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Ovens and Stoves. Clean oven and stove door windows

Clean that brown stained oven door glass fast using this tip. This is not as impossible as you might think. Just make a paste of water and baking soda, a thick paste and then cover the glass on the door with the mixture and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Then rinse off with water and you can see the grease and gunk come right off!

Prevent grease build-up in your oven by frequently wiping it with vinegar between deep cleanings.

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Cleaning glass oven door Comments By: CHELLE on 2004-08-13
I tried the baking soda and water paste. I left it on the glass for over 15 minutes because the grease build up looks pretty heavy. After rinsing with a sponge and water, there seemed to be no difference.
Be CAREFUL cleaning oven windows! Comments By: Linda McGregor on 2004-10-14
I've ruined oven windows by putting too much liquid on the inside of the glass. It seeps through and makes a moisture leak between the two layers of glass. Also, baking soda is ABRASIVE, so be careful not to scrub with the soda on it. It will scratch! I've found that spraying oven cleaner DIRECTLY on a soft rag, then wiping window is best.

DO NOT spray oven cleaner directly on window. It will ruin the window. Also, try not to clean oven window while it is hot!

not very good Comments By: claire on 2006-04-21
baking soda was a diappointment. i used wd40 spray and was amased by the results. let it sit for a few mins and wipe clean.
It doesn't work. Comments By: Cleaner is Better on 2007-06-06
I tried this -- thick paste and all -- for 12-15 minutes and it make absolutely NO difference. This is a useless suggestion.
Oven glass ! Comments By: Bruce Kain on 2008-07-15
What a load of pants !! doesn't work. Also baking soda will not scratch the glass, i have used wire wool and even this does not scratch the glass
Amazed by the soda! Comments By: Abinaia on 2008-12-27
Honestly worked on 98% of my nasty brown grease splats. Some mini spots here and there, but overall I have a shiny see-through glass door. Looks soooo much better!!!
I was totally impressed Comments By: Kbb on 2009-01-21
It worked like a charm for me.
I didn't let it sit but continued to rub it around with my fingers- I could feel the grease come off.

Baking soda! Comments By: Ldw on 2009-03-06
Linda McGregor above said that baking soda was ABRASIVE. Now that's funny - if it were there would be a warning label on the box. Baking soda is smoooooth & fine as a baby's butt, so abrasive it is not.

Anyway - I used to clean my inside oven door glass with all kinds of scrubbers and cleaners to no avail. What DOES work with NO scratches is -

Take a small handful of baking soda & sprinkle it on the cooled glass. Then, using a PLASTIC scrubbing sponge use circular motions while absorbing the soda.

Works fantastic. Baking soda can be used for cleaning just about everything in your kitchen & bath.

Unbelievable Comments By: Joe on 2009-04-30
This was unbelievable.I had tried regular cleaner with no effect.I applied bicarbonate of soda (assume this is baking soda) and with green non scratch gauze and a little elbow grease,mainly by my 10 year old daughter,the result was outstanding
cannot access the dirty side on inside of glass door Comments By: Joseph M. Desper on 2009-06-23
There seems to be no way to get access to the dirty inside of the glass door. Your answers may or may not work but I can`t even try them without access to the inside of the door where the grease and scum have accumulated.
Worked like a charm! Comments By: Muzzie on 2009-07-11
I used the baking soda paste on my oven
door while it was still warm. Then using
a non abrasive Dobie Sponge, rubbed the
glass lightly. Wiped it clean with water,
then used a little vinegar and water to polish!! Looks great!

It most definitely works!! Comments By: katie on 2009-07-13
My oven door is now sparkling. Thank you. Baking soda paste ... ten minutes, used a scrubby in circular motion. Rinse. Amazing.
unscrew the doors Comments By: Sarah on 2009-08-05
I had drips between the glass and I found that i could easily unscrew the two screws at the top and then the front glass (door and frame too) came off for easy cleaning of all glass doors. I am trying a paste of vinegar and Bicarb... Otherwise I call Alan the local Oven Clean guy who costs a fortune .... but makes the oven look like new again..x
HELP! What to do with INBETWEEN windows! Comments By: M. Rickert on 2009-07-29
I've accidentally dripped liquid INBETWEEN the windows of the stove. HOW does one EVER get to clean this? Am I doomed to have streaks forever? Any suggestions?
And YES baking soda IS awesome for cleaning up the "outer" windows! ;-)

Gleaming!!! Comments By: Pinksorrell on 2009-08-11
I cleaned the glass oven door using this tip and it came up gleaming! I wetted the surface with water,shook a layer of baking powder over it and dripped on some white vinegar. I only white wine vinegar in the cupboard so used that.

Very soon afterwards, I rubbed the door and mixture with a scouring pad and the built-on grease came off in an instant. I've never got it cleaner!

works great!! Comments By: Sandi on 2009-11-08
I used the baking soda paste on the oven door. It worked great. Took every stain off!
Cleaning Oven Glass Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-17
Scotchbrite glass top cleaning pads worked terrifically on a very gummy, brown, greasy window. Smooth and clean without much effort!!I had previously tried ammonia & 3:1 water:Advantage Products. Neither of these worked.
Clean!!! Inside and out! Comments By: Barbara on 2009-11-22
I knew about this tip with the baking soda. I've been doing it for years. It does really work. It sops up the grease and takes it right off. I use it to clean the knobs.

But I want to thank the person with the tip of taking out the screws on top of the door to get at the inside window. It was SOOOOOO easy. Your post gave me the courage to try it.

My advice...be careful...When I got the door apart, I the glass was ready to fall out of the frame. But other than that, it was very easy. I used a combo of the baking soda paste followed by Formula 409 and then glass cleaner. My oven door now looks BRANDY NEW.

Baking Soda Cleaner Comments By: Diane on 2009-11-23
I tried the baking soda paste. Probably put on more than I had to. I let it sit for a few minutes, then rubbed it all over with my fingers. Took me maybe 5 minutes. All the grease and grime came off, even around the edges. The oven glass is as clean as it was the day we bought the stove.
Elbow Grease is best! Comments By: Nicole on 2009-12-02
The baking soda was the only natural thing that worked for me (I have oven cleaner - it's pretty unhealthy to breathe those fumes) but I used a damp sponge (paper towel works too) to rub in a generous quantity and applied firm pressure. It was about 20 minutes of work but my glass is clean after 2 years of excessive cooking in that oven. The self-clean cycle just never got the glass clean.
Cleaning glass oven door Comments By: June on 2009-12-11
Used the baking soda and it worked extremely well. Very pleased with the result!
Bicarbonate of soda Comments By: Helen on 2009-12-23
I used this method and it took off a little of the grease and grime but not alot. I have been on with my glass cleaning trying different methods for over an hour nothing has shifted it to make glass clean. Anyone got any other ideas. They would be appreciated. Thanks
Cleaning the inside glass on the oven door Comments By: John on 2009-12-28
The inside glass of my oven door was completly covered with a baked on brown coating. I tried everything including engine degrease without any luck. The baking soda worked. It completely removed all the brown grim. I did use a metal scraper along with a nylon scub sponge. The glass looks new. Although the metal scaper did not scratch the glass I do recomend a plastic scraper.
baking soda/oven glass doors Comments By: Edna on 2010-01-09
Thanks for the baking soda tip-my hubby does all the cooking and when I opened he oven door today I was ready to run to a divorce lawyer. The baking soda tip was so easy.
Two minute fix!!! Comments By: Russell on 2010-01-17
I don't recommend this if you have a new prized oven but I'd tried everything, oven pride, mr muscle and a whole host of oven cleaners to get of really old grease on the glass and spent ages scrubbing with no effect. Then I had a brain wave and tried Wet Dry Paper 400 grade. I used it wet and was done in a minute! Literally! If you look VERY close you can see tiny scrub marks but that said you do have to look close and there are much finer grades available in hardware stores. Like I said, if you have a new or expensive oven, maybe you won't wanna risk it but for quite an old oven like mine it worked a treat and like I also said the stub marks are very faint! Don't sue me though! :o)
not safe Comments By: BeGe on 2010-01-24
my sears repair man took my oven door apart so I could clean between glass where condensation had left streaks running down the glass and that doing that too often could break the seal around glass and door.
comments from chelle Comments By: christine craig on 2010-01-31
You are correct because I have experienced the problem and cannot get rid of the stains between the glass. Any suggestions
Oven glass cleaning Comments By: christine craig on 2010-01-31
Comment was from Linda Mcgregor
Hob Brite & Bi Carb Comments By: Jo on 2010-02-21
Many Thanks for all the tips, you have just saved me. I have had to take on rented accomodation and cooked bbq ribs in the ovn due to the awful weather we had, the oven door was badly burned. I read your tips and used Hob Brite and Bi carb with a plastic sponge it took ten mins, and mindful of the not getting water between the two layers of glass then used damp kitchen roll to clean off. FANTASTIC
baking soda Comments By: carol on 2010-03-02
I have been useing baking soda to clean my oven & a lot more about the home since 1949 and it is not abrasive it all so help to rid your home of nasty smells my mother and grand mother told me about it
Good Comments By: CherylAnne on 2010-03-23
Considering the terrible condition of the glass in my oven, the baking soda did a great job. There is still some grease left, but I'm sure giving it another scrub will get the rest off.
It really works! Comments By: Sandie on 2010-03-26
Ok, I was a little skeptical just by reading all the comments posted. Some say baking soda works, some say it doesn't. Some say it scratches, some say it doesn't! I had to give it a try since I've tried so many other ways and nothing worked. But, now I can honestly say, BAKING SODA WITH WATER WORKS! I created a paste and left it on for about 15 min before scrubbing with a "non-scratching" green sponge. Now, being 7 months pregnant with carpal tunnel, I started out just slowly rubbing. Then I realized the only way was to dig down and scrub hard. Everything came off. It took me about 1/2 hour to completely scrub off all the spots, but my oven window is finally clear again, just like when I bought it. Thanks for this really Great tip!
Skip the scrubbing Comments By: Deb on 2010-04-06
skip the scrubbing, use wet rags, dampen the area,let it sitto soften the grease. Then get your husbands paint scraper, the one with a blade in it, that he uses to clean the windows of any paint drips, softly scrap, all off in mins. Easy!!!!
Skip the scrubbing Comments By: Deb on 2010-04-06
skip the scrubbing, use wet rags, dampen the area,let it sit to soften the grease. Then get your husbands paint scraper, the one with a blade in it, that he uses to clean the windows of any paint drips, softly scrap, all off in mins. Easy!!!!
Useless! Comments By: Bryan. on 2010-04-13
The combination of Baking Soda and water doesn't seem to have made any difference at all but then I shouldn't have been surprised because this seems to be the case with most of the Baking Soda/Water or Baking Soda/Vinegar cleaning combinations that I have tried. Oh well, back to looking for a commercial product that will do the job.
How dirty must your ovens be?? Comments By: Villab0y on 2010-04-21
I searched this because I thought my oven was too dirty for a bit of elbow grease.

I then just tried a wire pad after realising we had no baking soda.

It came straight off and took no more than 5 mins.

If your oven is so dirty you cant wipe it off I think you shouldn't be cooking food in it!

Great! Comments By: Sue Wilhelm on 2010-04-28
I just tried the baking soda method on the inside of the glass oven door along with some elbow grease and it worked very well. Now the glass looks new again.
Great tip Comments By: kb on 2010-05-13
My glass oven door was a mess. Tried a blade first which got the big globs, but left smudges all over. So I took some baking soda and made a dry paste. I rubbed it with my fingers until I could feel the grease lifting and continued until the glass felt smooth. Wiped away and rinsed carefully. It looks great!
Cleaning Oven door windows Comments By: Rothchild Kid on 2010-06-06
Sprinkle soap powder you know the regular one that you use in a washing machine, the key is to let the grease soften; If you attempt to scrub straight away you will get nowhere. wet the glass then sprinkle soap powder, then make a cup of tea, drink the tea and get a sponge with the scourer on the back and get into it, it takes about 30-45 minutes the get the job done right but the results are fantastic.
useless! Comments By: Exhausted but happy. on 2010-08-08
Nothing worked on my door not even my gas-fitter,s "never failed yet!" solution didn,t shift it. Have just spent an hour with a Stanley knife and that worked.
easy way to clean oven door Comments By: GRIFF.EXTREME on 2010-09-05
i poures vinegar on glass to damp down then sprinkled bakeing soda on top then rubbed into glass makeing a past then i used 1200 gritt super fine wet & dry sandpaper and rubbed very lightlly all over then wipped it down ,then pored more vinegar on glass to finish off came up like new and not one scratch on glass from the 1200 gritt paper .
but do a test patch to make sure it suits ur oven glass

Cleaning glass oven doors inside, between and outside Comments By: Alexandra on 2010-09-05
The glass front of most oven doors can be unscrewed to allow cleaning of those awful streaks that get in between the panes. In fact the instructions will tell you how. For the really stubborn stains that are baked on, oven cleaner will work fine: sprayed directly on the glass, in a well aired room with the glass pane on newspaper or newspaper under the door.
Cleaning inside glass on oven door Comments By: Pat on 2010-09-07
To clean inside your oven door get two paint stirrers and tape them together (for length) and then wrap thin cotton fabric around the sticks and spray with Fantastic. Remove the storage drawer below the oven. Lay on the kitchen floor and look up at the bottom of the oven door and you will see holes which you can stick the wrapped paint stirrers up. Carefully slide your paint stirrers wrapped with thin cotton up into the holes and you will be able to carefully wash inside the glass plates (I found doing a windshield wiper motion worked great). Be sure to keep hold of the cotton fabric so it does not get stuck inside the door. Trust me it works great.
Worked for me! Comments By: Helen Riddle on 2010-09-17
As you say baking soda paste rubbed in a circular motion with non scouring pad
Glass cleaner while door is warm Comments By: Kevin on 2010-10-13
This has always worked for me: After cooking or self-cleaning the oven, I wait a few minutes for it to cool down a bit. While still warm (not hot!), I spray glass cleaner and wipe with a soft towel. It takes a few applications, but has always worked for me.
works beautifully Comments By: tvlgds on 2010-10-24
I read all the comments before trying this, both positive and negative. Since baking soda is so good for many things, I tried it. I used my finger to test after just a couple of minutes, and saw that it was coming right off, so then I used the non-abrasive scrubber that came with my ceramic stove top, and it worked like a charm. My stove is only a few months old, so there wasn't a WHOLE lot, but enough that it looked tacky. I'm going to try it on my parents' 4 yr. old oven next weekend and that will be a true test!
absolutely amazing Comments By: pat on 2010-11-04
Have tried many products in the past all to no avail. Even contemplated jet washing the glass. Looked at the tip and thought why not and hey presto off it came. Cannot thank the originator of this tip enough. Many many thanks.
baking soda worked only somewhath Comments By: Kim on 2010-11-06
SOS is the only way I have ever been able to clean an oven so after the baking soda try (less than 1/2 the gunk was gone).. I got it done with SOS.. Thanks to the person who advised how to get the streaks out between windows..
Glass Cook Top Cleaner - DUH Comments By: Nollijible on 2010-11-23
Cleans this muck as easily as the glass cook top! Just follow the directions. Wipes right off.
Yes, you still have to take the door apart.

Cleaning Between Oven Doors Comments By: Lea on 2010-12-02
I can save you a appliance service fee of anywhere between $75.00 and $150.00 just for an appliance man to come out and take off your cover and clean your oven glass.
Step by step instructions and photo's of how to do it yourself.
It takes a little time, some patience and best done with two people (I did it myself, but very carefully)and my doors are spotless now.
However, if you would like to save the money you can purchase these instructions for $5.99 at [email protected]
It was well worth the $5.99 to me!

cleaning between oven doors Comments By: Lea on 2010-12-03
I commented above and gave the information to order the instructions but I forgot to add you have to send an email to rahrahsllc.com stating that you would like to order the $5.99 instruction kit

It really works! Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-14
I had not cleaned my lower oven for 10 years and tonight I used the baking soda/water paste on the glass door and let it sit for 10 minutes. It came sparkling clean! It was coated in dark brown grease and stains. I used the back side of a sponge and a little elbow grease on the tougher spots.
Scourer Comments By: Karen on 2010-12-17
I still needed a scourer for the glass.. nothing too abrasive, but Baking soda and water or even a combination of baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice mixed with a huge desire of wanting :) didn't work until that trusty scourer came out.. but the elbow grease was minimal.. more a nudge along
Like a charm! Comments By: AliceD on 2010-12-28
This worked beautifully. I didn't even let it sit, just worked it around with my fingers and 98% came right off. Finished with vinegar and it looks like new! The writer is right about it being a mild abrasive--I've watched all of the "How Clean is Your House" episodes and they say that repeatedly. Just because it looks smooth doesn't mean it isn't abrasive; you'd have to see it under a microscope.
worked for me ! Comments By: neil on 2011-01-07
work so well...wife was so pleased...I got brownie points !!
worked for me!!!! Comments By: anon on 2011-01-15
I just used the self clean mode on my new oven and came back to an oven window covered with burnt grease spots!!!! I was freaking out! I tried just using some elbow grease but it didn't work and the owners manual says NOT to use any harsh chemicals on it. WTF!!!! So i goggled and tried this It worked!!!! i didn't let it sit i just started using my fingers to scrub and the spots all came off!!! Great tip.
It really works like a charm!! Comments By: Maria O on 2011-01-17
I used the "self cleaning" option to clean my oven and when it was done cleaning, I found the inside of the glass window filthy with dripping grease. I searched the web to find a cleaning solution and read on different sites to use baking soda and water to clean and vinegar to finish it off. I tried it and in less than 5 minutes, POOF! The grease was gone!!! The way I did it was ~ I sprinkled baking soda on the glass, dribbled a little water on it an lightly scrubbed the grease off with a "non abrasive" scrubber. Then, I wiped it clean with water. To make the glass sparkling clean, I poured a little white vinegar on it and wiped it with a cloth.
Better way to clean door glass Comments By: Jean on 2011-01-29
Use one of those ERASER sponges. Don't have to scrub hard at all and all grease comes off. Just have to go over it with glass cleaner or vinegar and water to clean residue.
Worked as promised Comments By: Carla in USA on 2011-03-06
I used the baking soda paste on my glass oven door and on the stovetop. It got rid of the grease. Brilliant! I followed up by polishing the glass a little with a mixture of vinegar and water. How nice to find something non-toxic and gentle to clean the oven!
OVEN DOOR SHIELD Comments By: PAULINE on 2011-03-21
Baking Soda did the trick! Comments By: Pete on 2011-03-09
Sprinkle Bicarbonate of Soda onto the glass, then rub with a damp cloth. Took me about 10 minutes, gave perfect results.
ok but not great Comments By: Dawn on 2011-03-10
i tried the bi soda and water it lifted it a little but by no means could you just wipe the grease away at all, after the soda was left on for 20mins i scrubbed it with a green hard clothe which didnt make much difference i then got a decorating scraper to try and scrap away the lumps of grease which shifted quite a bit, it was still greasey so i added a bit of oven pride to shift the rest eventually after scrubbing for half an hour i got it looking much better, nice and shiney now but still a few little marks. I gave up after this lol
Worked like a charm Comments By: Kate on 2011-03-22
I was doubtful but it worked! Our grimy grease has been on there for years and I had completed the self cleaning cycle but it was still there.

I used the softside of a sponge, circular motion and it came right off.

Note: this ONLY worked on the glass. It didn't work anywhere else.

Both work! Comments By: Ron on 2011-03-24
I used both baking soda and the WD40 on the serious grease around the door. The baking soda worked vey well on the glass. Very clean.
WORKS Comments By: KITCHEN PANIC on 2011-03-30

Razor blade Comments By: CHARLES COTE on 2011-04-01
After reading all the comments good and bad I decided to go an other way. I used a brand new razor blade and handle and in 3 minutes the cooked grease was scraped off without a mess. It now looks brand new.
The BEST solution to clean inside glass on oven Comments By: Nana on 2011-04-14
Use the glass top stove cooker cleaner! Even if you don't have glass top, buy the cleaner for inside, amazing results. Great on cleaning glass on gas fireplace. I could NOT live without this. Outside, I just use vinegar/water and dry oven glass.
Worked like MAGIC! Comments By: Mo on 2011-04-18
I put the paste on and began scrubbing with a Scotch sponge/green scrubbing side. The thick grease took a bit of scubbing, but it came off!

Not ony did this work for the oven window, but around the inside of the oven door as well, where the self cleaning mode doesn't reach.

Make sure you support the outer window when removing the screws, so it doesn't fall and break!


Worked like MAGIC! Comments By: Mo on 2011-04-18
I put the paste on and began scrubbing with a Scotch sponge/green scrubbing side. The thick grease took a bit of scubbing, but it came off!

Not ony did this work for the oven window, but around the inside of the oven door as well, where the self cleaning mode doesn't reach.

Make sure you support the outer window when removing the screws, so it doesn't fall and break!


cleaning greasy self-cleaning oven door Comments By: anon on 2011-04-23
I use straight white vinegar and baking soda, let it sit for 5-10 minutes depending on how soiled the door is, then lightly scrub with a plastic dobie sponge/scrubber, and wipe clean with a damp rag afterward. amazing...now if I could get the streaks between the glass...
it works Comments By: jackie on 2011-05-16
just took the advise on the carbonate soda and would just like to say it worked treat it took 10 min to clean and believe me my door was bad after cleaning i have once again promised myself i wont let it go for so long again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oven door shield Comments By: harrison on 2011-06-01
I bought an oven door shield which i put on my oven door to stop the door becoming dirty, i simply remove the shield and wipe clean or pop in the dishwasher, and my door will stay clean for life! fantastic product
Baking soda worked great for me... Comments By: Melissa on 2011-06-20
I had 3 years of buildup on the window. I made a thick paste of baking soda and water. Let it soak for about 15 minutes. I then used the scrubby surface of a sponge with the smallest amount of elbow grease and the window looks great.
Wow!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-04
Great job!!! With a lot of baking soda some water to make a paste and not scratch scrubber 45 min and elbow grease I now have a beautiful oven door!!!!

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