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Upset stomach eased by ginger

Submitted by Zulema Blizinsky

Upset stomach from almost any cause can be removed - or at least eased - by taking ginger, and it can be taken in several forms:

- A slice of raw ginger root can be chewed, but be careful because it is considered a "hot" spice;

- The ginger root can be shredded into a food being cooked, as in stir fry;

- Ground ginger (found in the spice section of any supermarket) can be used to make a tea - boil a half cup of water, add a heavy pinch of ground ginger, add honey to taste, stir - the nausea will dissipate after only a few sips;

- Candied ginger can be chewed, and while not as effective as ginger tea, it is easily carried in a purse or pocket (in a small baggie, not loose).

Visitors comments

upset stomach Comments By: Terry on 2008-04-19
Can you take ginger while you're pregnant
thanks! Comments By: thankful on 2008-09-27
most articles just say Ginger, but don't describe how to use it.
groudn ginger with alka seltzer Comments By: anne on 2009-02-15
Works like a charm!
upset stomach Comments By: Anne on 2010-03-31
great tip thanks
Ginger & Rhubarb Comments By: Alan C. Hawick. on 2011-02-02
What ever happened to Dr. Gregories Powder for the upset tummy? My old mum used to give it to me nearly sixty years ago. It worked a treat. It was I believe a mix of ginger and rhubarb powders, a teaspoon in a small whiskey glass, shaken, not stirred, always did the trick back then.

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