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Remove ink in your dryer

To remove ink stains from your clothes dryer, place 2 cups of bleach in a bucket, then fill the bucket halfway with water. Take some old towels and soak up the liquid in the bucket. You don`t want the towels to be dripping wet, just very damp.

Place them directly into the dryer to remove the ink and run an entire cycle. Repeat if necessary. When you feel you have removed the ink sufficiently, place an old dry towel in the dryer to make sure that you removed all of the ink.

Visitors comments

It Works Comments By: Darryl on 2005-01-30
I tried this tip and work real well
Great Tip! Comments By: Dave on 2005-02-25
I used this tip to remove blue ink from a dryer on 02-24-05. It was very easy and worked great. The longer you run the wet bleach towel in the dryer the cleaner it gets. All of the ink was removed in about 45 minutes of run time.
Dryer Ink Stains Comments By: L. J. Watkins on 2005-05-15
We had a mess in the dryer from a pen, tried this method and worked pretty well, not perfect but certainly better than it was!!Thank you!!!
didn't work for me Comments By: Jen on 2005-06-06
I ended up using diluted bleach and Comet to get the ink stains out. Was much quicker!!
It works! Comments By: anon on 2005-06-07
I got my permanent marker stains out that had gotten in there as I didnt know my son had a marker in his hoodie...this happened a few days ago so the ink stains were pretty set. This is a miracle worker. Thanks to whomever gave this tip out as my dryer is only a year old and my mother in law is coming to visit!! ahh U ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. :) Thanks again!
Great Tip! Comments By: Dayna on 2005-11-15
This method worked wonders in my dryer. Not 100% but almost. Had tried Magic Eraser, hairspray, rubbing alcohol, and WD-40 -- nothing was working. A few of the darkest stained areas remain but are much lighter.
Thank You Comments By: Anon on 2005-11-30
I had black gel ink all over my dryer and this worked well. It at least lightend the stains and the ink doesn't come off from my other clothes!
Excellent Comments By: Zig on 2006-01-24
It worked very well! We ran it through twice but even after the first run - it removed almost all of the ink stains!

WOW!!! Comments By: Heather S. on 2006-01-27
My dryer was covered with ink, I used this but I used my dish towels that needed to be bleached anyways and after only 10 minutes the ink was all gone! This saved my husband from a good yelling!
pretty awesome Comments By: marno on 2006-02-21
I was a little leary - but I tried it and PRESTO! it worked pretty well - did a couple of cycles and now I have just a couple of tiny spots left - beats scrubbing by hand - best to open the windows though cause the house smelled like a sauna

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