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If you are having problems with your stomach then you have come to the right place for some general tips. I have been sent and gathered a host of advice for your troublesome tum. Mind the best advice as always is, if you are continually suffering with stomach problems then you should consult your doctor.

I have found a public interest website at www.tummytrouble.co.uk/home.htm that is well worth a look at. It focuses on stomach and abdominal aches and pains; the causes, symptoms and relief.

Now read on for all the great tips.

 A heating pad
 What really works for me is heating up a towel that's a little wet, ...

 A simple cure for a stomachache is to dissolve 4g of ground cinnamon ...

 Got stomach virus?
 You don't need to suffer with that! take vitamin C, 500 mg, every 15 ...

 Herbal peppermint tea
 Drink herbal peppermint tea which should quickly soothe a sore tummy

 Settling an Unsettled Stomach
 Pickled Ginger is great for settling and unsettled stomach. You can ...

 Upset stomach eased by ginger
 Upset stomach from almost any cause can be removed - or at least ...

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