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Old tires. Uses for old tires

Tires of all sizes and types are making their way to recycling centers around the world. If you have a few old ties that are sitting in the back of the garage or out in the yard, you can still put them to use until you have a chance to have them recycled. Some of the many uses of old tires may surprise you but if you use your imagination you will be able to find many more ways that you want use old tires in your landscaping, in play and a variety of other ways.

Old tires that are sprayed down with soap and water can be used in playgrounds! Cutting an old care or truck tire in half and making holes on the end would make a great seat for a swing set where children can play.

Old tires just cleaned up a bit can be hung from trees or bars to make a swing that children can climb on and swing on when they need something to occupy their time.

Old tires, large ones from trucks or big tractors and such, can be cleaned up and put down on the ground. Filling the old tire with sand will give children a great safe area where their sand will be kept without having to worry about splintering wood.  The tire will last for years and years building memories where children can play.

If you have six or eight old tires lying around, you can create a little play area that children can run through. Laying the old tires on the ground so that the circles line up, children of all ages will run their feet through the tires for exercise and fun.

Tires that are cut in half and putting the tread on the ground make great unique planters. In areas where your planters often freeze and break, old tires make a wonderful addition for the creative garden. Be sure to poke holes in the tire that you are using for a planter so that the water can drain and your flower will continue to thrive

Laying a tire on its side, you can add your favorite mixtures of soil and make a miniature garden. This is a wonderful way that you can create a beautiful raised garden with minimal investment. You can spray paint the tire to match any structure or be any color that you want so you are not going to just have to be using a gray looking tire in your garden. Some people are even making pictures on the sides of the largest tires that they use in their gardens to create a more unique look.

Tires can be used to make a buffer along an area where people are known to hit their cars. Sometimes old tires are used along a telephone pole, a fence, or brick wall to keep people from hitting the bumpers of their cars causing damages to either the wall or pole and the car.

Old tires are recycled to help make other products. If you haven�t found a use for tires in your landscape or on another vehicle, be sure to take your old tires to a recycle center for future use.

The many uses for old tires include swings of all types for your children or for neighborhood children. You can make a variety of sandboxes for children to play. You can make gardens and flower containers out of old tire as well that will brighten your landscape.

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