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Burns. Advice for burns

Submitted by NM

If by accident you burn your hand in the kitchen the best way to do is from extreme heat to extreme cold is to put ice on the spot for at least 10 minutes or so... it will disappear completely

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Ice is not the way to go. Comments By: kuroineko13 on 2006-04-02
Ice will make it hurt even worse after it is removed...your best bet is to run the injury under water of a slightly cool temperature.
no not ice Comments By: Narwani N on 2006-06-02
ice makes it worse..run the burn part under cool water to reduce heating..ice stops the blood from ciculating in the burnt area thus making it worse...im talking from experience!!
Ice HURTS Comments By: Stephanie on 2007-04-25
I used ice on my fingers that I burned and it felt better at the time and then when the ice was no more the pain was WAY worse.. I think I got freezer burnt..
nooo Comments By: mk on 2008-02-24
ice is the WORST thing you can put on a burn...it makes everything go from one extreme to the other and can permanently damage nerve endings
IM PISSED Comments By: crystal, whos now chrispy on 2009-02-05
in an emergency u look for advice to help your burn only to read later that ICE IS BAD....now im in more pain than ever If u dont know facts DONT STATE THEM. I WILL NEVER USE ICE ON A BURN AGAIN!
NEVER EVER USE ICE Comments By: anon on 2009-09-11
i immediatey used ice after getting my fingure tip burnt...WORST IDEA EVER.i really wish id searched on the net first, im in absolute agony!
from a burn nurse Comments By: anon on 2010-05-24
do not use ice! extreme vasoconstriction will make your whole arm/hand hurt and damage tissues. use cool water. i agree with the suggestion of baking soda. it's temporary but soothes. buy some lidocaine spray to keep around the house for minor injuries like these.

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