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Crayon melted when in dryer

To remove crayon stains that have been melted onto clothing in the dryer, place the stained surface down on pad of paper towels, spray with WD-40, let stand a few minutes, turn fabric over and spray the other side.

Apply liquid dishwashing detergent and work into the stained area, replacing towelling as it absorbs the stain.

Wash in hottest water possible with laundry detergent and bleach for about 12 minutes (use heavy soiled setting if there is no minute timer on your machine) and rinse in warm water.

Special Note:Heat-Set Stains-Clean the drum of your dryer to remove any remaining wax residue. Spray a soft cloth with WD-40, and wipe the drum. Run a load of dry rags through a drying cycle to ensure that your drum is clean.

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So amazing I'm more than impressed! Comments By: A. Newell on 2006-09-03
I was so devastated to see my daughter's brand new clothes stained with orange melted crayons. I went on line to look for ways to remove crayon stains and found this website. I went to the grocery store and bought WD-40 and followed the directions on this website, and walla! I'm so impressed and thankful, and I highly recommend this to anybody.

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