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 Adding 'Dry Gas' to your cars fuel
 Keep your car running smoothly in the winter months:

 Backseat drivers
 Here is a little advice to help deal with back seat drivers

 Car gas and cold winters
 Try to keep your car full of gas if you live in the coldest regions ...

 Caution when buying a second hand car
 Here is some good advice when it come to buying a used car

 Check your tires
 Get more milage from your gas using this tip:

 Clean Car Chrome
 Here is a great tip to help clean your cars chrome for a great shine

 Clean car chrome
 Clean the chrome on your car using this tip:

 Clean white wall tires
 We have tried this for years and it really work. Take a towel and rub ...

 Cleaning Car Batteries
 Here is a tip to help keep your car battery clean

 Cleaning Cars with Baking Soda
 Here is how to clean your car with baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)

 Cleaning white wall tires
 Here is a tip to help clean white wall tyres

 Cleaning your car
 Your Car � Your Castle! � Well almost

You climb in your ...

 Clear bugs from your windscreen
 Here is a solution that will clean the bugs from your windscreen

 Cold Winters� Pack your car for Emergencies
 No matter how hard you try to be careful, you might come across a ...

 Dents and scratches in car paint
 Here is some advice if you would like to hide a scratch or dent in ...

 Dry your car after washing
 Here is an easy way to dry your car after washing

 Easy storage of small items in the garage
 Here is an idea for storing small items in a garage

 Emergency Fan belt
 Here is a great tip if you are ever caught out with a broken fan belt

 Fogged up windows
 Wipe fogged windows fast using this tip:

 Pick up that heavy motorbike
 Here is a tip to help pick up a heavy motorcycle

 Removal of love bugs
 To easily remove love bugs from your car, take a small piece of ...

 Remove road haze from your car windshield with cola
 To remove road haze from your car windshield simply clean it using ...

 Remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers
 To remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers: Rub the bumper with a ...

 Remove tar from car paint
 I use GooGone to remove tar from the car paint it does not need to be ...

 Remove tar splatters
 Here is a great tip to remove tar splatters from your car

 Tar removal from your car with mayonnaise
 Road tar on your vehicle can be removed with mayonnaise and a bit of ...

 Wash away winter from your car
 Here is some sound advice to care for your car

 Washing car windows
 Apply water onto the windows. Wipe the excess water off with a ...

 Windex to clean car seats
 Use windex to clean the cloth seats in your car works great to remove ...

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