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Potato skin Wart remover

Instead of using smelly garlic try using a potato skin. Peel the potato to the size of the wart. Place the potato part on your wart cover with a band-aid. Change potato skin daily or as often as needed. Your wart will be gone in a week or so.... Keep potato in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

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Another safe wart remover Comments By: Staci on 2004-09-29
I tried the potato and it didn't work. Then I tried a Comfrey Infusion to get rid of warts on both my daughters. They each had about 20 warts on their feet. Rub it on each night for a couple of weeks and they just go away! This has worked for my daughters and 2 of my nieces.
It worked for me Comments By: Christy on 2005-08-06
A co-worker told me that she used a potatoe on her son's wart and it fell off after a week. So I decided to try it. In just less than one week the wart fell off! I didn't just use the potato skin...I actually used a piece of potato, covered it with a gauze pad and then taped it onto my skin.

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