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Permanent Marker stain. Remove stains

You can remove marker stains by rinsing the stains with cold water until the water runs clear. Place the fabric on paper towel, and saturate the stains with rubbing alcohol, using a cotton ball as a blotter. Change paper towels as necessary, and it absorbs the color. Wash the garment in as hot of water as possible for the fabric, and add a bleach (colorsafe for colored fabrics) and rinse in warm water.

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Thank you Comments By: George on 2005-04-15
Thank you for this tip
good Comments By: Peggy on 2006-11-02
It is good for permanent marker stains on a microfiber sofa.
Permanent Marker, what a pest Comments By: Nicky on 2006-11-17
Excellent tip, daughter got this on her shirt at school & Ive been trying to find a method to remove it. Thanks for the advice
I would rate this a 0 if i could Comments By: Anon on 2007-11-03
This really doesn't work, sorry. It just doesn't.

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