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Tea and Coffee stains. Remove tea and coffee stains from china cups

Do you like drinking tea or coffee but hate the stains in the bottoms of your cups? Clean tea and coffee stains from the bottoms of your cups by sprinkling in a bit of baking soda or salt. With a wet soft cloth rub the baking soda or salt around on the stain and watch it quickly go away!

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Remove stains that build up in a tea (or coffee) mug or cup just dissolve a tablespoonful of soda crystals (aka washing soda) with warm water and leave to soak for an hour. The brown film will then simply wipe off. Not as hard work as scouring and doesn't leave a taste like bleach does (and it's non-polluting!).

TipKing Says:- Washing soda is not baking soda. You find washing soda on the selves where your get your laundry detergent. It is an old fashioned product used for laundry. If you hunt around you should be able to source some.


To clean coffee/tea stains out of mugs, just rub a little 'whitening' type toothpaste on the stains. It cleans them off instantly.

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Coffee & Tea Stain Removal From China Cups Comments By: Mary Jane on 2005-05-19
I was ready to put the stained mugs and cups in the garbage but the baking soda worked like a charm even on cups that had been stained for several years. I thought I had tried everything so I'm very grateful for your helpful hint. You get a triple A rating for this one.
removing tea stains Comments By: lisa on 2005-06-14
just squirt a little bit of lemon juice, swirl it around a bit, wipe out with damp paper towel- works like a charm!!!
Tea stain china cup Comments By: Ken on 2010-01-17
Baking soda worked like a charm on tea stains that covered the entire bottom of a china cup for years!
Looks like a new cup.

Removing tea stains Comments By: Mike Smith on 2011-01-21
Have just used the tip of using soda crystals and adding boiling water. It's brilliant! The mug looks brand new.

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