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Burns. Relieve the pain from a burn

Submitted by Anne

A good way to alleviate the pain from a burn and to heal it quickly, is to put the burn under a cold running tap for about 2-3 minutes.

Then apply Calendula gel/ointment or Aloe Vera Gel, as pure as you can can get it to the affected area. This is especially good for young children, as it takes the severe pain away within minutes.

An aloe vera plant is great to keep in your home or office, sometimes also called the burn plant. Just rip a piece off and you have pure aloe gel.

Visitors comments

relief !!! Comments By: anon on 2006-07-04
not bad Comments By: Gregg on 2007-08-08
it only helped as long as i was rubbing it in but then i was hit in the face by a burning ball of propane when i lit a bbq! soword to the wise it doesnt work for serious pain!
it helped! Comments By: B on 2008-08-09
had a small burn on my thumb from the oven that was burning whenever i took it out of cold water. As soon as i put the aloe on it, it was gone!
ouch still Comments By: Stupid on 2010-02-23
touched baking tray handle. deep and sooo sore. good for sunburn
cool Comments By: steg mcr on 2010-07-20
it worked for a short while ?

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