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Wash away winter from your car

The mess left all over your vehicle after the winter months can reduce the life of your vehicle. So make sure you give your car a spring clean

Spring is an ideal time to remove winter's residue and build-up. By following a few simple steps, you can protect your investment and add life to your car:
Give your vehicle a thorough washing. When washing it yourself be sure to use a cleaner manufactured for automobile use. Don't use common household detergents.

Vacuum all carpets and fabric seats. Salt and dirt get into cars each time you do and are abrasive substances that can actually become ground-in and wear down the fabric or carpet. Just as you would have the carpets in your home cleaned, have the carpets and seats shampooed to remove all dirt, salt and residue.

Get under the car and power wash the underside. Check the drain holes in the bottom of the door to make sure they are not clogged with mud, dirt or salt. These holes are critical for proper drainage.

Clean out the trunk, especially the sides, where dirt often hides.

To finish off the job, clean the windows well, since they have been closed up all winter and may have film on them.

It's well worth doing well as any residue that's left behind, whether it's salt, dirt, soap, or cleaning solutions that weren't properly extracted, can actually attract more dirt and possibly cause staining.

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