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Tea bags for minor burns

For minor burns not requiring medical attention, try placing a wet or used common teabag on the burn immediately. It will take away the sting from most minor burns within minutes. This is a common tip used by many in the food-service industry.

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It works. Comments By: Sienna on 2007-11-23
The burning stopped wright away.
only when cold Comments By: dennn on 2008-06-05
it only works when its cold! but when its cold it works
trying it Comments By: lauren on 2008-07-02
right now
tea bags Comments By: Lavanya on 2008-07-15
you are a star!!!!
Your Site Rocks Comments By: Nick on 2008-11-14
My 7 year old want to tell you thanks
yes it does work Comments By: michaela on 2009-01-14
i burnt my hand this morning on the cooker and needed something really quick to put on it, so came and asked jeeves, so thanks jeeves it does work
sting be gone! Comments By: francestingla on 2009-03-29
wow!...as soon as the cool teabag was applied to my (minor!) burn, the sting flew away with the wind faries.

try this if your a no sting kinda guy.


Like a charm Comments By: Peter on 2009-04-23
Couldnt believe i actually did it! But glad i did! Worked a treat
sort of Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-19
I got burned by a pot and all it did was cool it down so it sort of worked.
It WORKS!!! Comments By: Sher on 2009-07-04
Tried it as my son just burnt thumb. He wants to soak in ice water til it gets frost bit. Did the butter, the burn ointment... and he kept running for more. Tried the tea bag soaked in cold water.. IT worked GREAT ! He said it stinks but it feels good. Even he could not believe it !! Thank you !!!
Did not work Comments By: Jenna on 2009-10-12
Burnt my finger on a teapot and it didn't do anything!
scald with hot coffee whilst on holiday Comments By: brenda wade on 2010-04-24
I spilled a hot cup of coffee on the top of my leg whilst on holiday it blistered stright away. I remembered when I was a young girl putting my hand in a fire and my grandmother empying the cold tea leaves on my hand I have not got a burn on this hand, so I put cold tea bags on my scalded leg which worked a treat had to do this for days, bisters disappeared after about six days and yet again I have not been left with any scars from the hot coffee. this old fashioned remedy did work for me. can't understand why the medical profession does not use this
simple cost effective method instead of costly creams and dressings that take ages to work

Terrible Comments By: Corey-Fool on 2010-06-14
MY brother tried everything this helped barely!!!!! this is not good at all for a light bulb burn!!
What a relief! Comments By: Karen on 2010-08-10
I must admit i was a little dubious about this method, however it seemed like the least messy solution (didn't quite fancy smearing my arm in butter or mustard). It worked right away and took the sting away although you do have to keep soaking the tea bag in cold water. I would definately recommend and use this again.
wow Comments By: jack on 2011-02-27
cant i burnt my hand on hair straighteners and this really helped !!!!

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