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Pick up a heavy motorcycle

Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the moment. Many people find them great for short trips and many mopeds/scooters are very economical to run.

Trouble arises, however, if you come off your bike for some reason. If you're wearing appropriate clothing and a crash helmet, you'll most likely be okay -- but the bike is lying on the street and you need to get it upright and going again.

If you struggle to get your bike onto its centre stand when parking, you'll really have a hard time getting it upright if it's lying in the road. But as any hardcore biker will tell you, there's a trick...

Don't try to haul the bike upright by standing to the left of it and yanking on the left handlebar or body of the bike. Instead, go round to the front of the bike, grab *both* handlebars and lever the bike upright using both arms. Concentrate on the front of the bike -- the back part will just follow it up.

I've been biking for 12 years now and have successfully up righted bikes weighing over 400lbs using this method.

Submitted by Shadowfire

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hi Comments By: raheel on 2004-08-08
I am happy to see this.
Even easier to lift any bike Comments By: Barekr on 2009-06-18
Squat down and put your lower back to the seat, use your legs to press on seat while standing. Keep handlebars straight with one hand while standing, then put kickstand down and lower bike on stand. My bike weighs in at 650 lbs.

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