011-09-18
help my mom is very ill with this thing we tried everything my mom drank lots of water and she is trying to go into a shallow warm bath but she doesn't have nausuea or anything like that she has nonstop watery dirrhea
Food poisoning not virus Comments By: tracy on 2011-10-24
Nearly all of you sound like you have food poisoning of some sort.. the fact baking soda and acidophilus made you feel better attests to this..... bad bacteria - either contaminated foods or contaminated hands... always wash your hands thoroughly before eating or putting your hands near your mouth (smoking).. you never know what you touched

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