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Olive oil for shedding dogs

Submitted by Cheryl

One thing that you can do to help prevent your dog from shedding so much during those hot summer months is to add a teaspoon of olive oil to their food once a day. Not sure why this works but it does help!

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Really?? Comments By: concerned on 2006-11-10
I heard that Olive Oil is not good for dogs. Atleast I think it's Olive Oil. If anyone else knows forsure, please correct me.
Olive oil stops shedding Comments By: Brenda on 2007-03-04
My Toy Fox Terrier was starting to shed a lot, then I heard to put olive oil on her food everyday. She loves it and it took about 2 weeks but the shedding stopped. I use about a teaspoon a day.Her coat is so nice and shiny and smooth now too.
It's Working Comments By: Becky on 2007-03-25
I have a 16 mo. old Australian Shepherd that has been shedding so much that I couldn't believe she still had any hair on her body, although there was plenty! I have tried all of the expensive products at the pet stores with no luck at all. I started putting olive oil on her food about 8 days ago and I can tell a remarkable difference, and she likes her food better too! HALLELUJAH
I haven't read anything that says it is harmful and have researched it quite a bit.

olive oil Comments By: UNknown on 2007-07-03
olive isnt bad for dogs
olive oil is great! Comments By: Cherry on 2009-05-20
my vet gave me a list of 101 things dogs can't have. and olive oil was not on that list. As a matter of fact
my dog sometimes "eats" foreign things like paper and i give him a little olive oil and a few hours later viola
it comes out in his poop.

my dogs love it Comments By: rebecca moreno on 2009-07-27
i started giving my pit and boxer olive oil in their food and they love it!! hopes it stops the shedding!!
shedding yellow lab Comments By: Liddy on 2010-03-14
Will olive oil help with a yellow carpet maker like mine? Is it fattening to the dog? Anyone with past experience please respond!
Olive Oil ! Comments By: "Anon" on 2011-01-08
I have a chocolate lab and two weeks ago I started to give her olive oil for her shedding problem. She loves her food now and the shedding has seem to be less.I also called my vet and said it was ok. I give her a teaspoon in her food bowl twice a day.

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