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Tires. Check your tires

Checking the tires on your car can save you money on gas but also save your life. Here are a few tip for you to keep a check on your tires

  • Tires should be inflated to the correct pressure all the time. You can't always tell by looking. Check them when cold, every week. If you do not know how to check your tires ask a friend to show you.

  • Replace any tire that has any smooth bars across the thread. These are wear indicators and are telling you it is time to change your tires. A worn tire has poor traction, especially on a wet roadway, and is more likely to fail.

  • You can extent the life of your tires by avoiding fast starts, stops, and turns. Check tires periodically. Look for weak spots, cuts, blisters, rocks caught in the tread, and uneven wear. Damaged tires are unsafe and must be replaced.

Uneven wear
Uneven wear can indicate a problem with your wheel alignment, balance, or inflation, A tire worn only in the center can be a sign of over inflation. Worn edges often indicate under inflation. Wear on the one edge only, will result from poor wheel alignment , worn shock absorbers, or defective struts.

If you are in any doubt your local tire shop will only be more than happy to point out any defects in your tires. If you catch them when they are not too busy they can be a source of good advice.

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