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Lavender oil for burns on your skin

Submitted by Denise

If you get a burn from anything - including the cooker, steam from kettle etc, just rub pure lavender oil onto the spot.

It will take away the pain instantly and you won't be left with a blister/mark of any kind

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Essential oil of lavender really works Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-01
Lavender oil is amazing. Apply immediately and it will stop the stinging. Repeat application a few minutes later if it starts to sting again. Rarely need 3rd application. Will stop blistering and scarring. This, along with Tea Tree oil, is the basis of my medicine cabinet and I always take them on my travels.
Wonder oil ! Comments By: Lynne on 2008-06-28
I have used pure lavender oil on minor burns for many years and it never fails to stop the pain,alleviate redness and prevent blisters.All of my family are testament to this as they've mostly all suffered minor burns at some time and this is our remedy.
The ONLY treatment for Burns Comments By: LizzieLou on 2008-12-17
I have used neat Lavender oil on burns for years. This includes a scalding on my neck and chest from boiling coffee - applied the oil and there was no trace of it in the morning, and a hand on the iron - no blistering or any evidence of a burn the next day. It is like a magical treatment which I cannot recommend strongly enough.
This is the answer Comments By: vantheman on 2009-11-02
Don't listen to any other cures for burns. This works 100% every time. Within an hour you will be free from pain and have no blisters. Its nearly too good to be true.
Yes! Comments By: Zoe on 2009-12-26
I work as a chef and often get oven/steam burns.Without the time to run em under cold water (which doesn't work that well) I put undiluted lavender oil on them with a second app if it starts to irritate. Works amazingly well! Hardly ever blisters or scars.
Wow, it DOES work. Comments By: Stacey on 2011-03-23
Burned my hand on the oven an hour ago. Used ice at first, then the lavender oil. It reduced the pain from "OMG!!" to "Ouch" almost immediately. Feeling better by the minute. Thanks for the tip.

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