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Warts and garlic. How to cure a wart with garlic

Submitted by SilkChick

All You have to do is put some garlic on the wart then put a bandaid on it and it will be gone in a week are so!

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Beware! Comments By: Welshman on 2004-08-04
Co-worker did this and the result was a huge blister on her hand. the chemicals in garlic are strong and this blister is in effect a chemical burn. So be careful!
Thank You for the WARNING Comments By: Nicky on 2005-07-23
Thank you for telling us about the effect of garlic I proberbly would have tried this on my 7yr old as I have tried most things. In fact that tip should have the warning in red at the top of it. Thanks again
It works Comments By: Shanna on 2007-08-12
it does work because ive done it, its helpful to put petroleam jelly on the skin around the wart as the garlic will leave the healthy skin with blister :)
which are very itchy and painful :)

Garlic Seems To Be Doing It For Me! Comments By: Dave on 2008-03-10
I have anal warts and read about garlic. So I crushed up a clove and rubbed the stuff on the warts. It was a very painful few minutes afterwards and took a further 30 minutes of soreness to settle down but I have been applying fresh garlic for about a week now and nearly all the anal warts seem to have gone. I will continue with this treatment until it has completely done away with the warts.
Warts are gone never to return Comments By: Markroyal on 2009-02-11
This does work. It has to be a thin slice of fresh garlic on the wart w/ a band aide. Change it often. It can and will burn your skin kind of but let it dry out sometimes then replace it w/ new soon. May just be able to wrap it while you sleep. It works, works, works.
Burned my skin using garlic on warts Comments By: Suzzane on 2009-06-15
I have big boils and teh skin is black and burned
Trying this at the moment Comments By: Rachel on 2009-11-23
Im trying this, and it is supposed to go black and burnt looking, this is a sign that it is drying up and dying off. mine looks smoother and is reduced in size now, and i think it is slowly going but i have had this thing for 4 years now.
Garlic & warts Comments By: Nick on 2010-03-24
I just rubbed garlic on warts daily for about a week (perhaps 2). After that I gave up, but about 3 weeks later they'd gone! Don't remember any nippyness, but I used to cut the tops off the warts first with a sharp knife (not far enough to draw blood) & leave the garlic juice to dry.
Worked in under a week! Comments By: Patrick on 2010-08-31
I had a wart on my thumb a few weeks ago. I went to the doctos but he shrugged it off. he said because it was still tiny, he wouldn't get worried if it was definitely a wart. But i didn't want it whatever it was so i looked around and saw this. I chopped a small piece the size of the wart and applied it together with band-aid 2x a day. it blistered after about 3 days and under a week and it was gone!
EXCELLENT TIP! thanks! i'm happy again!

This DOES work with patience Comments By: Sean on 2010-09-24
This DOES work with patience and the stuff in the store does NOT. You could get cryotherapy at your dermatologist and that with a topical should take care of it. If you want to save a copay and prescription $$ than try this. It really does work! Now, want to get the smell of garlic off your fingers or other body parts? Simply take a stainless steel knife (being CAREFUL not to run your skin across the BLADE) and rub your fingers across a dull surface of the knife. Stainless steel sinks work great too. You will be amazed at how well this works, BOTH things.
Giving garlic a try Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-13
I'm currently using Patricia Bragg's recommendations of every other night ACV and every other night garlic, but she recommends putting a vitamin E capsule broken over the garlic before covering with a bandaid. I use my vitamin E oil. The process is slow, but I believe I see progress, as they are going down. Maybe for all those people out there who complain about the burn, try like one person said vaseline or vitamine E oil or capsule with it. I'm so impressed by the other comments, I might just try the garlic twice a day as some said.
DO NOT MIX OIL AND GARLIC ! Comments By: paul on 2010-11-03
garlicis a well know anti-viral, that can be absorbed through the skin.

however when coted with oil (from a vit E capsul) it is also a good substratr for growing the BOTULIUM bacteria

Affordable & Effective Comments By: amajfam on 2011-01-31
I had various warts on my fingers that had been "treated" by doctors for several years which never went away. I heard about using garlic and in ONE WEEK they were gone. It has been over 12 years since I treated my warts and there has never been any sign of them returning. You do, however, want to be careful as others have stated. Garlic on healthy skin can cause burns. If you experience pain, just remove and reposition. It does work!
will garlic be effective on facial warts? Comments By: novee on 2011-02-03
i really have issues with my face. its not acne. definitely it's warts. before i think they are moles but they started to grow in shape. though too tiny too compare for hands, toes and other body warts they are still irritating. would garlic be effective? how about i grate it and apply directly on the affected area by cotton buds? would u think it will work?help please!
Day4 for garlic test Comments By: nergfree on 2011-02-24
The warts on my thumb had become grayish and started to soften. I feel a little pain when removing dead skin cell above it. Looking good already but no signs of peeling off.
Day2 for garlic test Comments By: nergfree on 2011-02-22
I put a juicy slice of garlic yesterday and change it today. Though I feel a little discomfort and itchy on the wart part, I think it is working as I it started to blister.
Day 1 Comments By: Chase on 2011-03-12
Am a strong believer in natural remedy. Am using garlic. Burns a lot but am going to go with it. Have two on my neck and two on my face. My confidence is going down. Day 1.
Blisterrr Comments By: anon on 2011-04-06
I hope it works.. I've been putting garlic over
my wart at the back of my hand .. and I'm having this blister .., Im putting now over the wArt and not
around the wart .. haha..

Garlic Comments By: lee on 2011-04-09
do i rub the garlic on the wart and just place a bandaid over, or do i leave a piece of garlic on the wart and cover both with a bandaid
Week3 for garlic test Comments By: nergfree on 2011-04-29
The warts already pealed off by week2. Week3 and my thumb looks normal again, no signs of warts and blister.
Two thumbs up for this site... Thanks, no need for laser treatment with scar!
I gave 4rating over 5 because I don't like the smell of it and the blister also.

IT WORKS Comments By: Anonymouse on 2011-05-02
so,.. i tried this garlic stuff,.. it really works after a week or so.

WARNING: don't put on the skin around the wart, it would burn your skin, just over the wart.

i had it on my hand and now it has a big round scar because i included the skin on the first night.

TIP: use a sharp knife, cut it into two, scratch the garlic with the knife just enough to get some liquid and some pieces of flesh of garlic, apply directly over the wart and the wart only. Do this every time you go to sleep and after you wake up.

Totally Great =D Comments By: Kayla on 2011-06-09
I had several large warts on my leg for over 4 years, and I had gone to the doctor and they just got bigger. My viola teacher told me about the garlic, and it worked great, and the warts are gone completely and haven't come back! I learned to only put enough on to cover the wart, otherwise your skin HURTS. Also, after about 2 weeks of the garlic on various warts (I had 3 huge ones) i noticed that other tiny ones were disappearing too. But I usually change the garlic every 3 or 4 hours, and i leave it off for an hour in between. :)
Rubbing crashed garlic Comments By: Anakin on 2011-07-28
Rubbing crashed garlic could be very painful so what I did was just cut a piece of it into two then rubbed them all over the infected area. A day after, warts have significantly shrunk. I continued to apply just one garlic a day for a week and they were almost gone. I am on my second week now of continues application and only a few are left. I intend to continue the use for two more weeks...
Garlic ! Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-23
so yesterday i rubbed the garlic on the wart and i put on the skin around the wart too and now my skin is burned . how to cure my skin now ? please help

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