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Your kitchen can end up in a real mess, just from everyday life. So here are a few tips to make cleaning up easier and a few tips to stop the mess happening in the first place

 Boiling milk pan clean up
 You can scald milk without having it stick to the pan using this ...

 Burnt food and burn marks on pans
 Here is a excellant idea to deal with burn marks on pans

 Burnt or Baked on Foods
 Clean burnt or baked-on foods from pots or pans by putting a Bounce ...

 Chemicals and cleaning refrigerator
 Here is some advice for cleaning the refrigerator

 Clean a teapot
 Here is a cleaver way to clean a teapot

 Clean and deodorize jars
 Here is a great tip to clean and deodorize jars

 Clean copper pots and pans
 This is an excellant way to clean your copper and a copper pot or pan

 Clean oven hood filters
 Here is a smart way to clean your oven hood filters

 Clean pots pans skillet saucepan
 Here is lots of advice for cleaning your pots, pans, skillet and ...

 Clean smelling dishwasher
 Here is some advice to help prevent dishwasher odours

 Clean tea and coffee stains from china
 Easy tip for cleaning your cups and mugs of that horrid brown residue ...

 Clean up after rolling out cookies or pastry
 Clean up after making cookies fast using this tip:

 Clean your Cutlery
 Clean your cutlery using this fast tip

 Clean your old pots and pans
 Clean those old looking pots and pans fast using this tip:

 Cleaning and reusing Oven Hood Filters
 Did you know that you can clean your oven hood filters by placing the ...

 Cleaning crock pots
 Clean up your crock pot fast using these tips:

 Cleaning food processors
 Clean your blender or food processor faster using this tip:

 Cleaning inside of dishwasher
 Just use 3-4 packages of lemon koolaid mix. works great and will only ...

 Cleaning Microwaves made easy
 Tired of those hard to clean microwaves? Well here's what ya do:


 Cleaning Oven and stove racks
 Here is a tip to help clean your oven or stove racks

 Cleaning Oven and stove tops
 I call the appliance you cook on a 'cooker', and the part that you ...

 Cleaning Oven door windows
 Here is a great way to clean your oven stove door windows

 Cleaning under appliances
 Use this tip to clean under just about any large appliance in your ...

 Cooking oil bottles
 Here is a tip to keep your oil bottle clean in the kitchen:

 Cut grease and odor on dishes
 Fast and easy method of cutting grease and odor on dishes

 Cuts and scratches on Kitchen Counters
 Here is a clever way to conceal scratches and cuts on your kitchen ...

 Defrosting a really frosty freezer
 If you have a stand alone upright freezer (i.e. without the fridge on ...

 Dishwasher cleaning made easy
 Here is some help for cleaning your dish washer dishwasher

Disinfect wood cutting boards
 Here is a excellant idea to clean and disinfect wood cutting boards

 Drying Pots and Pans use kitchen towels
 When you use your tea towels to dry pots and pans you will often find ...

 Easy microwave cleaning
 Quarter a lemon, place in microwave. turn on high for three minutes, ...

 Free Pan Scraper
 The plastic cards you receive in credit card solicitations by mail ...

 Freshen and Clean your Garbage Disposal
 Here is a tip to keep your garbage disposal fresh

 Garbage disposal cleaning
 To clean your garbage disposal fast, take a lemon, lime, or orange ...

 Grease splashes whilst cooking
 Clothes saving tip :

 Keep on top of your oven and stove cleaning
 The inside of ovens and stoves can become quite filthy over time. The ...

 Keep your white appliances white
 Here is a tip to keep your kitchen appliances white

 Less mess in the Kitchen
 Here is a tip to make less mess

 Less mess when cooking spaghetti, macaroni or pasta
 Less mess when cooking spaghetti, macaroni or pasta with this simple ...

 Less mess when grating cheese
 Grate that block of cheese with less mess:

 Less mess when kneading dough
 Here is a tip to help make less mess while kneeding dough

 Less mess whilst mixing
 Use this tip to make cake faster and without the mess:

 Make a cheap kitchen garbage hamper
 Have a go at making your own garbage hamper

 Make washing up liquid last longer
 Here is a tip to make your washing up liquid dish soap last longer

Microwave cleaning
 Simple ways to clean your microwave

 Nasty kitchen sponges
 Drop your kitchen sponge in the dishwasher each time you use it - it ...

 NATURAL anti-bacterial disinfectant
 When cleaning any greasy surface especially in the kitchen, add 50ml ...

 No mess when flouring a cake tin
 Here is a tip to make less mess when you flour a cake tin

 Overflowing soda drinks
 Pour carbonated soda with ease using this tip:

 Remove burnt melted plastic from your toaster
 Here is a great tip to remove that burnt plastic from the side of ...

 Remove fish or rotten food odor
 Here is a tip to remove odours and smells from your kitchen

 Remove food stains from your fingers
 Here is a tip to help remove food stains from your fingers

 Remove spots and film when dishwashing
 Here is a tip to help prevent spots and film when you are dishwashing

 Removing hair from venison
 Using a small propane torch, quickly touch the deer meat with the ...

 Save power if using dishwasher
 If I know I will be home while the dishwasher is running, I set a ...

Scrambled egg stuck to your pan
 Get those stuck eggs out of a pan

 Smell of burnt food in the kitchen
 Here is a excellant idea to remove smoke from burnt food and to ...

 Smelly sponge or dish rag? Nuke it!
 Have you ever accidentally left your sponge or dish rag in the sink ...

 Softer hands while washing dishes
 Here is an idea to give you softer hands after washing dishes

 Stains on stainless steel
 Remove rust stains, over-heat discoloration stains and other stains ...

 Tupperware cleaning and care
 Here is a tip to prevent tomatoes staining yout Tupperware

 Use your sink to save on mess
 Here is a great tip to save on mess in the kitchen

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