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Car Paint. Dent or scratch in car paint tips for removal

It is possible to mask the appearance of a slight scratch or dent on your car using not much more than a crayon and your regular car polish.

You can actually buy kits now that are specifically designed for the purpose of hiding minor scratches and dints on your car paint work. The kit contains a colored wax and a crayon. So say your car was green you would have a green wax polish and a green crayon. In the UK the product is Called T Cut Colour magic. I am sure that there are the same products in other countries. I have actually used this product and it is truly amazing. It really does hide small scratches and dints very well. I used it on my car 3 months ago and the scratch is still unnoticeable.

Do note however that this will only work on small scratches and dents.

The kit is not cheap and I have been asked if it is possible to do it with a regular crayon. Well you may have some success. Here are a few tips if you are going to try using your own crayon and regular polish.

The polish that comes with these kits is called T Cut. This may not be available in all countries but a similar one is going to be available. This product actually blends the paint surface and waxes at the same time.It in itself can mask certain abnormalities in your paint surface.

If you are going to try using your own crayon then you need to find one that is a close as possible to the colour of your car. You need to scrape the crayon across the scratch not along it. By scraping across it you are leaving wax in the scratch. You will need to do this a few times to build up the scratch. If you wait 10 minutes between applications you will find that the wax hardens a little. After you have done this a few times it is time to polish over the scratch. You will find that as you polish the wax in the scratch will blend with the surrounding area.

If you can afford it though I would strongly recommend that you invest in one of these kits. They last a long time and really do work. Have a look in your local motor accessory store.

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